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  1. A note about the character "SARGE" : My inspiration for Sarge in the journal came partly from my father who was a sargeant in the Army during WW2. Of course the journal's time frame is slightly before that time period. After my dad got out of the Army he worked for the railroad and eventually as a prison guard at Attica State Prison in NY State. After that he got into industry and was a supervisor in a large factory that forged aluminum & zinc castings. He was old school and very strict. We went to the barber shop twice a month. He would tell the barber to cut my hair just like his - a 1/4 inch all the way around. I had no say LOL. If I did wrong I was punished. If I crossed the line too far I got a strap across my backside. I was tought to respect my elders and call them Mr & Mrs or mam & sir. He also taught me to never back down from a fight if I knew I was in the right. I took him up on that many times. My dad passed away yrs ago but I often think of him. He smoked three packs of cigarettes a day and drank whisky and beer on the weekend. I remember one Saturday night when my dad came home from a bar. I could see that he'd been in a fight. My mom had been with him and told me that there was a group of three ruff necks in the bar that had disrespected her. My dad had taken on all three of them and whipped them good. She said he took the last one out with a flying drop kick that she had never seen before. He had learned it somewhere in his military training when he was an MP. At some point I had gotten it into my head that I wanted to be a boxer. I used to work the bags and tried to train myself in his garage. One day he came in and watched me working out for awhile and said if I was really set on this I should get trained properly or I would get hurt. He had a buddy who was a professional prize fighter and he used to train me. It was one of the high points of my life that I will never forget. Yes, old Sarge and my dad had a lot in common.
  2. June 22 1937 Part Three The sheriff quickly changed his tune and said we were misunderstanding him. He told us he had done us a favor with a certain treasure buyer who he found out his deputies were holding prisoner. He told us the buyer was now working as a slave laborer in an underground mining operation in the middle of the Nevada Desert. Sheriff Allen told us that we were now the ones who looked surprised and that he had found out some information concerning our treasure find and illegal ring of foreign buyers who were wanted by the FBI and a few other foreign law enforcement agencies. He told us he knew way more about us than what the town did. I asked him what the point of all this was and if he wanted to arrest us why didn’t he do it? John was shifting around in his chair and looked like he was ready to explode. I was playing it cooler with this guy. Sheriff Allen told us he was not interested in arresting anyone at this time and had no presentable courtroom evidence to back his statements. However, he indicated that with some effort a case could be made for our arrest. Then, quickly, he began to chuckle and stated that we need not worry about all this and there could be some mutually profitable deals to be made. He said that he and the county judge were quite interested in our mining operation. He leaned forward and looked us in the eye with a sneer on his face and said “Gentlemen, let’s talk business.” TO BE CONTINUED ..................
  3. Yes, agree. The big driver in gold will be the Federal Reserve. Rates are still climbing & there is still another 1 - 1/2% in hikes to come. By then there is nearly complete agreement that the planet will be in a global recession. Most likely mid to late Summer. The rate hikes up to now have been historic both in amount and time yet gold is sitting around $1800/oz where it should be beaten down to $100 - $1200/oz. That is a huge victory for gold. Now imagine the end of 2023 when the Federal Reserve announces the first interest rate reduction to deal with the recession. You've got a spring loaded move to new all time highs. That's my thesis and I'm sticking to it.
  4. One of my partners had a good phone conversation with Shannon from AMRA. Got some good advice. In the meantime, I am happy to say we got two of our plans approved. These are for locations in gold bearing ground over 100 yds from the water source but the waterboard did approve the use of two creeks and a pond for water use.
  5. Yes but interest rates have risen and gold did not fall very far. As rate hikes ease gold will move higher from a higher low. At some point the Federal Reserve will cut rates to ease a looming 2023 recession. That's when the real move will happen. I would say sometime late next year. Gold to $2500 is not unreasonable by end of 2023. Mark this post and call me out on it next December LOL.
  6. I have been calling for a historic move in gold & silver for a few months now. Yesterday, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell hinted at a slowing in Fed interest rate hiking. This was taken as a very dovish signal and the markets reacted yesterday with a big move upward. Gold was up 4% today in response & is now back to $1815/OZ & silver at $23/OZ. I was expecting the move to start in late January or early February of 2023 as interest rate hike easing was announced. So this was much earlier than I thought. Combine this with the near collapse or re-valuation of crypto currency and I think precious metals are off to new all time highs. Time will tell if I am correct but the set up is looking very good. Cheers.
