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  1. Marty, I don't think that would work. I’m trying plug the bone conduction headphones into the WS6 puck through the audio adapter 1/8 output jack. I believe that the bone conduction headphones have the 6 pin input connection, so that would require either replacing the standard 6 pin with a 1/8 input jack or making a patch cable like the one you mentioned but it would have to have a 6 pin output like the charging port on the back of the remote on one end and a 1/8 input on the other end that would plug directly into the audio adapter of the puck. Again, my mind doesnt click with stuff like this so I may be completely off, but in my knuckle dragger brain, this is how I envision it working.
  2. Carolina, Very nice. I learned many years ago in the Army that for some reason electronics/radio stuff just doesn’t click with me and I can never wrap my head around any of it. So looking at your diagram, it should be possible to cut the adapter off the end of the bone phones and replace with a 1/8 adapter as long as the positive and negative were connected correctly? Additionally, only square tones would be able to be utilized? Thanks again.
  3. For those more mechanically inclined than I, would it be possible to either build an adapter for the bone conduction headphone that allows it to connect to the WS4 Wireless Headphone Adapter 1/8 audio jack output or replace the traditional attachment on the bone conductor headphones with a 1/8 plug?
  4. For those that have been wondering if Ruslan is still shipping Stavr scoops…..the answer is yes. I ordered the EVROEXCAVATOR-2 v.33 on Sept 20th and got it today the 11th. Looks great, now just need to get a handle for it.
  5. From someone who just started this hobby last Nov, I can say from a new person perspective that everyone replying to your post gave great advice. I started down the same path as you last year and opted for the Legend and the D2. I have mild to moderate mineralization and search for mainly coins and jewelry and was initially concerned with all the posts about the D2 being an advanced and complex machine. After having used both the Legend and the D2 this summer, I have to say that of the two, I prefer the D2. Not because of performance but because I just seem to click with it better than the Legend. However, as the summer has passed and I gain more experience with both machines, Im finding that depending on what Im looking for or where Im searching, determines which machine I use. I really enjoy both machines and wouldn’t get rid of either one. Since you purchased the D2, If you do some research and play with it, you’ll find that it isn’t as overwhelming as you were probably thinking it was going to be. Couple things that I did that helped me…..I read many, many posts about the D2….many from the same folks that have already replied to this thread. Also, and I dont know if this was even a good idea or not, but I did it anyway….I made a small test garden with multiple coins, iron nails, jewelry, trash etc at different depths. I then spent many hours just playing with each program and all the different settings for that program until I found the programs and settings that best suited me. Additionally, playing with all the settings like that, also made me understand what each one does and the effect it had on other settings. The one big thing I do appreciate on the D2, is that it reverts back to factory settings once you turn it off, unless you save the program. Hope this made some sense and congrats on your purchase, go out and have fun. There is a wealth of knowledge on this forum and everyone is genuinely interested in helping, which I greatly appreciate.
  6. My speaker went down in almost the exact same situation. Contacted them, boxed it up and sent it out. Had it back in my hands in about a week. Great customer service.
  7. I’m trying to play catch up, but do we know if the standard programs revert to factory settings after the machine is turned off unless they’re saved or saved to a custom program, or do they stay as tweaked? Looks very interesting though.
  8. Sent it in for repair and was returned in perfect working order in about a week. Thanks Andy.
  9. Disregard, Operator error….thanks
  10. I paired my MI-6 to my D2 and used it for a wile in that mode. I have since unpaired my MI-6 and am trying to use it but when I turn it on, it does not give any type of feedback, almost like its on but not working. My question….any ideas why this is occurring. There is a possibility that I unpaired improperly but when I check it doesn’t show being paired. Thanks for any feedback.
  11. DSMITH, You’re absolutely right about the volume level. Im deaf in one ear and have tinnitus in the other and even with all that I found out that any volume above 3 or 4 is extremely loud, even for someone who has loss of hearing.
  12. I appreciate all the feedback. I've filled out their form and submitted it so I have no doubt that it will get taken care of and until that time I'll just use it with headphones so in the grand scheme of things its not the end of the world. It just threw me off when it first happened as I just started detecting late last year and I've never had anything like that happen before. Phrunt, I agree with your comment about the last person NM probably wanted it to happen to though..lol
  13. JCR, Yes, it does have sound through the headphones. So it appears that it is just an external speaker issue.
  14. JCR, Good idea, I normally use the headphones but decided not to yesterday. I haven't tried the headphones after the sound stopped working. I'll try it tonight and report back. Phrunt, Hope I don't have to go that route.
  15. Sorry, the header should have read……”Any ideas why”
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