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  1. The point here is not to create as many clickbaits as possible. There are certainly many such websites, but that certainly does not apply here. Someone who knows a lot about metal detectors has done a lot of work here and also justified his assessments. One can be divided about the result, but as I said, this is not about clickbaits at all.
  2. Which detector would you take with you? 😁
  3. Surprising Detector Rating: Rank 1: Nokta Makro Legend Rank 2: XP Deus 2 Rank 3: Minelab Equinox 600 & 800 Rank 4: Nokta Makro Simplex Rank 5: Minelab Vanquish Series Rank 6: Minelab E-Trac Rank 7: XP Deus Rank N/A: Whites Beach Hunter 300 Rank 8: Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi Rank 9: Garrett Ace Apex Rank 10: Minelab CTX 3030 Source: https://www.iratemetaldetectors.com
  4. This rule may be useful for experienced users. But every new user will fall into this update trap of XP at the beginning. It is not very customer-friendly of XP not to inform its customers in advance. I can see that nothing will change in the near future.
  5. Update V071: The program locations P20, P22, P23 and P24 are now displayed correctly. Previously they were displayed as "P2". Thanks to slyworld 👍
  6. On the XP update page, we could be warned in advance when the customer programs will be deleted again. I was not the first to be surprised by this. I just signed up for the newsletter. Let's see if I will be informed about updates. https://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/en/ba/the-blog/deus-ii-v0-71-update-instructions.php
  7. Update to 0.71 performed. Customer programs were not deleted this time.
  8. Save a program to P20, P22, P23 or P24. The name of the memory location is always P2. I reported this to XP France in februrary. No reply to my feedback.
  9. Details about the update V0.7 --------------------------- I don't know now if the link is already known to everyone. I put it here anyway. https://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/en/ba/the-blog/deus-ii-v0-7-update-instructions.php
  10. I find it a very bad style of XP that the customer programs are deleted during the update. Is there another company that does this? The electronic devices that I own, my data is not deleted during the update. I think of my depth sounder, GPS, Wlan-Router etc..
  11. My customer programs were also all deleted with the 0.7 update. You also can't save the customer programs on the PC before the update. Very annoying. 😒
  12. Well, the DEUS II is now going back to the dealer for checking. I can only reach a depth of 14 cm with a 50 cent coin (Euro). At 15 cm there is no more signal. GB = 76. But thanks again for the support.
  13. Yes, I did the update again today, unfortunately no improvements
  14. Hi slyworld, many thanks for the test and the additions 👍🙂 "Maybe check silent EMI, do a frequency scan and if nothing works please try a re-update. " I had already done that several times. But unfortunately nothing has changed. With the 50 cent euro coin I only reach 20cm instead of 40cm. I can not go back to the old firmware, because the update program always gets the latest firmware from the XP server. Now I have the damage.
  15. Hi, after the update I now have a massive loss of depth. Air test, restart DEUS II , P6 DEEP HC, standard values, 9 inch coil, V06 11.03.2022, Quarter Dollar: 20 cm (dig me) One Dime: 16 cm (dig me) 50 Cent Euro: 20 cm (dig me), before 40 cm Can someone else please run this test? Vers. 13.1.2022 ? Vers. 8.3.22? Vers. 11.3.22? Ergebnis?
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