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  1. Slow down Xp with the updates, is anybody tested "magic mode" in 0.7? What if nearly everyone updates their machines and someone with0.7 discovers a high potential of magic unmasker glitch? Then what? Machines with 0.7 software on ebay for 5000$? Maybe it's worth staying with 0.7?
  2. Think about Xp Deus as a detective tool, this detector is not made only to find ferrous and non-ferrous metal items. Most imortant thing is, that you can find places of human habitation with negative discrimination. That's let you hear ground, bricks and ceramic (pottery). Fully opened (no disc) Deus with fulltones is a powerfull tool also for recognizing many types of iron. Ancient iron with low and high amount of carbon sounds different to modern, present iron. That's how we doing treasures hunting in Europe. Be like Shelock Holmes.
  3. Any chance to create this "magic mode" with WS6 only? (no RC involved)
  4. The original shaft can't be factory fixed, because Xp using this stand for their other detectors like Goldmaxx, Gmaxx etc. This exact stand dimensions are used for holding control boxes.
  5. Hmm, that was easy, now let's wait for a real job like manual ground balance in FMF programs. Go ahead Xp, make my day.
  6. It's been working like this for about 6 months now, anyway I'm going to collect the guts of this 11" and use it to build a sniper coil. https://md-hunter.com/sniper-5-coil-for-xp-deus-homemade-photos-video/
  7. No more problems with xp charging clamp. I solved this problem definitively.
  8. The most important things that are missing from D2: 1. Manual ground balance in multi (FMF) programs 2. Static modes (Deus 1 has 3 static modes) 3. Does the equalizer work for the RC speaker? 4. Audio from Deus 1
  9. Ok. I didn't notice any problems with low conductors in bad ground, but i'm not a native gold prospector. There is one major problem with Ground Notch: big massive high conductors tending to fall in iron range. I'm relic hunter, chasing gold micro jewelry sometimes in really nasty soil and never had problems with using ground notch in deus1.
  10. If understand correctly, are You afraid of masking targets? GB values and Ground Notch values (digits on screen) have nothing to do with targets id numbers (and audio). There is no bond between them.
  11. There is hot rocks notch in Goldfield of Deus1. This setting is Ground Notch existing in expert settings of GB menu. I'm using Ground Notch of 84-90 range and hot rocks are gone. https://www.metaldetectingworld.com/xp_deus_manual_ground_balance.shtml
  12. This is Deus2 Vs Deus1. Don't focus on test results (by the way Deus1 wins), for me it is an audio comparison in fulltones. Deus2 fulltones sounds awful compared to Deus1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCCo-vFT188
  13. Thanks guys. This magic, it is all about magic.
  14. That's true, very subjective. I hope Xp will fix the audio with next update. "Wall of sounds" that's is what i'm looking for in future full tones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPyOhP1GTRQ
  15. Hello everyone, my first post here. Deus1 is audio machine, that is real power of this detector especially full tones for general hunting and pitch audio for iron infested sites. That's how i'm using this machine. Never looked on target id numbers, RC hidden in the pocket. Now, in the new Deus2 Xp promised old Deus1 audio in PWM mode. IMO they failed, audio is different. The "analouge", "magic" of this audio is gone. Deus2 sounds poor, terrible in my opinion. Pitch audio is fine. I don't like Square audio mode. It's "artificial", doesn't provide any target and soil information. That's why i don't use minelabs, they all sounds like "super-mario-bros" video game. By the way, found some erratum for manual, it's says: -bone conduction headphones works only in square audio mode? Why? -equalizer only works for headphones? Not RC anymore? Why?
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