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  1. It is close to the 1850 Colt BPS Army Revolver.
  2. Texas! Found this piece of the old west today while training on The Nokta Legend 3rd week. Field Mode Multi 2 Iron excluded. This was banging 25/26 on the scale in one direction and 31/32 in another direction. So I thought maybe there's a V Nickel down there with a piece of Iron. With the notch on the right side of the pistol I'm thinking this was loaded with cartridges rather than muzzle loaded. Any one know what she is?
  3. I was also having the same issue with the Software update .. couldn't figure it out then I decided to plug the USB directly into my PC rather than in the docking station or USB Hub. Worked flawlessly for me at that point. I decided to upgrade from 1.4 to 1.5 and then 1.5 to 1.7. The nerd in me. Since the upgrade a week ago I've found four coins a handful of buttons lots of spent ammo rounds. It seems working much better. I also switched to a 6" head from 11 and found that i'm digging smaller pits 🙂 The smaller head means more passes to cover the same ground but worth the effort for me.. The Legend is really an efficient tool now I find that I'm covering less ground but finding more targets to dig. I'm still new with the Legend in coin hunting but I probably dig 20 targets before I get to an actual coin.
  4. Almost giddy I received my Legend this last week from High Plains Prospectors. I had already given my old Garrett Ace350 to my grandson on the previous weekend. In two days I've collected a ton of non ferrous targets - oil lamps, clock parts, copper straps etx. No coins yet but a number of 12ga shells. One problem I'm having is I will detect a solid repeatable signal in the 44 - 51 range and set the detector aside. I scoop out a shovel full of dirt and pick up the detector and there s no longer and signal of any kind in the hole or in the removed dirt. Pin pointer doesn't find anything. Put the soil back in the hole check it again no sound or indication at all. This happened 4x today. Really dry soil right now. Any thoughts on what would cause a ghost signal like that?
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