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  1. Cheers for the replies. Had the patch lead made professionally same bloke has done quite a few of my mates as well. I must have just got a bad one. Ah well looks like I’ve got some spare parts for the new one. Happy detecting everyone.!!!
  2. Well mr condor I’ve only just joined this group so I wouldn’t know what’s been discussed in the past. Bought a new one an tried the new coil on old machine. Same result won’t recognise the coil is connected. My ask here can it be fixed.??? Sent it to mine lab they didn’t won’t to know it told me to buy the slide on bit for $6k. Cheers
  3. Definitely work when working....
  4. Has anyone else had there 7000 stop recognising coils from using an x coil.? Big question can they be fixed.??? Thank you in advance. Cheers Mick.
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