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  1. Post a picture... I owned USdronerepair for years and fixed hundreds of PCB's and electrical wiring issues. I can guide you through the repair.
  2. I am all about freeing up time so that I can get my hands on a 9.5x5" for the Deus 2. The 11x13" has been phenomenal and the 11" is no slouch but I have beds of nails that could use a small coil.
  3. I dont understand the fear behind tick bites. If you get a tick sucking your blood just pull the dam thing off. I have had the double bulls eye on my abdomen from a itty bitty dear tick, no symptoms besides the rash. If its been on you less than 24 hrs you dont get Lyme disease, and this is from the CDC. You guys must have some brutally infested woods and get multiple tick bites a trip. I had one on my scrotum as a 14 year old, was there over night during a camping trip, thought it was just tender from needing something. Discovered when I got home and took a shower. My friend told me I had to burn it off and I hung up the phone on him. Pincher gripped and removed. Horrible discomfort for 3 days.
  4. The large brass foot is intriguing to me as I found the exact same thing here at an 1850's homesite. Its connected to a brass rod and has a finial in the middle of the 18" section. I have theorized it may belong to an early car.
  5. Over 50 hours of swinging the coil now. I swung all day yesterday and found several wheats, 3 shoe buckles and numerous relics at a permission. I went to charge the coil last night but failed to have good contact on the charging clip and the coil was near dead. This morning here at home I had to pull out the V3i with Sef 8x6. I swung this coil for well over an hour and found a piece of can slaw, a pull tab, a dozen round nails and several rusty cut nail blobs. I was running 3 frequency and digging anything that gave even a blurred response in any of the 3 frequencies. Just hoping to get something worthwhile or anything. Well by now the Deus coil had charged enough and I had had enough of the V3i. With the Deus 2 and 11” coil, over the next 4 hours I dug anything that gave me a positive repeating response. I was really trying to find deeper targets so I ran my own coin shooter program. Approximately 5 of my digs where large iron but I can live with this, I dug a pistol a couple nights ago. Today was no gold or silver but nearly 50 non ferrous targets came out today, from this yard where nothing remained for other detectors. The nails you see in the picture and the majority of iron was found in the holes with the non ferrous targets. Around 60 digs in 4hrs. There is gold to be found and the Deus may be the machine to find it.
  6. I hear rumors of a 6” coil. I scored a .65 cal musket ball today along with two pieces of silver. One is a silver salt shaker and the second piece is the bezel to a pocket watch crystal. I have been looking for the bezel of the monstrous Silver engraved pocket watch I found in the yard 10+ years ago. Unfortunately this is not it. It does however make for the third silver pocket watch or part found in the yard. Another half dozen coins but nothing dated older than 1959. I am digging iffy signals that hit one way repeatedly, huge 6” hand forged square nails keep coming up. There may have been a very early structure here before my town was founded in 1857.
  7. Hardly anything to complain about. There is a 120' foot run to the cabin, 210' run to the workshop and 400'+ to the well pump that I have not detected yet. The 1860's bottle dump has been dug but not detected with the Deus, I did detect the 1890's up and the Deus did not fair well with the 11" coil, I need a very small coil for this site. The 4x6 on the v3i struggled here in the sheets of rust and nails.
  8. Okay…. The big iron you see in the picture represents a small fraction of the nearly 200 years of accumulation this site has seen. Vast majority of iron was found in the holes with non ferrous targets. Much of the nonferrous targets where near one of the 4 buried power lines or directly under the aerial pole to house run. Over 600’ of buried lines in the yard. If are not seeing the same results than it’s likely you don’t have the same circumstances. I am only sharing because I enjoy the hobby so much and am sure others will benefit with the same environment. I will buy the next flagship detector from whatever manufacturer rivals XP. I have no bias in this.
  9. As the title says 20hrs of the Deus 2 after hammering the yard for nearly 20 years. Before the Deus 2 I ran the 13” ultimate coil on the V3i for 4 years in this yard and every other coil as well. I would often go an hour without digging a non ferrous target. The pictures shows my results of the Deus 2. 20 minutes after finding the 1864 2 cent I found the gold pen quill👏
  10. I spent 4 hours digging today and dug 15 coins. This detector is absurd. 10 minutes ago I dug my first .02 cent 1864. This coin was on my bucket list.... 8" down between tree roots directly under power lines. I am in shock, I want to cry....😅 I have detected this area well over 500 times. Square nails are everywhere.
