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  1. from the manual in Italian : BEACH SENS incorpora frequenze fino a circa 40 kHz per un'elevata sensibilità a bersagli più piccoli senza perdite sugli altri. È il programma spiaggia che offre la massima profondità sul bagnato, ma è anche il più nervoso. • Eseguire la scansione rimanendo parallela senza sollevare la platina alla fine della scansione. Se non sei in grado di controllare correttamente la scansione e senti instabilità: - Diminuisci Salt Sens (vedi Menu) per ridurre la sensibilità all'acqua di mare. - Aumentare la Reattività a 1, 2 o 2,5. - Ridurre la risposta audio. • Attivare B.Caps se sono presenti molti cappucci a corona ferrosi per avere più stabilità in acqua salata è necessario ridurre il senso di sale
  2. at sea the 9-inch is used, the 11-inch is too heavy to use for several hours and tires the arm
  3. in the water you search with the 9 inch spool not with the 11 one which is heavy to move and flexes the shaft
  4. yes I know but everything else remains small
  5. for me the only really important update they should do is change that ridiculous small and poorly defined display that on a 1600 euro metal is very out of place, difficult to read it while brushing in the evening in the water, and to wear glasses in this type of research it's impossible
  6. if a 7 plate came out I would buy it for research in the water
  7. I took the 9 because I use it almost exclusively at sea so the 9 glides better and has less friction if you use it on the beach and also in the water, take the 9
  8. I don't understand why the xp in some programs like diving and beach you can't put the pwm audio but only square, this kind of sound is bad for this kind of programs ... why not being able to choose?
  9. I bought the underwater cover up to 5 meters + headphones adapter + rod holder + underwater headphones but I did not understand if the headphone jack while in contact with the water works....the antenna is attached behind the cover via an adhesive support
  10. true, at 4 an empty gold pendant inside gave a somewhat ferrous sound, while a solid gold object gave a fair sound, at 2 even rusty caps are recognized, so I leave it at 2
  11. I have always wondered if in saltwater research a too high rejection in the settings could cause you to lose small deep gold jewels if not, why put a progressive number in the settings?
  12. thank you all too bad that i don't know english well, i have to use google translate
  13. grazie, quindi non è possibile impostare i gb in modalità tracking con il ws6 in mare ho sempre usato il gb in tracking mode con tutti i metalli, vuol dire che lo userò solo con il telecomando
  14. the recognition of the bottle cap has improved already from point 2
  15. hi boys,the w6s headphones do not have ground balance in tracking mode, only grab?
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