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  1. Keep in mind though that the RC has a 6-pin data port. Data port mapping shows only 4 pins are being used when the supplied USB cable is connected. And if you use the headphone adapter it only uses 2 pins, both of which are shared on the 4 pins for USB. That leaves 2 pins not being used, which do have wires going to the control board. While these 2 unused pins could serve a factory purpose, there is a possibility they could be used for something else. Time will tell!
  2. I agree 100% about possibly voiding the warranty! When I contacted the seller, they stated that XP had told them if anyone had a firmware problem to give them a specific XP email address, and to contact XP with as much detail as possible about what is wrong. I followed the instructions, sent a very detailed email, and was more than happy to ship it out for a repair. In other places online, people who have the same problem received a reply from XP about where to send the RC for repair, and mailed theirs off. After a week of hearing nothing, one can get frustrated. I had only been using the Deus 2 for 1 week before this problem arose, and then it sat on a shelf useless for a week before I decided to go this route.
  3. Love my Xp Deus 2, but like a few other people, mine died after updating the firmware. After the firmware update, it showed “SUCCESSFUL” on screen, then shut down, and would not turn back on. Contacted the seller who gave me a direct email address to contact XP, which I did immediately. After a week of not hearing anything from XP I decided to repair it myself. Not happy that it came to this for such an expensive machine. If you attempt this, ONLY use a plastic pry tool or plastic guitar pick. Go slow and be careful as O-ring is coated in grease and can get on the inside of display screen! Make sure the O-ring remains in place and lubricated during reassembly, otherwise the remote could leak if submerged. Remove 4 screws on speaker cover and then remove speaker first, pay attention to speaker spring contact orientation for re-assembly. Remove two screws on bottom front, remove single screw under serial # sticker. Bottom piece slides out easy enough with minimal prying. Gently slide board out, no need to remove data port nut as there is just enough slack in the wires to access the battery plug. Unplug the two-wire jack from battery on the board (see green circle on attached picture). I waited 10 seconds then plugged back in and remote immediately booted up. Everything works fine, shuts down and turns on and operates normally. This method will also work if you have the reverse problem when the screen locks up and you do not want to wait for battery to run down.
  4. Have not seen any available yet. Most individual parts to build your own are available except it does not appear that the coils are easy to find yet. If you already have a Deus 2, you would just need to pick up the WS4 Stem Mount Support and the WS4 Wireless Headphone Adapter. If you prefer not to use wired headphones a decent Bluetooth transmitter will do the job paired up with a set of Bluetooth ear buds or headset.
  5. After doing a few updates that always seemed to lag I tried this method and it works fine for me. Note how the update program is run in administrator mode, and you connect the RC to your PC before going into settings and running update. XP Deus 2 - how to CORRECTLY UPDATE FIRMWARE
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