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  1. No doubt that you're correct, Chase. The Vanquish was my first detector, and I didn't ever use the wired headphones with it, so probably I just never knew any better (perhaps that's why the Deus II is such an amazing improvement for me). I shall take the Vanquish out one of these days and see if I notice the latency now.
  2. Wow! Yeah, that never happened with the Vanquish/Airpod combination. I use the same technique as you to visualize the target location. I could flutter and rotate over a target just as fast as I pleased. It would hit the target on the in and out with no noticeable delay.
  3. I don't know that they are. But it didn't seem to make a difference with the Vanquish 540. Targets lined up nicely with the tones. If it was off by an inch this way or that, I didn't notice.
  4. Hey, if Oak Island can cash in on vapors alone, why wouldn't anyone else? Even those duck hunting inbreds have a detecting show now 😄
  5. Just ranting here, but I miss the simplicity of the Vanquish working with my regular airpods. For my needs it would be great if XP made ear bud style headphones for their detectors. I've looked into alternatives, but whatever's out there for wireless cans is bigger and/or more awkward than the WS6.
  6. Well, yes, that's understood. Their releases don't seem to run on a regular schedule, though.
  7. Yeah, the problem with just changing random settings that reduce observed EMI is that they might just cripple the detector altogether. If I take that to its logical conclusion, I can eliminate EMI completely by just turning the detector off. What I'm after is some guidance (perhaps from XP) on how to correctly reduce EMI while minimizing the impact on performance.
  8. I've heard a totally unsubstantiated rumor that there's a new update coming soon. It gets here when it gets here, but has anyone heard anything concrete?
  9. Not ground noise. It's definitely coming from above. I could see it change as I moved closer and further away from the power lines.
  10. I'd be fine with "mild noise". But I often feel like I'm in the middle of a Star Wars battle.
  11. Just watched a video by Paystreak. He's dropping down the audio response to shut up the EMI. I don't understand the correlation there, either. I also see he's doing the frequency scan while holding the coil up in the air. I've always understood you're supposed to do it while holding the coil just above the ground. Which is it? God, that guy says 20 words for every 2 he actually needs to say 🙄
  12. Hm. How would that affect EMI though? It's just going to chop it up more.
  13. My iPhone was in my pocket, but that's never been an issue before (and it wasn't once I've moved behind the house). Just the power pole in middle of the front lawn (can't remember if it also had a transformer on it). The houses there all have wifi of course. One of the neighbors could possibly have a wireless dog fence. About 200 feet in front of the house is a church that's built like an office building, flat roof with lots of huge AC units on top, etc. As I mentioned, as soon as I moved to the back of the house, things settled quite nicely.
  14. Additional question after watching some videos: Is holding down the top-right button to do the noice cancel just a shortcut to the longer procedure of going into Menu > Frequency Shift > Scan? Or does it do something different?
  15. I detected an area with maddening EMI on Saturday (front lawn with utility pole in it, and power drop to the house). In trying to adjust to it, I found that I don't actually understand any of the techniques I used to try to get around it. Is there a guide on what to do when dealing with EMI, besides anecdotal "worked for me" hints? I have the 9" coil with v7.1 Here's how it went: Started in Relic mode, sensitivity 95, reactivity 2. Unusable. Did automatic frequency shift scan. - No real improvement Ground balance - no improvement. Manually stepped through all the frequency shift values. Went with what appeared to be the least worst. Notched out anything below 40 to get at least the noise down. XY screen still shows what's notched out. If there's no signal from the ground, it displays a quivering, vertical ellipsis. Detected for a bit, and actually made some finds at 2" - 6". EMI noise still driving me insane though. Tried single frequency. Did the automatic scan (came back 44khz) and also stepped through the frequencies manually. None was quiet, and in any case I don't know what's best for high conductors. Stepped through all the different programs. Park was the only one that seemed a little quieter. Used it for a while, but had no finds, only a bunch of false signals. Went back to Relic. Turned down sensitivity to 90. No change. Turned it down to 60. Slight improvement, but now I'm concerned I'm losing depth. Promptly find a thick iron washer at 8". Isn't low sensitivity supposed to reduce depth? Or is 60 not considered "low" Bottom line, I was flailing, and clearly don't know how to deal with EMI efficiently. Any advice? P.S. besides a bunch of 1930s wheats, I only had two good finds: an 1837 hard times token with hole, and a GM spinner token.
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