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  1. It was a pleasant surprise for a change to watch such an insightful video.Minelab Debby is very Knowledgeable, articulate and unpretentious.I had made up my mind not to jump on the Manticore band wagon but after watching I am starting to crawfish and lean the other direction.
  2. That is very impressive! I would love to have the hard earned skills and knowledge that you gold prospectors possess in order to make such incredible finds.In my almost sixty years of detecting I have found only two nuggets and both of them were purely by accident.Anyway very nice indeed.
  3. Wrong hole? That brings back memories of a colorful expression that some of the older and Raunchy privy diggers that I hung around with as a teenager back in the early 1960's would often use.We probe deep while others sleep.😁
  4. I DO! And thanks for bringing up this topic and discussion about a very important but often overlooked aspect of being a true relic and artifact hunter.The only thing that I would add is the use of a well made 1/4 inch mesh sifter for the more rich and productive sites.But I'm sure that you are aware of this happy digging too you.
  5. And you are absolutely correct in your thinking.It's often troubling in regards to what some people will consider to be historicaly significant and spend a ridiculous amount of money on.However keep in mind that auction estimates are just that and on a good day with the right players competing again one another it could go through the roof.
  6. Presenting and gifting him with the dog tag showed a lot of class.It doesn't get much better than that and is one of detectings greatest rewards.
  7. Probably not and let's hope not.But it won't take long for the first in line buyers / users to find out.I was just being a SMART A$$!
  8. Especially the hardcore water hunters Har Har!
  9. Great story and photos Gerry.Personally I get far more pleasure and excitement from seeing the relics and especially the Tokens than I do the nuggets.I've always been considered to be a different breed of cat by my digging friends and associates because of the fact that I would rather dig a Token than most of the coins that are encountered.The Amethyst colored tray with the embossed Griffin might possibly be an advertising piece from a San Francisco liquor agency? The concrete shack could be for dynamite or black powder storage? Thanks for sharing your adventures the great finds! D.B.
  10. Personally I cannot stand coil covers not so much because of the slightly added weight but do to the fact that I hunt in very hot soil here in Northern California and in my opinion the dust that constantly collects in the cover does affect performance especially when hunting in the rain and it turns to mud.I am really hard on my equipment and i hunt in very rough terrain so my soloution to protecting the vulnerable coil edges from rocks and so forth is wrapping the coil edge with Coilteks cloth coil tape.You will need to purchase an after market charging clip from Doodads for the D1 and D2 but lets face it the factory clips from XP are junk.As for the bottom of the coils they are tough and resilient and hold up however they do wear and scratch therefore voiding the warranty.But how often do coils fail? And is it worth the risk?
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