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  1. Hey all. We are recreational gold miners in Alaska. We have a small YouTube channel with some videos of our exploits. It’s been a journey. We are just getting started for the year and still waiting to access our main claims. Two Dudes One Dredge Channel https://youtube.com/channel/UCoPsZnjywJ9hQjJ9r283w5g
  2. Yeah my compressor can handle 2 divers. That is why we can’t run the plastic bottle for a reserve. I currently have the small stainless bottle from Keene but would love to avoid paying the additional $800 or so to get the big tank Keene sells for dual divers. I think I’ll poke around on the FB group to see about some other ideas. maybe also talk to a local fab shop
  3. First time post here. I purchased a new Keene 6” dredge last year and got the 4gal reserve air tank. I’m thinking that this season my partner and I will both be in the water. One as a support rock mover and the other dredging. Last year we only ran one diver. If we add another airline we need to get a bigger reserve tank and that goes to the Keene 9gal. Anyone have experience with running two divers and is the 9gal mandatory? Can you run two small tanks if you split it right out of the compressor? Can I just have a stainless 9gal tank made locally without paying the Keene premium? here is a link to our channel and what we are all about. https://youtube.com/channel/UCoPsZnjywJ9hQjJ9r283w5g
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