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  1. I'm lmao. Great post. I'm always amazed at the life and death scenarios when they they are running excavators. I run excavators for a living and didn't know how much I was living on the edge! I'm am jealous of Parkers gold hunting trips. If he can make money on this, good for him! And searching for a lost phone that belongs to a girl on a ski trip makes perfect sense in my world. Do they make a detector that's good to ten meters in the snow?
  2. More likely an adventure novel than a treatise. It probably starts something like " Danby couldn't believe what he had just overheard in the dark corner of the bar...he told himself it was a bar rumer. Still, he may have have to travel up to this bench off the left fork of Goat Creek. If there were nuggets as big as your thumb...
  3. Even with the magnet against the handle shaft it will eventually break when you hit a rock just right. Epoxy will too. I assume you don't weld since you are going this route. I would suggest paying someone to weld ( a six pack would probably be enough) butting against the shaft, a collar/ Short piece of pipe just big enough to accept the magnet. Just the surface would be showing. Any further towards the end interferes with digging. Just my opinion. One of my cool detecting finds was a VERY strong magnet. After getting the signal and scaping a inch or two down the signal disappeared completely. Took me fee minutes to notice it stuck to my pick.๐Ÿคจ
  4. Ok so I'm sitting here drinking.... First off , really cool finds. Button is cool. But as someone who used too make a living riding horses and packing mules... If I found a horseshoe with the nails still in it I'm thinking " the horseshoer needs to make his clinches bigger." I know that's technical and trade related but unless the shoe is really old ... It's just a thrown horseshoe. I am however jealous that you are in an area with the potential that an old horseshoe could be significant. And getting permission on that property is ๐Ÿ˜Ž awesome.๐Ÿ‘
  5. Haven't been there. Looks like I need to from the picture. There's a partial dredge in Warren Idaho I've climbed on. Know a guy who's farther ran it. As a kid he used to walk the tailing piles and find specimen rocks and sell them to people in the bar/ restaurant so he could buy soda pop.
  6. Erin and I went exploring today. We had never been to Elk City before. A lot of mining in the area. Gold was first discovered there in 1861. I haven't researched the area other than a few maps. Thought I would share a few pictures. The Gold Point Mill and mess hall are still standing. In decent shape from being built in the 30's. Jaw crusher, hammer mill, ball mill and shaker tables are there.
  7. The ring is silver and gold plated. Very thin plating. I think onyx stone in the middle. My fiancee says the silver button is most likely from the 20's to 30's.
  8. I swing from different directions and then start to pump. If there are two targets you can tell by the tone changes when the coil is moved to one side or the other while pumping easier than with just a swing. The strongest signal is right in the middle of the coil.
  9. Forgot to add that I have have decided that my favorite way of pin pointing with the Equinox has become the " pumping method" . Seems accurate, fast and will give an idea of target ID without listening to the scream of the pin point button.
  10. It keeps raining here. Started back to work and then more rain. And snow. And rain. It let up this afternoon so I continued to dig up the yard. It's one big target. Here are a few finds from the last week. I'm digging up just about everything just to eliminate target sounds. And that's why I found the silver button. Corroded iron on the back so it was a goofy signal. I'm surprised that we haven't found any older coins. A penny from 1918 but everything else is 50's up. House was built in 29.
  11. They used to make some awfully small derringers for ladies to tuck into their garters.
  12. Phrunt, I've been following the thread. You don't know me and I know less than you about detectors. But I'm giving free advice about your situation based on my life experiences and past mistakes. SEND IT BACK FOR A REPLACEMENT. You will never trust the machine at this point. Give Minelab the chance to make it right. Give yourself peace of mind. As I read the thread I feel sorry for you, the money put out and hope you don't cheat yourself. If I was Minelab and read this thread I would have your replacement ready to go and be contacting you for your shipping address. Consider this situation with the big picture in mind. Happy hunting!
  13. Probably off a head stall. Cool finds.
  14. Troutsnouter , I can't resist. With a moniker like that you should be able to detect all kinds of lures and fishing weights. I'm not the expert here but you are starting an adventure. Get ready to dig. There is a learning curve even with advice. I have three detectors, one of which is a goldbug 2. I like it. But I would go with a dues 2 or equinox 800 first. Both fairly sensitive and can be used for other things. Wish I had got my nox sooner.
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