  7. June 22 1937 Part Two He said his name was Joe Allen and looked to be in his mid fifties or so. The sheriff told me he had heard more than just a little bit about our crew. He said it was a shame my brother had been murdered. He said that half the town considered us heroes and half wanted us thrown out of the area. He said that if he wasn’t so short handed he might have done just that if there could have been the resources for a proper investigation. Sheriff Allen seemed to be at odds with himself as to what to do about our crew. I told him we were good people and hard working miners and had been harassed ever since we came to this area to work our mine. I was blunt with him just like my brother Jed would have been. I told him I'd heard plenty about the law in this area and it wasn’t good. I told him that there was little respect here for the lawdogs and had heard they were not doing their jobs very well. Sheriff Allen bristled at these remarks. He told me I had a lot of nerve coming into his office and talking to him like that. Then he calmed himself a bit and started asking about how much gold we were mining out on our claims. He said he’d heard we were doing mighty good and were rich men. He said he admired our hard work and the way we stood up to bad men. I cut him off and told him to stop beating around the issue and asked why he invited me to this meeting. He threw his head back and let out a laugh. Invited? He was laughing at that word. He said he had ordered us into town for this meeting. Up to now John had sat in silence but suddenly stood up and leaned over the desk. He called the sheriff a two bit tinhorn corrupt law dog with no smarts and told him nobody orders us anywhere. I stood up and backed him. The sheriff had a look of utter shock and surprise on his face. TO BE CONTINUED ............
  8. June 22 1937 Part One After breakfast we weighed up ten ounces of gold. Everyone was in a good mood. Deputy Dan made another trip out as well and said the sheriff wanted to talk with me and could I come into town to meet with him at 4:00 PM. I said I could but would also bring John with me. He said that would be fine and left without further discussion. Will and I went up to dig more gravels. The heat had not broken and was actually getting worse. We dug until 2:00 PM and ended our day with 70 buckets. I cleaned up a bit and had some food. Then John and I drove into town. We took my truck and stopped to get supplies at the general store and then headed for the sheriff’s office. By then it was nearly 4:00 PM and John and I walked in. The sheriff was waiting for us and took us into the back office of the building. He sat behind a big desk and John and I sat in two chairs in front of him. I asked him what he wanted to talk with us about. He looked over the desk at us and had a stern look on his face. I started to wonder what this meeting was going to be about. TO BE CONTINUED ..................
  9. The big corporations in mining do all of those things for their projects. However, that doesn't help the small scale miners or exploration companies that lack the funding & clout.
  10. This all concerns a person who has a lease from us on one of our creek claims. He put in a plan to do bulk sampling using a mini excavator & highbanker. After an eight month weight he was denight an approval because the water board refuses to issue a license. They are using the 2016 dredging law to violate his rights. His plan has nothing to do with dredging. I have had several plans approved there along the creek in the past but was informed that beginning in 2020 the Forest Service will go along with the state of California & water boards on their rulings. Previously, they ignored them and issued approvals. I think we know why they changed in 2020. Our advisor tells me when you sign a Plan oof Operation with the regulators you are bound by a contract. He tells me that if any plan falls under the level of surface disturbance that would trigger SMARA we should simply start working without a POO. At that point, if we are challenged we would show the appropriate laws currently in place that protect us and also show the laws in place that the authorities are violating or twisting to fit their agenda. All something to mull over and research further. Rights are rights and should not be trampled upon.
  11. One of my partners has a phone meeting scheduled with Shannon tonight concerning our problems with the water board. Then our lawyer.
  12. Federal mining laws are there to protect miners rights. We are told we have no rights. I am debating with myself on testing this by setting a pump in the water and processing gravels closer than 100 yds to the waterway. Hand digging and a settling area for run off. I have told the FS of this. They told me they will have a meeting with the water board tomorrow.
