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  1. I have the Whites GMT and Fisher F-19. If I could only take one it would be the F-19.
  2. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. Aw.. The anticipation...
  3. Happy thanksgiving to you as well Ray!
  4. Now that's some nice looking gold! Awesome!!
  5. Lol! Nvchris that's awesome. I love it! If there's a will there's a way.
  6. Thanks Bob for the reply on the "Ol Yeller". Right now I'm most interested in Keene or the Thompson dry washers. I did like the Whippet dry washer for its light weigh. What I don't like is the price and the absence of a hand crank.
  7. Hey LARGO. Yesterday I say an advertisement in the Mining Journal for the Thompson dry washers. They look nice and good pricing to. The Keenes are nice as well but they have that big wheel on the side, looks like it won't pack up as small.
  8. Hi Chris. That's not a bad looking little dry washer in the video! Are they available for purchase?
  9. Hey Paul. Have you used a blower style dry washer at all? The two dry washers I think would be a good fit for me are the Keene DW212v puffer and the 140s blower dry washer with crack vac. Hum.. Choices.
  10. Wow! Thank you all for your replys. I posted my question then got very busy getting ready and leaving for Lake Tahoe. Spending the 4th up at the lake. Plan is to hit the beach with my ATX the fireworks crowds leave! Okay back to dry washers. I was leaning puffer with battery,something a little more mobile,one to two man operation. Although if gold recovery is significantly better with a blower style unit I may be persuaded otherwise.
  11. Looking to maybe buy a dry washer. What does everyone like? Power blower, electric bellows, size, brand ext.. Is one brand better than another for fine gold recovery or do they all preform the same or close to the same. I would be grateful for all information. Thanks Greg,
  12. Thanks for posting. I have the SPP so should apply to the SPP as well. I will have to try some 2900s for the longer run time, I have the ATX so I can use the Duracell 2650 mah NiMh AAs that it came with for both the ATX and SPP but the 2900 s run time sounds nice.
  13. I bought the F19 a couple months ago and am very happy with this detector. No regrets at all.
  14. That's some nice looking gold there HurtHawk! Thanks for sharing.
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