  11. I have around 8-10 hrs on the detector now. What a difference this machine has made. Well over 100 non ferrous targets out of the ground including a paper thin brass silver plated cigar tube that was at least +10" down and I am afraid to even say how deep it was because people will not believe it. I also scored a 50 cal rimfire casing, toasted but a nice period relic, 8"+ down. In the coin department I really cleaned it up with the v3i but I have found another 10 coins that keep popping up with iron. Every target except the rimfire cartridge has had masking iron that the v3i could not punch through but the Deus cut through. The sweet rise and lower of high pitch sure makes you know there is a target. If its choppy its not usually good. My soil runs around 87 and this is the first machine that ignores it quite well. I sure hope to beat everyone else to the old hunting grounds. There will be nothing left after I am done. For those complaining about the pinpointer taking too long to pair, turn the pinpointer on within a foot of the control box and it is nearly instantaneous.
  12. Just a quick follow up. 2.5hrs yesterday in the hunted out yard got me 4 more coins (pennies), 3 buttons, a ridiculous 7 pull tabs!, and a dozen blobs of lead and melted aluminum. 10%? of the yard covered over the last 2 days....So much more here to find. Most if not all of these targets had multiple nails in the hole with the target. Anyone of these targets could have just as easily been a gold coin or ring. The pull tabs are coming out of the ground 6"+. I am going to find a gold coin!!!! The most remarkable thing I have found is that in 40MHZ I can detect right over the top of the buried power lines in the yard and I dont hear any EMI unless I am right over the line and even then I can still hear the targets as well. This is with a lowered gain and depth is most certainly affected but it got me half a dozen of the non ferrous targets. This is nearly a dream come true.
  13. I absolutely went over all these spots with all of my other coils multiple times. There is some sort of secret sauce going on in the Deus. I did dig several ferrous targets that gave me a choppy signal, bolts, hand forged 2" nuts, and several chrome plated lug nuts. The v3i told me they where ferrous. The Deus frequency weighting must be one of the secrets of its success. The x y factor of the frequency return response must be determining something additional with the decay. They hint of this in the manual with their graph. It shows bending of the return signal, maybe different time sampling or perhaps its just the weighting of the frequency sampling? One thing that I also liked yesterday, I did not get a single ghost signal that I could not find with the Deus after opening the hole. If it says something is there, its there, not a halo signal being broken up. I am getting more separation at depth with the larger 11" coil than I did with the 6x8 sef butterfly and v3i. On shallow targets the two coils are very similar but at depth the 11" has better separation in FMF programs than the v3i running 3 frequency and the 6x8. I have not tried any of the single frequencies yet and will give this a spin today. I do have a complaint that the darn pinpoint volume on the Deus is much too loud and I have not found a way to adjust this and there does not appear to be one.
  14. Deus 2 11" just showed up today. I think I made a big mistake. I have searched the ranch and its 5 acre footprint for nearly 20 years. Prior to me the early 1980's Whites machines cleaned up the easy silver but left the mid and low conductors. Minelabs, Fisher, Bounty hunters, Pi dual field, Tesoro, and Whites, I have swept this dirt nearly daily. My earliest item is a powder flask from 1839 which was likely owned by a pre civil war Lieutenant who homesteaded this area. I ran the Whites v3i for 12 years with every coil you could buy. I searched my ground with that Whites machine and Ultimate 13" coil till there was only small foil bits left. I then used a 6x8" till I could not find anymore non ferrous targets, Wheats at 7" have been found with this little coil. I then ran the 4x6" coil squeaking out signals amongst the iron and surprisingly found 3 more silver coins this year. In total I found about 500 coins, 100+ wheats, 7 silvers?, 4 gold rings, 2 silver pocket watches and countless pieces of junk jewelry. There was no more non ferrous targets left other than driveway zincolns and my mission was over, until today... In my 2hr hunt with the Deus 2, with much of it me trying to figure out volume and using the pinpointer(press for half a second to turn off), I found over a dozen non-ferrous targets, and a horse shoe that I would have never expected to find another one of. Here I thought that I had cleaned this property out of all non ferrous targets and now I am finding that I only scratched the surface. I am finding deep mid conductors mingled in the iron, just what I need to find the illusive gold coins. This Deus 2 has now sentenced me to the undertaking of redoing all my efforts again. If XP eventually provides us with a 6x8" coil or something similar I will never be able to leave. Thank you XP for making this machine, its all my fault for buying it.😁
  15. Thats why the v3i was so revolutionary. Using 3 frequencies... you can see the target strength in all 3 frequencies at once using Stereo Mixed mode during real time search, not just pinpoint. By selecting either, "best data", it would alert you of a target in your selected vdi range hitting on one of the 3 frequencies. If "correlate" was selected you could set the amount of "span" or difference of target response for the 3 separate frequencies so that it would not identify the target unless it fell into the selected VDI range for all 3 frequencies.
