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  1. All, I'm looking for some insight on my experience. This is totally anecdotal, I have done no scientific testing. I find that my Deus II is getting great depth in open spaces, where there are no obvious sources of EMI, or only a single source (like an overland transmission line). As soon as I get into suburban backyards, my depth in any mode is greatly reduced. Yesterday, I detected across the street from a fire station (with a big radio tower on the roof) and found the Deus could barely see a penny lying on the ground. Even in single frequency mode I can't ever find a quiet one. It seems to me that communication equipment (radio / cell / wifi) specifically causes these problems. My understanding is that all these things transmit on a wide variety of frequencies. I know there are some folks here with an engineering background – do you see a possibility that manufacturers will overcome this problem in the near term, or are we screwed until the next technological revolution in MD?
  2. On a side note, I recently started favoring the Sensitive FT program. At least in my soil/find conditions, I don't appear to be losing any depth over Deep HC, and it seems to discriminate better than Deep HC (at least I feel I dig less trash). I can go out for a max of ~2hrs at a time, so battery life isn't that critical to me. That's purely anecdotal and non-scientific, of course.
  3. That should just affect the battery life of the remote, though, no? The remote lasts forever for me, it's the coil and headphones that run out for me.
  4. The cars were not that uncommon, but the hood ornaments were sold as an option; this was one of a few styles to choose from. I expect most people stuck with the plain, flat cap. Still, the ornament doesn't seem to be outrage rare, there's one on offer at ebay for $799, and another one sold there today for $106. But I don't expect I'll find another hood ornament in my lifetime, so I'm over the moon with this one! See my guy here:
  5. Hood ornament from a 1928 Hudson-Essex Special Six. About 3" under a former pasture in Eastern Massachusetts. Possibly my best find of the year. It's pot metal and terribly cracked. Not sure it'll hold together, but if it does, it'll get a display base and live on the shelf!
  6. Not having used the original Deus, I'm a bit out of the loop – what's wrong with the DII full tones?
  7. I have the Deus II and hunt in multi and single frequency modes. The one thing that matters most is having the right ground to detect on. A fancy machine will not find treasure where there is none to be found, though it may reduce the amount of trash you dig.
  8. People go to car shows to see concept cars that are fun ideas but will never get made. I expect detector trade shows are no different.
  9. No doubt that you're correct, Chase. The Vanquish was my first detector, and I didn't ever use the wired headphones with it, so probably I just never knew any better (perhaps that's why the Deus II is such an amazing improvement for me). I shall take the Vanquish out one of these days and see if I notice the latency now.
  10. Wow! Yeah, that never happened with the Vanquish/Airpod combination. I use the same technique as you to visualize the target location. I could flutter and rotate over a target just as fast as I pleased. It would hit the target on the in and out with no noticeable delay.
  11. I don't know that they are. But it didn't seem to make a difference with the Vanquish 540. Targets lined up nicely with the tones. If it was off by an inch this way or that, I didn't notice.
  12. Hey, if Oak Island can cash in on vapors alone, why wouldn't anyone else? Even those duck hunting inbreds have a detecting show now 😄
  13. Just ranting here, but I miss the simplicity of the Vanquish working with my regular airpods. For my needs it would be great if XP made ear bud style headphones for their detectors. I've looked into alternatives, but whatever's out there for wireless cans is bigger and/or more awkward than the WS6.
  14. Well, yes, that's understood. Their releases don't seem to run on a regular schedule, though.
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