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  1. As often as possible keeping in mind the many variables..... weather, family responsibilities, health, finances, swmbo, etc. I think there needs to be a “ National Detecting Day” holiday declared for the sake of our sanity...🤪
  2. G’day Ethan, I have the Legend, and have used it just for relic and coin hunting so far, but backyard tests with my 0.2 gm. test nugget with the 6” coil tells me absolutely yes it can find virgin gold in it’s prospecting mode. I also live in Adelaide and once our wet winter is behind us, I’m planning on testing it’s potential up at Mt.Crawford. I will let you know how it runs in the ground up there, which is very variable.
  3. Nice read NE.... thanks Beautiful gold 😛
  4. As WesD said I cut mine with a angle grinder and thin cutting disc for hard steel. I don’t use a guide, just be patient and follow your line slowly, being careful not to skew your disc in the cut or it can shatter unexpectedly. Obviously all safety gear is mandatory ☠️
  5. Totally embarrassed it was made in my home country, ruining cred of our gold mining history.⛏️
  6. I can vouch for the plough disc approach.... the carbon steel in them is brilliant for picks and diggers. Here are a couple of picks and a plug digger I made from one.
  7. Thanks BH...... I have been to SoCal a few times to visit my son and his family who lived in OC, now living in Temecula Valley. You sure do have some super beach real estate to hunt. Next time I’m there I’ll look you up. 🍺 Your Kombi looks sweet.....
  8. Thanks guys.... yeah things are gradually getting back to normal, will be organising a goldfields trip soon hopefully. Haha.... I never scrape ‘em in the dog park 💩 Actually I have a nice collection of old dog tags found mainly around historic country towns. The modern ones are boring and cheap by comparison.
  9. After visiting this terrific forum regularly and gaining some valuable insights into all things detecting, I’ve just become a proud new member. I hail from Down Under in South Australia and have been detecting around our local goldfields and across state lines for around 10 years now. Lately though I’ve been mainly relic and coin hunting locally as Covid has severely restricted our ability to freely travel interstate. As a result I have sold my main gold detector (GPX5000) and upgraded my relic arsenal. Currently using the new Nokta Legend. Anyhow I hope to be posting up some Aussie finds when they start rolling in. Cheers all.
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