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  1. Sent it in for repair and was returned in perfect working order in about a week. Thanks Andy.
  2. Disregard, Operator error….thanks
  3. I paired my MI-6 to my D2 and used it for a wile in that mode. I have since unpaired my MI-6 and am trying to use it but when I turn it on, it does not give any type of feedback, almost like its on but not working. My question….any ideas why this is occurring. There is a possibility that I unpaired improperly but when I check it doesn’t show being paired. Thanks for any feedback.
  4. DSMITH, You’re absolutely right about the volume level. Im deaf in one ear and have tinnitus in the other and even with all that I found out that any volume above 3 or 4 is extremely loud, even for someone who has loss of hearing.
  5. I appreciate all the feedback. I've filled out their form and submitted it so I have no doubt that it will get taken care of and until that time I'll just use it with headphones so in the grand scheme of things its not the end of the world. It just threw me off when it first happened as I just started detecting late last year and I've never had anything like that happen before. Phrunt, I agree with your comment about the last person NM probably wanted it to happen to though..lol
  6. JCR, Yes, it does have sound through the headphones. So it appears that it is just an external speaker issue.
  7. JCR, Good idea, I normally use the headphones but decided not to yesterday. I haven't tried the headphones after the sound stopped working. I'll try it tonight and report back. Phrunt, Hope I don't have to go that route.
  8. Sorry, the header should have read……”Any ideas why”
  9. All, Was detecting this afternoon without the headphones and about an hour into, the sound (external speaker) stopped completely. It was fully charged, version 1.08 and it has been working fine up until this afternoon. The mute function is not activated, checked that twice. Turned it on and off several times, still no change. It is showing VDI’s, and everything else seems to be working fine, just no sound. Any ideas or anyone encounter this? Thanks.
  10. Thanks JCR, I didn’t realize this. I thought It was one and done. Appreciate the heads up on this. Now if I can just understand the user profile save option to check/uncheck thing. I keep reading the manual but I just keep confusing myself further.
  11. Quick question....I'm deaf in my left ear and some loss in my right ear due to the military. I currently use an audio response of 6 for my coin programs, which amplifies the deeper signals for me. My question is, does a setting of 6 have any negative effect on the machine? The D2 is my first XP machine and and after about 25 hours, still a little confused on some of the settings but enjoying it. Last night cherry picking, I dug 3 nickels and a clad quarter at about 7 inches with the audio response at 6 which amplified the audio quite a bit for me. I also reduced the Bottle cap reject to 0 and set the Silencer to 2 before the hunt. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the update, enjoying the Legend. Being a new user and relatively new to MD'ing.....is there a benefit to having the TID stop at 60 on the Legend instead of 99 like the SImplex? Thanks
  13. Shopkins, Thats interesting, I may try out that program as well. Are all the other settings standard? Also, what happens with an IAR of O and what does tracking do for the program? Thanks
  14. I'm relatively new to detecting, but I tried both of your methods initially. However, the lack of noise or any type of feedback drove me crazy and I have to admit, I wondered if the machine was working at times. I ended up setting up 2 custom programs based off of the Park program. The only difference between the two was one used the Horseshoe screen and the other used the XY screen zoomed to 4 or 6. That way I could toggle between the two to check a signal if needed. I set the first tone to 0.0 at 100 htz, 2nd to 58 at 351 htz, 3rd to 64 at 502 htz, 4th to 88 at 749 htz and the 5th to 99 at 972 htz. I can hear everything under the coil but the iron is grunty and there is no way you'll miss a high silver signal when it comes in at 972 htz. Maybe this will help, I prefer this method over notching or disc'ing everything out. Just my noob 2 cents worth.
  15. I have the 6 inch coil on mine and the only reason I could see would be to help keep the coil level with the ground. What I mean by that is, currently you cant nudge the bottom of the 6 inch coil to level it out. You have to tap the front of the coil with your toe to level it out. Other than that, not issues from me with the 6 inch.
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