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  1. what program should i use in underwater beach sensitive / diving or beach i'm currently using the beach sens
  2. that is amazing looks like you have some experience on deus 2 thanks for sharing and a question how long does the deus 2 main unit's battery last on 2 bars of charge left ?
  3. so im wondering one thing im using my deus 2 only underwater all the time should i remove the red cap time to time after i rinse my machine ?
  4. i saw ur link after i make that comment sorry thank you
  5. unfortunately they dont have something that fits for equinox i need something telescopic and small like 50-60 cm
  6. if i was in your country or somewhere near i would gladly buy it from you custom made is always better but unfortunately i locate in turkey and the shipping cost and custom fee probably cost a fortune for me 😞
  7. this is amazing just what i need i found a few sellers on ebay but i dont know which one to buy so confused
  8. i need to shaft to be shorter for scuba diving i search in very shallow waters not deep its arround 70-80cm depth (not even a meter) i need to be able to search while swimming and snorkeling
  9. exactly i want it for scuba diving the sea in here is very shallow arround 50-75cm depth i need to search in water while swimming i need something that collapses 55-60 cm
  10. thank you for your concern i need something that the size of 55-60 cm when collapsed i live in turkey i dont know what are the shipping cost and VAT going to be
  11. i saw a product named tele knox telescopic equinox shaft but it's not for sale in my country.
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