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  1. I just received a new Vanquish 540 pro pack today. I was hoping to keep it simple for the wife to use. Currently she uses a Whites Classic ID with the Garrett Z-link module and headphones. The Garrett headphones are flawless. Doesn't matter what you turn on first and they connect quickly. The Vanquish with the ML80's seems to be a bit touchy IMO. If you turn the headphones on first and then the detector it seems to work ok. The problem I keep having is I keep hitting the blue tooth button instead of the button for the different programs. Then when I press the button to turn the blue tooth back on it takes longer to connect than it initially did. They shouldn't have placed that button so close and made it the same size as the programs button. I know on the Equinox it's on the side somewhere. Mind you, I just got this detector a few hours ago so I will probably get use to hitting the correct button once I use it some. I'm tempted to somehow cover that button where it can't be pushed so easily. Anyone else had this issue and come up with a solution? The Garrett's also have auto off if you don't use them for an extended period of time. What about the ML80's? Will they just stay on until the battery drains? I don't see anything in the manual about that. Thanks for your comments. Harold
  2. I just ordered my wife a Vanquish 540. I am hoping it's a step up from her old Whites Classic ID she has been hunting with. I saw that some people have converted their Vanquish and other detectors to a straight shaft. I have never used a straight shaft before so I was wondering what the advantage is and has anyone converted their Vanquish to a straight shaft. Thanks for any comments.
  3. TXOP

    Emi Concern

    The seeded hunts I have been to rarely go more than an inch or 2 deep. Most places we have hunts at now want the coins in the grass. Less and less places are letting us dig when we have so many people. I still haven’t experienced the interference from any detector like I get from a NOX and I hunted with a lot of different brands.
  4. TXOP

    Emi Concern

    Jeff, I am not trying to argue with you but you need to go back and reread my original post. It was asking about how the Deus II did with EMI for competition hunting. Maybe you don’t do as many of these types of hunts as I do. I have done a lot of competition hunts and club fun hunts using my Deus. I cannot hunt next to a NOX not matter how I adjust my Deus. It tears it up so bad all I can hear is interference from the NOX. BTW, if my terms are confusing it comes from being a ham radio operator so don’t take them literally. When I used the term dead I would have thought it was clear but apparently not. I should have said deaf. no one at this point may be able to answer my question without testing it. With my Deus I can hear the interference and walk away from the person with the NOX. if, with the Deus II, I am in a hunt and my receiver in the Deus II just goes silent that is a problem. I would not know that a NOX or any other detector had overloaded or interfered with me so I could get away from them. I am making sense now? The interference on my Deus I is so bad when close to a NOX I cannot even hear surface targets. No other detector in the hunts I have been to cause the Deus so much racket. Racket, in this usuage, means lots of tones in the headphones. When I saw Kevin’s video I became concerned about how I would know I was having an issue, in a competition hunt, if I just don’t hear anything. You say he just lost depth. I don’t know how you determined that? But if that is the case and it will still detect surface finds then I can live with that. Most competition hunts today just throw the coins out in the grass. It’s all about speedy recovery. The Deus excels because of its fast recovery speed. so hopefully this is clearer in what I am wanting to know. If not, I give up and will see if Kevin can put a test together. He has already proven the NOX, in certain instances, cause the Deus II to go “deaf”. My question is when it goes somewhat “deaf” will it still “hear” surface targets. thanks for your comments.
  5. TXOP

    Emi Concern

    Here is the video I was watching.
  6. TXOP

    Emi Concern

    Thanks for all the replies but I think you guys are missing the point of this post. we can all deal with interference we can hear. That’s easy. what I was concerned about was his example where the detector just went “deaf” when the other detector was close by. That is not good as you would not know you had interference. maybe CB’s video is not real world and was just a rare occurrence. That can be lived with. I was just checking to see if anyone else had experienced what he called “silent” EMI. EMI you can’t hear. Your detector just goes dead and doesn’t emit any sounds. does that make more sense? Is anyone else besides CB seeing this?
  7. TXOP

    Emi Concern

    Jeff, I think the main point I was trying to make is that in this case, as shown by Calabash, you cannot hear the interference. It just kills the receiver in the Deus I and you hear nothing. At least on the Deus I you can hear the interference and back away. How would you know you are “not detecting “?
  8. I do a lot of competition hunting with the many clubs in the area. With my Deus 1 I have to stay away from Equinox's because they tear me up. I have to get pretty far away but I can deal with it because I can hear the interference stop. I really think the Equinox is putting out way more power than legally allowed because of how far away I have to get. It's doing something that no other detector does to the Deus, that is for sure. Now I see Calabash's new video showing interference that you cannot hear. In this case the Equinox is basically overloading the receiver in the Deus II where it cannot receive it's own signal that it transmits into the ground. IMO this is unacceptable and a major flaw that XP needs to address. I doubt it can be fixed in software but will require a hardware change. Is the case that Calabash shows in his video isolated or have others experienced this? Of course you would have to hunt with a Nox to know. Are there any other detectors that effect the Deus II in the same way? To me this is a Show Stopper! Could you imagine hunting with a friend who is using a NOX and not knowing if he is interfering with you or not? You sure wouldn't want to use the Deus II in a competition Hunt!! I'm on the list to get a Deus II but until this is addressed I am waiting and will continue to use my Deus I. Comments?
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