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  1. thank you for your answer
  2. i saw ur link after i make that comment sorry thank you
  3. unfortunately they dont have something that fits for equinox i need something telescopic and small like 50-60 cm
  4. if i was in your country or somewhere near i would gladly buy it from you custom made is always better but unfortunately i locate in turkey and the shipping cost and custom fee probably cost a fortune for me 😞
  5. this is amazing just what i need i found a few sellers on ebay but i dont know which one to buy so confused
  6. i need to shaft to be shorter for scuba diving i search in very shallow waters not deep its arround 70-80cm depth (not even a meter) i need to be able to search while swimming and snorkeling
  7. exactly i want it for scuba diving the sea in here is very shallow arround 50-75cm depth i need to search in water while swimming i need something that collapses 55-60 cm
  8. thank you for your concern i need something that the size of 55-60 cm when collapsed i live in turkey i dont know what are the shipping cost and VAT going to be
  9. i saw a product named tele knox telescopic equinox shaft but it's not for sale in my country.
  10. thank you for your answer but unfortunately im not located in USA or EU 😞
  11. i have question to xp deus 2 users how small can you make the machine (sorry for my english) what im trying to say is how down can you shrink the machine on the shaft
  12. hello i need to shorten my equinox shaft unfortunately the original shaft of the nox only shortens 1 meter i need something to go down as 50cm or 70 cm do you guys know any aftermarket shafts for equinox ?
  13. thank you all for your support looks like all the stuff went to very shallow waters which equinox can't detect unless you are standing on your feet so i decided to take my old machine (pulsedive) and found some amazing stuff on the other hand i also did a air test to my equinox it detects very well
  14. yes exacly what im trying to say thank you 🙂 i finally get it looks like all the stuff went to very shallow waters which equinox can't detect unless you're standing on top i go hunt with pulsedive today and managed to find a silver necklace and a 14k gold band
  15. i never removed the coil cover on my machine since i got the machine which is 2021/9. month the thing is i dont know how to remove it and dont want to break it 😞
  16. can anyone help me please so i was metal detecting for 3 days straight now with Equinox 600 on 22-23 sensivity but for some odd reason no signals coming to my machine in 3 days i only managed to find some coins nothing else no trash no pull tabs no nothing something got my attention the inside of the water sand turned something like this and seawater witdrawed i tried to demonstrade underwater sand with paint
  17. do you guys reccomend this update for Equinox 600 ? im using mine as it comes out of the box underwater use only should i upgrade it to 3.0 ?
  18. im charging mine for almost 3 hours now with a spigen powerbank it was at 2 bars battery level before i charge it is that normal ?
  19. not antalya but near to it there is also good detecting areas in antalya too
  20. not really at least 5 guys i know in my area who regularly metal detect the thing is i live in a holiday area in summertime its crowded with tourists who came for holiday and they usualy drop stuff.
  21. thank you after this one i found very interesting gold ring's but not big as this this one is also from 1 day hunt in 2021 summer
  22. hi to all im currently using the equinox 600 and considering upgrading to nokta legend i only metal detect underwater so the underwater performance of the machine is very important to me also the customer support is very important too unfortunately minelab is an export machine in my country and the parts of it are very hard to find in my country fox example the koss headphones is very hard to find in here etc etc what are your thoughts is it worth getting the legend ?
  23. i live in small beach town the seaside is about 1.5 kilometers from my home luckily 🙂 i add some pics in here for you
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