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    XP Deus II soon!

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  1. Probably a pin, but weird to find on a beach! Good one!
  2. Chip off a piece, if you can see through it, maybe obsidian.
  3. My take on gold, when you have a gold coin, it’s yours and you don’t owe anyone anything for it. But the best part is, nobody owes you! Think about what Canada did freezing peoples bank accounts for contributing to the truckers!
  4. At the Denver gem show, I have several friends that are opal dealers. It’s a terrible addiction!
  5. Here’s half a Yowah nut opal that I have, I love the unusual opals. Looks kinda like a horse!
  6. It’s a little frustrating when Kellyco had 3 in stock to sell to anyone, and I’m locked in with another dealer, I could cancel but according to policy I would lose $40, but then I’m not the one who changed the goalposts! I’m waiting for now.
  7. My dealer went from end of February, now to the end of March! I may cancel.
  8. That had to be a heart stopper! awesome find!
  9. My wife is happy, the snow will stop me from “gophering “ the yard!
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