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  1. Yes, the environment is indeed a bit bad. There should be high-tension lines near the highway! Mainly, I feel that the z-17 has problems, especially in terms of large target depth, and I am thinking about how to guarantee the quality.
  2. A few days ago, I used GPZ7000 14*13 coil and Z-search 17*13coil for comparison test. Use respectively: 0.1g/0.5g/ 1.1g/large target. Settings: normal mode. Sensitivity: 15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6pPAK4nJkY
  3. Most of China's products are good, and some products are purely shells, not technology, in order to make profits. (Metal detection is restricted in China, so there are no good products, but the assembly line is very first-class)
  4. In the past 2 months, why haven't I heard any market feedback on Nugget Finder 17" X 13" Z Search. Is NF in trouble?
  5. I received it from my client today and used it on Z17*13 on the first day, only found 0.06g. No bigger gold found, keep working hard tomorrow
  6. GPZ 7000 failure status, who knows where the failure is, and how to solve it?
  7. 是的,地上地下任何物品,都将属于国家的!
  8. Welcome to China, The one you ate may be hot pot, it is very numb and spicy! China's environment is not the best in the world, but it is definitely not the worst. China is also aware of the seriousness of environmental problems and is doing something to make up for it. Thanks! The detectors used in China are basically far away from the city, and the surrounding mountainous rivers.
  9. Looking forward to wonderful performance, always pay attention,,, COILTEK's coil, I have shipped it, and it will arrive in a few days!
  10. Hello, happy new year! My mobile number is: 13325594088 This is also my WeChat ID.
  11. Northwest China, along the Altay Mountains/Tianshan Mountains/Altun Mountains, Xinjiang/Gansu/Qinghai/Tibet/and near Kazakhstan. I am in Urumqi, Xinjiang.
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