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  1. It looks like it's US only issue. So Nokta will sell worldwide no matter how it ends. But I couldn't see any detail about infringement. Personally, I think it's another bs from Minelab...
  2. I was in a random field, 1.5 hours in the early morning. Got 7 coins with D2 lite. Going just by tones. No need to look at numbers. So I'm starting to like this machine. Conditions were same for everyone in this test. And guy from Top Digin has some experience. I am just surprised by this test. D2 should perform better in my opinion.
  3. Hi, I've seen this video from test polygon - comparing CTX, Equniox and Deus II on same targets: Guy uses full tones, but claims that Deus II behaved same with different tone settings, it's in comments on his channel: What do you think about this comparison?
  4. Thanks. Annoying turn on and turn off sound is still present. Have to deal with the piezo buzzer...
  5. Hi, is it possible to mute Whites TRX pinpointer? I mean turn on and off sounds. I don't want to break piezo buzzer.
  6. Availability - end of November. So real availability will be probably more like Feb 2023...
  7. It seems to me like display backlight is necessary...
  8. Our Czech official dealer announced testing of Manticore next week on Friday 2.9. It seems that availability could be better than it was with the Equinox.
  9. I still believe Deus II is a brillitant platform. Just the communication with customers/community is really bad... I'm not here to complain, just frustrated. I would love to help...
  10. You said it: "who knows". And that's what is not correct in 2022. You need to communicate to your customers transparently. Customers should know, that XP knows about issues, and they are working on fixing them. We should know, that they are preparing new coils etc. I was not a big fan of Nokta, but they are clearly explaining what are they going to do, like today bringing beta versions - https://www.facebook.com/noktadetectors/videos/455491949332355/ Dilek also explained why they released another update? You know, transparency? And what name do you know from XP? I mean Garry is a treasure, but he doesn't have the informations. And XP? Silence. Will there be 13x11" coils? No one knows. It's in the manual, so they should be. When? No one knows. When will they release next update? No one knows. Because they just don't communicate at all! I'm seriously thinking of buying a new(was waiting for second-hand one) Legend Pro Pack - 11" and 6" coil in one pack. Version 0.6 needed update, v0.7 needed update too. In version 0.71, I still have issues when connecting MI-6 pinpointer. Deus I works much better for me. I also don't like the volume of pinpointer - it's too silent. I was detecting a beach during windy morning and I had to switch it to disconnected mode - only vibrations, which means limited sensitivity... I don't understand defending them...
  11. It's not about the dealer. Firmware update is issued by manufacturer. I spoke to dealer a few times about separate coils availability - they knew nothing specific - like yeah, there will probably be some in a few monts - I can guess that. I've stopped using D2 for some time. Now trying to slowly use it again. If something costs so much money, manufacturer should at least reply to your message, especially when You send it through contact form on their website. They've issued quite interesting video recently: But still they're communication sucks. Are they working on another firmware version? Is v0.71 final release? Who knows? There are many "gaps" in their "communication" with customers. Shame that Nokta Legend is so clunky. If Minelab reveals something interesting, I will probably switch. Very disappointed.
  12. Hello, I have to say, I'm very disappointed with XP behavior and customer service. I bought Deus II and was just killing it. Then I made a big mistake, updated to v0.6 - the first one, without big TID. Since then, I've lost my depth, and had issue with not showing TID while having a good signal. Update v0.7 didn't fix depth issue. Pinpointing mode is now not working correctly - like, it's completely useless. All I want is ability to downgrade to v0.5! Why is it not possible? I don't care about YT videos, with comments turned off, telling me that it's ok on the test garden in US. It is NOT ok on my fields/forests. And I'm not the only one. Other users are eXPeriencing same issues. XP should behave like a serious company. They should openly discuss existing issues and communicate proposed solutions. E.g. like what did Dilek from Nokta today. Discuss what's in the pipeline and estimated timeline. Heck, Nokta is even implementing user-proposed features. I just want them to let me roll one version back!!! I know, that guys in XP have done a lot of work, they're exhausted etc. But we are their CUSTOMERS and they should communicate with us. If Legend was not so heavy, I would switch right now. Is someone here, who has same issues with Deus II? We should unite and push on XP...
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