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  1. My all time favorite pick is made in Australia, the company is "CCpicks". The owners name is Craig and he is very easy to deal with.. May cost a few bucks to get it here but was well worth it.
  2. karelian, As a side note: I love your pick.... I've been using a CC Pick for many years, one of the best picks I've ever had.
  3. That looks very cool, I would love to have one........
  4. Great nuggets, congratulations..
  5. Ganes Creek and Moore Creek were my most favorite places to go nugget hunting in Alaska. I met Steve in Vegas once and then again on my first trip to Ganes while visiting his store with the Whites rep Steve Houston. Found many, many ounces of gold detecting at both places. Hospitality and comforts for the clients was their first priorities, next came the Gold....As Steve says the "golden age" of detecting is over at those places which is really sad. I have been trying to make a trip up to Alaska every year and in 2018 a friend and I went to AKAU in Nome, found closer to 10 ounces and had a great time. We will try again this year. Thanks Steve for the memories..
  6. This is a picture of the back side of my favorite nugget from Moore Creek. Not as pretty or as big as yours George which is really beautiful.... Steve, can't wait to see your pictures of MC nuggets...
  7. Great nugget, every time time that I see that it reminds me of my favorite Moore Creek nugget. I found it on the trail leading over to Jesse's hill. Sorry that the picture isn't better.
  8. Woke up to only a coating of about an inch, still to much snow to get into the mountains. We never had a winter until the last 2-3 weeks.... it's going to be a long spring.
  9. Nice job Steve, good to see that you're still finding the gold (nice nuggets)........ Let us know how the next trip goes. Keith
  10. Great story, good luck on the next adventure..
  11. Almost two years ago my son-in-law and I were detecting at a local park. The top foot or so of the soil had been remove in preparation for some new playground equipment. I had known about the excavation occurring for some time and we were the first detectorists there and maybe the only ones to check it out. We were both using Tesoros at the time and were finding a few "v" nickles, some silver and wheat pennies. The area wasn't large and I had decided just to dig everything. I got an "iffy" signal and proceeded to dig out a chunk of dirt. The moment I saw the edge and knew it was something gold I called my son-in-law over and showed it to him before cleaning the dirt off. The first thing I saw was the Indian head face and knew it was a gold coin. Then I saw the hole drilled at the top and figured it was used on a necklace for someone. Wondering what the date was I flipped it over and saw that the person had made a love token out of it . Even though I don't know the date I can still say that I found my first gold coin....
  12. I love the idea, been seriouly thinking about one myself. Anyone have any suggestions as which one to buy, there seems to be so many out there to choose from. Thanks
  13. Good information to know, never had that problem yet but it might be just around the corner.. Thanks
  14. beardog, I see no problem using the "Nugget Buster" headphones with your GMT. Been using a pair of those with my Gold Bug 2 for many years, found many nuggets. They have been very comfortable for me also.. Don't hesitate to give them a try. Mugsy
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