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  1. This is nearly the exact opposite of what I see in this powder dry soil. The iron does not quiet at all, the junk of all types is in fact noisier. This to the point of making some places practically unhuntable Here again it is different. The detector just behaves badly. I wonder if something is wrong with it. We will see if some rain comes before the ground freezes. I have never hunted ground this dry, it is a new experience.
  2. You two seem to come to something that is puzzling but has been an issue here of late with it being so dry. Why should the moisture matter? It so very clearly does, more than I recall seeing before with any other detector. Any sense of why? I am one who loves to hunt in trashy ground with this detector, but not in ground this dry. Normal dry between regular rain was never an issue,but severe drought dry is something else altogether.
  3. This is the odd part, I may have stated it badly. It is not a specific site problem, but something recent and unique. Best I can see, it has more to do with how dry the soil is. The junk shines more than usual making pulling out the good targets harder. I think the Tarsacci might do better in moist soil. We are in severe drought here, and all this started in coincidence with that. I am using the 12” coil which I generally have better luck with. I hunt heavy junk routinely and it has been good so far. I always keep sens and thresh down to take the edge off the junk, the good targets come through clean no matter how low I set them. There are some places where the crown cap population is too high to hunt this way with this detector, but usually I can deal with it better. This is a recent phenomenon for where and how I hunt, and is different than how the detector hunted before. Moving to a beach where there is less junk and moist sand, the detector behaves normally. This is why I think it is the soil moisture. The ground here is powder dry if it is not irrigated. I will update when the rain comes and see if things return to normal or if the detector itself may be at fault.
  4. Yes, but then the targets are weakened also. Selective inhibition is better when it is possible. Lifting the coil tests good target sounds then. The rain is coming in a few days, we will see if it changes things. This is a problem I have not had before, not sure if it is the dry soil or not. It is the only thing that seems to make sense.
  5. A couple more days of this leads me to believe it is the lack of moisture in the soil that is making the difference. Thinking on this, it seems possible that the ultra dry soil is uncoupling from the metal objects in the ground so nothing can be balanced out with the ground, nor weakened with settings that will weaken ground response. Almost like air testing is what I am thinking. Could such a thing be possible? I do not recall ever seeing anyone talk about dry ground response with the Tarsacci in junky ground. It is the only variable that is different, as far as I can tell. Any other ideas would be most welcome. The thing is though, that in current conditions the ground balances higher than before in the same soil. This seems the opposite of what might have been expected, but is nonetheless true. I am a tech idiot, this is just something that came to mind. I have the settings down as low as they will go, which helps, but does not help enough.
  6. That is what I do already. Also salt balance on and play with ground balance to make trash work. These two places were somehow different, perhaps it is EMI. I have been both these places before and not had it be so hard, but EMI can be intermittent and hard to predict. Two different places on two different days would seem unlikely though, and I seldom have this problem with this detector anyway. All my settings are made to take the shine off junk signals, but there is only so far to go with that. I listen to the junk for good signals, but in these two places for some reason there were no good signals rising above the junk. One thing I always do when the detector has trouble like this, change the battery. It is a kindness to have two of them, one always is fresh. It makes a difference long before the display bars run out. This time that helped but did not change the take. It is possible there were no good targets there, but that is unlikely. Almost everywhere I find old discolored coins at the very least. Also, the soil is very dry, we have not had a good soaking rain in a long time.
  7. Two days in a row I have been at sites where there was so much trash that I could not be sure of hearing good targets if they were there. The take from these places was less than usual even though the ground had lots of traffic and the junk that accompanies that traffic. I tried various settings and strategies with little success. I am left to wonder if someone is better at picking trash or if something about these places makes the Tarsacci less effective than usual. The only differences apparent were that the detector ground balanced higher than most local soil, there were less high tone targets, and there were many more crown caps than most places which accounted for most of the high tones there were. Very few coins at all. Not much to go on. Any thoughts?
