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    Metal Detecting, Geology, Fishing and Hunting.
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    Fisher F19, Tesoro Tiger Shark and Scuba Tector.

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  1. I'm very thankful not to live in Europe! Detectorists should not be on archeological or historical sites anyway! Get permission from private property land owners prior to detecting! Get permit, if required, on state parks and state beaches. Everything else is fair game, finders keepers losers weepers, unless someone has posted the lost item in the area you are hunting. Very simple!! Only My opinion, we welcome yours!
  2. Sounds like vague laws... It may need to be more specific..... And written with common sense applied..
  3. Fiction or not GM, we loved it!! Great stuff!! There is always idiots in this world to reck things for the good people! Thank you for everything, and best wishes always!! Take good care sir!
  4. Great job GM! Sorry to hear about Whiskey, what a way to go, being bit in the face by a rattler, my God... Do you think Whiskey told Jed where his gold was hidden?
  5. I love it, thank you for recommending the Q30! I notched out 0-20 and 55-75 for my search criteria, leaving the gold rings, silver rings and coins ranges un-notched. I find the Q30 a little more chattery than my Fisher F19 though.
  6. When you make changes to the notched areas does the tones change to match the notching?
  7. Hello CG, I have the tone icon but not the tone break icon on my Q30...
  8. Hello Rick and Palzynski, Question: How do get to the Tone Break menu, and how to make adjustments on the Q30? Thank you!
  9. Back to work now, and new metal detector, had to speed read to catch up! Hehehe...
  10. Wow, incredible story! 1000 oz's, now thats something else! Jed must have been very proud and thankful....
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