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  1. I have gold prospected for years i know the general method just cant grasp what im listening for with the nox, seems erratic. i just read Steves tips on the nox going to see if any of that info helps the hot rocks seem to be the biggest culprit, i will figure it out just thought i would pick some brains and see if anything could benefit me as i learn the Nox better. Thanks all for the input and advice.
  2. Thanks, yeah mostly small ones, use my XP deus mostly for it but hoping to figure it out and use the nox more for prospecting. I trade off when i get overwhelmed lol
  3. If only the apex was waterproof, i dont know how they overlooked that, but finally they caught up with the rest and made a smaller lighter box with easier to read display. my friend has a simplex I tried it and had a hard time getting it stable but could just be an issue with his, was curious how it would do on salt beach as well, thanks for the input
  4. Hi Gerry do you have any links or simple advice for tuning the Nox for gold, been trying to grasp this detector for nuggetshooting but having troubles, thanks for any advice 🙂
  5. Minelab Equinox User mostly, my friend told me about this forum looking to prospect gold with it and for tips. Thanks for the add, look forward to learning more about this machine.
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