  8. Is there a 9” coil for the MDT? News to me. Perhaps you are referring to the stock coil? There is no way an MDT will outperform a Gold Bug II hunting small gold in ground that it will operate in. I have no experience with the Gold Monster, but I should think the same for that. Any decent high frequency meant for gold hunting would be the same. The Tarsacci should do well against other mid frequency machines though, and in bad soil do better. An educated guess on my part. I have owned and used GBII, a couple mid frequency, and still own a Gold Racer and Mirage PI. That amounts to two high frequency VLFs as the sum total of my dedicated gold machine experience so take that for what it is worth. The Tarsacci is a compromise between the sensitive VLF and PI machines for me. It hunts pretty bad ground darn well, and lends itself to hunting in junk in a way that works for me. So far, the compromise is a good one and I no longer find use for PI, and it will find surprisingly small if set right. I sold most of my detectors, and the Tarsacci is the only one I use from what it left. I have always wondered about the New Zealand coil for extreme ground that Dimitar made. The ground here is generally mild, but becomes challenging from the various sorts of things that wind up in it that can create bad ground. Fill dirt taken from old building sites, and furnace clinker are examples. EMI is an outside source of irritation that can do the same. The MDT works well in these conditions for me, it is to wonder how that coil would add to that primarily because settings that work well for really bad ground work really well for unmasking in good ground. Taking the above rambling and putting it together, the Tarsacci behaves a little like VLF and PI. For what I do, that works. Whether more of that would work better, as in the New Zealand coil, is an interesting thought. Not interesting enough to get me to buy one, but a thought. The reason any of this matters to me at all is because unmasking is what I believe the chief advantage of this detector is for how I hunt. Everything I do is geared to that, a sort of specialization that offers little competition in an area where there are lots and lots of detectorists. For what it is worth.
  9. The same here. Very loud ringing with conductive hearing loss. Thankfully the MDT has volume control, and the Eisenhower phones tamp down the wind noise so the audio is as clear as it gets. My bad hearing just is not an issue with the MDT. I hunt in Mix Mode all the time, and will cherry pick to the extent possible with it too. It gives all the information available at once. A little noisy to begin with, but worth getting used to. Noise is a given for me, I do not hunt water or beaches anymore. I wade through the trash at parks and sports fields with the big coil. I look for where the grass is worn down, edges of parking lots, where people sit, anywhere I know lots of people are all the time. I dig a fair bit of pull tabs, and some crown caps, but most of the rest is good stuff. It is the same for some bad ground here. When the only audio is good targets and junk, a person can focus on what is important. This and the ability to deal with iron make it exceptional for hunting the kind of places I go. There are no beaches and swimming holes here that are not hunted to death. I find excellent target separation, or at least do not find an issue with it. I frequently pull good targets in the same hole as nails and can slaw. Reviews for most detectors by most authors I find to be worth exactly what I paid for them. This one works for me, and I get nothing for saying so. There are some excellent hunters that are able to hunt in AM, but I am not one of them. The MDT audio in AM does not have the richness I find in Mixed, neither does Disc, but some like it. Each to their own. I seldom dig iffy signals. I did in the beginning, enough to know what the return on the effort was, but do not now. Good targets sound good, and if I lose a little costume jewelry doing that it does not bother me. There has to be something about a signal that sounds good to me. I get fooled by pull tabs a lot, and crown caps some too. Even some slaw now and again. Digging pull tabs is the price of admission till someone can tell the difference between them and gold rings. There is too much TID range in pull tabs to disc out and they frequently sound too good to ignore, so I dig them. It is a strategic decision, that is where the gold is, iffy signals are different. Good sounding signals that are not obviously iron get dug. Of course all this means I spend a lot of time digging and do not cover much ground some days. Where the people are is where the gold is, and people always leave a lot of trash behind. That is why I hunt there, and why I like the Tarsacci to do it with,.
  10. YubaJ, Thanks so much for your experiences. 1.2 grain seems an incredibly small piece, and testament to your skill to recover such a thing. The tones can indeed be confusing, and TID not as accurate as might be hoped for, but this detector is good at telling what is iron and what is not. It also is excellent for bad soil and heavy junk. This is the big advantage for me, and the workaround for the disadvantages is to simply listen for good tones that are not iron. The MDT is very good for me when used that way. You can train your ear to do what most are looking for the detector to do. A person gets used to the noise from the junk, and learns to listen for the good tones worth digging in all that. It takes practice is all. I encourage you to not give up on the MDT too soon. Stay with it. Once you come to the point where you can trust it, a new world will open. You already can find gold barely more than a grain (Holy Cow!). If you had walked over a 2 gram piece you would surely have heard it. That plink was different wasn’t it? Even in mid tone, the sound is different. Good targets sound good. When you get used to it, you will find that over and over and that will make all the difference. The MDT is worth the money, but it takes a while to prove it to yourself.
