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  1. i did call fishers and talked to Felix about the fisher f44 with boost mode he said it doesn't have it and i tried to tell him there was pictures online showing the fisher f44 with boost mode on it and he wanted me to show him were so i told him to look on eBay and of coarse he couldn't find any pictures showing the fisher f44 with boost mode on it , i had forgot to tell him to look on amazon at the pictures , i also called serious detecting in Michigan and talked to the manager there and asked them if the fisher f44 came with boost mode they said no to and i told them about the picture on there site showing boost mode on the fisher f44 and they agreed with me it shows boost mode on it so they checked the fisher f44 boxes they had in stock to confirm it and they said it didn't show any boost mode on them either , its not a big deal but makes you wonder were a lot of these stores and metal detector dealers got the picture from in the first place , ok thanks
  2. sorry about that here is a link from amazon https://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Weatherproof-Detector-11-inch-Submersible/dp/B07GDV9XSB showing the fisher f44 display with boost mode , its weird the picture showing the whole f44 detector doesn't show the boost mode on the display but the picture of the actual display shows the boost mode on it , ok thanks
  3. yes i got a question I've noticed some metal detecting sites are showing the fisher f44 metal detector with boost mode on it , you can see boost mode on the picture showing the display , i was just wondering if thats a new version or a mistake ? thanks
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