  16. I had a friend running a bounty hunter cranked up to near max gain find a half dollar near the 16" mark in an iron infested back yard. Crazy luck does happen and he was never able to have success like this again with that machine.
  17. And some of us will be eternally grateful that we got to have such a detector that still is barely rivaled 14 years later. Why the new detectors dont show multi frequency strengths during pinpointing to allow determining of potential targets leaves me stupefied. Silver quarters, dimes and clad quarters and dimes along with copper pennies always hit strongest on 2.5, bottle caps nearly never. When hunting trashy sites with lots of targets this really makes things easier as the iron can break up identification but, "frequency strength + VDI" is a 95% benefit. Damn them smashed crew caps thought. Using the above scored me a 10" dime last night and every one of my coins for the last 10 years.
  18. The right section personifies my hunting conditions except it would need to be in the 3rd dimension as well. After 4 years of not finding a silver coin in the yard I have found 2 in the last week. I attribute this to going extremely slow. I recovered a burned silver dime 4 days ago running a 6x8 coil on the v3i running a span of 50 in 3 frequency, half a dozen nails in the hole and dime is bubbled and curled like a potato chip. We need 3rd dimensional mapping and harmonic decay sampling😁
  19. I owned USdronerepair and for 3 years modified DJI drones to not fly away by increasing the gain of the GPS module and remedying the onboard cross talk and EMI. I kind of single handedly transformed the consumer drone industry. I have some experience and unfortunately sometimes think too big, detectors are a whole different ballgame and require much more software implementation and this is something I have nearly zero experience with.
  20. No... Thats never my intent or my thought process. You have done way too much for the community and I have contributed very little. I thought it was open mic... But I do like to think outside the box and this has done very well for me.
  21. With todays speed of processors there is certainly a way of removing a vast majority of the unwanted air signals that mimic wanted signals/targets. Most of the time when experiencing EMI, target signals will still show up stronger than the unwanted EMI. Obviously there will be the impossible situations, buried dog fences, high voltage eddy currents, etc. But so much of the chatter can be eliminated with some focused engineering. Taking a constant environmental sample away from the transmit and receive signal could go a long way in reducing this. Offsetting frequency is not nearly enough for most situations. I am sure its being worked on, in fact I know its being worked on. Subtraction of data from white gaussian noise is how are cutting edge long distance radar is now identifying threats. We may see something similar where EMI is no longer a problem but a way of helping define targets. Sufficient processing power will be needed, perhaps we will see quantum detectors?
  22. Why the heck there is not an EMI receive coil built into the controller to cancel out EMI leaves my mind boggled. Sure the detector may lose some depth or targets occasionally but it would silence most of this flute insanity.
  23. I tried this with a Whites Beach PI DF. I was able to move a couple inches at a time between targets. I am dealing with 3 generations of burned structures along with the the 1980's disaster of tenants digging holes and burying household trash. I have been contemplating building a shaker screen table and excavating 100sq feet at a time. I know there is gold coins here.
  24. I live on a 1860 homestead that was a railroad tie makers camp, a military camp, a civil war soldiers home, a stage coach stop and had the local most prominent family of the day living on it. Much of the land is covered in nails and I have dedicated myself to removing everything from the ground. 2 silver pocket watches, countless brass pocket watches, 4 gold rings, 100's of wheats, countless scraps of silver but only 6 silver coins. 500+ clad coins....But. I have "soil" but its so filled with minerals and rust that some areas I can only see a clad dime at 2" other areas I can see a wheat at 7"+. I found a bowie knife at 12" last night in the packed gravel driveway. The pay layer of old coins is somewhere down there. Every time I have had to do any ditching to bury a power line or water line I bring up old coins, 3 coins from 12"+ deep the last 30' ditch I did. I have resorted to trying to dig every large nail and iron and I am literally at about 100lbs of nails and iron this month over this 2 acre area. I have been running the Whites v3i for 12 years, and run every coil 4x6" through the 18x15" and use every frequency to squeak any signal I can I am hoping that the DEUS 2 might help but there may just be no magic bullet for ground like this.
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