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    Metal detecting, gold prospecting, rock hounding, fly fishing, arrowhead hunting, camping in the nowhere lands of Nevada and sky watching. Anything not work or opoinion related unless it my opinion.
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  1. Well I'm listening! The depth consideration is big. Granted my GB2 can handle Rye Patch that's not the only place I hunt. And the other areas have more to hunt for than the area my claim is in. Thanks to responses like yours and the other great knowledgeable detectorists on this site I'm sure the Equinox will be next on my agenda and the Monster should follow. I really appreciate your experience and comments. This site is incredible and everyone posting here knows their stuff.... Alaska's loss is Nevada's gain...thank you Steve!
  2. I've watched a few videos where the gold probability meter bounced back and forth and one that pegged it to the right and the posters found tin cans and other metal objects. I agree using all metal and digging each find will work best on my claim as there's very little trash on the claim. I might be headed towards buying both. I will check out the 24k first. Thank you for your knowledgeable advice I appreciate you!
  3. Thank you. After listening to all of the advantages of the Equinox I think it's safe to say I will get one. Combined with my GB2 I should have my claim covered. I appreciate the review.
  4. You bring up a good point. So far I haven't detected there after a rain but I can imagine it would throw everything off and cause a lot of noise.
  5. Looks like a great high carb diet! You guys are making me a Nox believer.
  6. I agree rv. I am settled on these 2 units. I do like auto features. My DFX 300 offered auto and manual capabilities. So I agree since I'm not in a hurry the decision will come.
  7. Great insights. Now my head is spinning I need again. The versatility of the Nox makes it a good choice. Was think Monster just a few minutes ago. Now I'm back on the fence. Good thing I'm not under the gun to buy. Thank you for your post.
  8. Honestly at this time my focus is gold. Not to say finding other things doesn't get me pumped up. Finding a meteorite on my claim was awesome. That's said most claims at Rye Patch are placer gold finds. I'm leaning towards the Gold Monster then see if I still need another detector.
  9. What to do??? I think the best option is to acquire both over time. The features offered by both detectors give a lot of flexibilty when terrain or ground conditions change. Theres no doubt both are fantastic machines. Getting my hands on one of these will fill in the gap when conditions require me to lay down the Gold Bug 2 which is a perfect machine for the Rye Patch area where rumor has it that most of the gold is small flakes and in the top 4 to 6 inches of soil. I hope to validate that statement soon. I appreciate your input!
  10. I've never seen a cowshoe before. I can only imagine the sound the piece let go with. The nails probably sounded off insanely as well. One of the areas I have hit a few times is covered in boot tacks and those turned my DMX into sound machine.
  11. We have the same interest in gold and meteorites. Not saying coins and relics don't interest me. It's the Buzzards fault I have gold fever. Living in Reno NV has me a couple of hours away from some really good gold locations. My house is just below Virginia City and there are a number of sites to hike to that look interesting. When I'm out detecting or drywashing I have my eyes open for anything. I like the target ID feature of the Equinox and I'm impressed with the nugget finding capabilities of the Monster. The auto features of the Monster are appealing. What I may consider eventually is picking up both detectors if I can gain approval from the finance czar before I slip the noose around my neck! Thank you for your experience and insights
  12. Great review Sergio and the information you provided matches a lot of remarks I'm finding on the web. Thank you for responding.
  13. Thank you GotAU. This is exactly the experienced user information I am looking for. I appreciate you for taking time to educate me and any other readers thinking about picking up one of these detectors
  14. I had so many incredible responses to my first post that it made perfect sense togo back to the well and run this by you all. With my DMX in it's later years another detector is will be in my future. I've been researching a number of sources including YouTube hoping to narrow down my choices. Considering finances.... to date I have settled on 2 detectors. The Gold Monster 1000 and the Equinox 800. Both are in the same price range....both get good reviews and I see them producing nice finds. The operation of both seem relatively learnable and so far I am finding no negative reviews. I do question some of the YouTube posters for one reason......it seems the reputable posters have allegiance and financial deals with manufacturers. Again it's my goal to keep the cost down for now while I learn as much as possible about the art of proficient detecting using my Gold Bug 2. Once I'm comfortable with where I am I will consider a higher end detector. I can manufacture a few more AR's and sell those to fund my next purchase. That's where users of these units come in to play. Will someone detail your real world reviews of these detectors? I trust this forum won't steer me wrong. Thanks in advance!
  15. I agree. Being one of those " older folk " a lot goes zipping by me. It's always nice to be able to confirm via the manual what you discover during the trial and error phase. I carry all that stuff with me in the field in the event a senior " moment occurs. Thank you for commenting.
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