  11. JCR, Thank you for your excellent thoughts. Having not read that in context, it is hard to know how or why that was done, but I do know that detuning it even further using settings works very well in some situations. The potential you speak of is not to be denied and the mysterious part of it all for me. Why is that potential not fully realized? Steep learning curve is curious too. Why should there be? It is simple enough once understood, yet no real attempt to explain is there to help with that understanding up front. There is no manual to speak of, not even to the point of showing which way the battery goes in. Dimitar is very generous with answering questions and talking on the phone, but not entirely forthcoming. Trying and seeing what happens has worked better for me, and detuning is an example of that. Still, if a person hangs in there with it, the thing works and works better over time as a person learns to use the settings intuitively. I can no longer imagine using anything else, unless it might be the new one Dimitar is said to be working on. I have hunted less this year than other years, yet have done better than before. I go to places nearby that have been hunted to death, yet now they produce like they have not been touched. Unmasking is what makes the difference I think, the stuff I am finding has been there awhile, even in places I have hunted myself with this very detector. Sorry this is becoming long. It is to try and explain something I do not entirely understand explicitly. The potential is there as you say, and though not yet fully realized, I am gaining on it. This would be nice, but would not be enough to get me to spend that much money on the newer version. I understand what the old one is saying well enough to get by. I think Dimitar will go further than that if he makes a dedicated gold machine. What that might look like I cannot guess, but if it becomes the better gold version of this, I’m in.
  12. A busy summer has left little time for metal detecting, or even keeping track of what is happening in the world of metal detecting. Out yesterday for the first time in a while, and enjoyed a couple hours away from it all. The Tarsacci is still my favorite detector ever. It just performs, and experimenting with it is still a joy. New detectors everywhere, but this one is still the one I want, and the big coil is never coming off it. Hilarious how it works in heavy junk. Has anyone heard any more about the new detector Tarsacci is said to be working on? There was the thread below looking for suggestions, but that is gone cold. Has anything more has come out anywhere? There was an interview with Dimitar on YouTube some time back where he mentioned working on a gold detector. This sticks in mind just because of how the current model performs compared to other detectors. It is to wonder just what sort of gold detector a mind like Dimitar would come up with. The MDT might be the last detector I would ever need. It works better for me than anything I have ever used. It is a shame no one seems to talk much about it anymore, but really, beyond a certain point there is not much left to say. It is deceptively simple, easy to operate after some experience with it, and has surprising capability that seems to pass unnoticed. But still, a gold machine like this maybe…?
  13. That may be the right way to go. I have asked him about the quarters before, but did not get anything useful. Whether or not I understand why is less important than simply getting the targets, and getting them in well hunted ground. Clearly masked targets to my mind. Perhaps understanding more will add nothing more to it. It is an interesting thing to think about is all.
  14. My reason for posting this at all to see if anyone has ideas on why the TID shifts like this. We know that the large coil can shift it, salt balance and black-sand maybe, ground balance shifts it, and probably more. But why some coins, and especially some coins at some places shift given the settings as more or less a constant for me. The coins are always heavily discolored and sometimes crusty too, if that might matter. Not sure how to ask the question properly, but the TID shift I am asking about tends to be in places where the junk is high and often some bad soil or EMI too. There always tends to be a lot more quarters than are ever seen in areas without this effect. Clearly these coins are masked from other detectors, but I do not know why. High trash areas seem to be where I have the best luck anyway, probably because fewer people like to hunt in heavy trash. There is always masking in such places and it seems like one of the effects is that unmasking creates this shift. I also use the large coil in heavy trash which puts more junk and bad soil under the coil at any given time too. Just thinking that any sense of why might allow a more effective setting profile based on a specific site rather than a fuzzy general sense of what seems to work most of the time.
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