  13. Is anyone here a member of the AMRA? If so, do you think it is worth the price of joining?
  14. June 21 1937 Another great morning at the weigh. Those buckets were all rich and we saw nine ounces in the pan. The pay streak is very steady in the location being worked. I know this can change at any time but for now we will just dig until something changes. A few more weeks of this will set us up nicely. Before Hudson and I went up to the dig site, deputy Dan made an appearance at camp. He said the sheriff was satisfied with the report he had filed concerning the death of Sarge and it would go down as an attempted robbery at our camp. The investigation would continue but seeing as the entire story was fabricated there would be no conclusion. The sheriff knew nothing of Dan’s trip to Mexico and knew nothing of what had transpired. Dan figured the investigation would probably fizzle out after a month or so. Dan told us that the news of Sarge’s death had spread like wildfire through town. Some of the town folk were calling for an end to our mining operation as it was bringing lots of drifters and rif raff with bad intentions into the area. He told us that we might have to put the sheriff in our back pocket to tamp down any further investigations as to activities out here. He told us that the sheriff was corrupt and could be easily bought. Dan said that with the sheriff on the payroll we would essentially have complete control of the town and the entire county as well. I told him I needed to think about all this and said I may ask to have a meeting set up with the sheriff on this matter. With that Dan left our camp but not before I placed a gold coin in his greedy hand. The weather for the day was like an oven and Hudson and I worked our tails off hauling buckets out of the dig site. By day’s end we had dug out 180 of them and were ready for some cold beer down at camp. After supper we all sat around the fire as the night air cooled and replaced the heat of the day. It felt good and we all pulled cold Lucky’s out of the creek until nearly midnight while talking about what Dan had told us. I thought to myself that we just might be running the entire county soon. TO BE CONTINUED ..............
  15. June 20 1937 This morning we weighed up another four ounces of gold. I also informed the crew that we now had just over 100 ounces for the season. Very good considering we have been part time miners up to now. That should help to put some wind behind our sails as we press on. The heat has come in with a vengeance. The early mornings are quite cool but by noon we see 90 degrees and over 100 degrees by mid afternoon. The work is not too hard as we are not digging deep but laterally. If the crew can keep with it we will get back into good working shape quickly. The main staple out here is beans, hash, and bacon. Will and I worked the digsite today. We seem to be in an old river channel that contains gold. As we are cutting across it we are seeing good results. The question is how wide the channel goes. I have not gone very far out with test holes but we are just working it until we run out of the pay streak. I am hoping it lasts all season. If we find the outside perimeter we will then need to drift into the mountain which will be much slower and harder work. I have learned that no channel is endless and there will be a day where we run out of the good gravels. Until then we just keep working it. Will and I stopped just before dark and dug 170 buckets. We were both dog tired. TO BE CONTINUED ..................
  16. Wish I knew him. I need a deep shaft dug about 80 - 100 ft in depth. Any volunteers? I'll make a deal for the gold we get.
  17. June 19 1937 This morning we helped John finish up washing our buckets of gravel which had totalled up to 160. When the panning was done we ended up with just over five ounces. Everyone had a smile on their face. It was a good way to start our day. Hudson and I went up to the eastern drift and worked across the face of the mountain. We had gotten a bit of a late start due to helping John finish the buckets and it was noon before we knew it. The sun was beating down hard on us and we drank plenty of water. By mid afternoon the temperature had risen up near 100 degrees and our clothes were soaked in sweat. We took a break in the shade and I drove the truck down to John with some full buckets to wash. Then I pulled four Lucky’s out of the cool creek and took them back up to the dig with me. Hudson and I sat there for a spell and drank them. They sure tasted mighty good. Eventually we got going on the shovel work again and finished up at dusk with 130 buckets. It sure wasn’t any speed record but the gold was there in spades. The day had been nice and quiet and it was good to be gold mining again. TO BE CONTINUED ...............
  18. LOL. I must admit I have never done any metal detecting except once with a borrowed Gold Bug. I got bored after an hour and gave it back to the guy who owned it. That picture was taken when I was testing an old tailings dump on one of our mines. I was standing on top of a 70 ft thick tailings pile. Needless to say I never made it to the bottom LOL. However, after I dug there for a few hours and found no gold my son in law took over and I moved to another area to test. He dug for two days and ran everything through a little 12 volt recirculating sluice and got a few nice pickers and some fines. He got down about 10 - 12 feet. It was tough material with lots of rock. He broke one of our shovels the second day and I had to go into town and buy a new one for him. Always an adventure out there with the gold, artifacts, and wild critters.
  19. And don't forget to fill the hole back in when finished.
  20. Who enjoy's digging holes besides me? Using an excavator is lots of fun but sometimes it can be even better if you use a pick and shovel. There is something exciting about hole digging. You never know what is lying just below your feet. I'm always looking for gold but sometimes you fing unexpected treasures. Old coins, nails, buckets, tuttle tooth saws, jewelry, cans, bottles, gems, etc, etc. Besides the possibility of finding interesting and forgotten items it's also great exercise. So I say, if you are feeling bored, go dig a hole. You just might find something cool. Happy digging!
  21. I remember hearing from you in the old days.
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