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  1. One thing is not 100% clear to me, the new 'stability' option for exactly what purpose?
  2. Thank you Jeff for the explanation, very kind of you. In many of my soils, as explained many times, I face really deep signals, good coins sounded like iron, and only after removing those 20 centimetres of soil is the signal finally clear. I will therefore have to figure out whether it is by holding the iron filter at half, or directly at 1, that I will get better results or whether it is the new Audio Gain setting that will give me more satisfaction.
  3. So if I understand correctly, the iron filtering function will have a value from 1 to 8, so, at 1 it's basically off and the iron will be "heard" better by the metal detector, correct?
  4. Bluetooth headphones work well with theshold only when set to 6 and with a threshold volume of at least 9. Hopefully they will correct this as soon as possible.
  5. Thanks Rick, I thought it was coming at the end of May or first week of June, but I think he was referring to NM testers not the public.
  6. You guys have a good afternoon (although I think it's 4 a.m. in the U.S.) I don't know if I am wrong place to post this question, but I wanted to know if there were any "rumors" about the release of the new legend update. Thanks!
  7. You can search in Italy and in the countries I have listed. The problem comes when you find something antique. If I find a German WW2 helmet, that's it, I restore it and save it, and if I want I donate it to a local museum. If, on the other hand, you find a sestertius and you don't report it, especially in Italy and Greece (and I think Spain too, but I'm not sure if it's in all regions), you end up in trouble in no time at all. With the new laws enacted in Italy in March 2022, I can guarantee that the unjustified possession of archaeological property has become a criminal offence punished in an extremely serious manner. Then, that the controls are ridiculous and you have to do it on purpose to be discovered, you are absolutely right (half of those who get into trouble are the usual heroes of the Internet with their eagerness to appear always and everywhere posting photos and videos of everything they find). On average, however, those who find themselves in remote areas, I doubt if they report anything to the authorities, and the guy who told you this is right. I can assure you, however, that all finds must be reported, both on public and private land, in fact there is an absurd law of 1923 that indicates the " underground " and whatever is in it as state property. At what depth is not clear, and every time you are at the mercy of bureaucrats and absurd laws. Anyway thanks for the explanation about the laws in the US, I didn't know the part about public lands. Here in San Marino it doesn't change much anyway, under a certain age you must declare everything, that then the authorities are much less pressing is absolutely true, but it is so small the space of land where you can search, that by now almost everything there was to find, has been found.
  8. I read this topic with pleasure. Here in Europe, especially Italy (I'm writing from San Marino but it makes little difference) and Greece the laws are absolutely prohibitive, everything you find belongs to the State, and you have to be lucky that they don't get suspicious and come knocking at your house at 5 in the morning, that's why 90% of the prospectors do beach or militaria. In the U.S. I do not know how the rules are, but from the point of view of freedom you are 10 steps ahead, here the archaeologists, let's say they feel a kind of mystical lodge, closed in on themselves, to have a specialized study you have to show up with at least two degrees or you do not even pass half a sheet of paper (and their salaries are paid by the taxes we pay every year) we are talking about military maps from the early 1940s, not the location of archaic tombs. .. If they could, they would immediately ban even the simple possession of a pipe detector, because they are convinced that detectorists are the ultimate evil. We have had the problem of grave robbers for at least 300 years (and they use Caterpillars, not Minelabs), but for them the real problems are those who go out on Sundays to dig in the trenches of the First World War. Evidently the desire to actually find things does not go hand in hand with the work they are paid to do.
  9. Absolutely it should help. At the end of the day, you're not asking for much of a revolution, just the ability to work on the instrument's internal filters. Iron Bias and Gain for deep sounds should basically solve the issue. Let's hope so!
  10. I sincerely hope that NM will take into account the problems on mineralised soils. The bias filters (I'm sure that's what they are) cut out any weak signal in the presence of mineralised soil. And that's a big problem, I'm squeezing it now, I don't even know how many hours I've got with the detector now, more than 50 for sure, and no matter how much I adjust it, a €1 coin, under not even 20cm on mineralized soil doesn't feel it at all. I have changed 4 or 5 places (and I want to point out, areas that I have been frequenting for a decade, passed over and over with all sorts of instruments, both by myself and by my fellow researchers), tried various coins and alloys, various positions of the target, and the problem is always there, the filters cut off the signals in the presence of mineralized soil, and I'm not talking about who knows what absurd depths, indeed... Deus I and Desert Gold 3, two very different machines, with the standard settings have the same problem, but being able to open them (especially under the side of deep sounds and iron filters) they manage in a few steps to return signals decided, clear and sharp, and without having to go searching at the speed of a turtle is clear. This metal has amazed me for the price and for the Multi capabilities, I do not want to have to give it away for the problems that arise from the point of view of filters, a user, let's say, "expert"; must be able to maneuver the detector even in the most particular aspects.
  11. Absolutely, if you make a mistake you'll end up in front of a judge, and the penalties may not be very severe, but in terms of money it can easily cost you a fine of 2-5 k€, so you have to be very careful.
  12. Hi! I own 4 MDs, E-Trac, Deus I, Detech Desert Gold 3 (I also had the previous model), Relic Striker, Nokta Makro Legend the latest. In the past it was full minelab with the various versions of the Sovereign. Yes the area you see is the central Apennines, I live in a small autonomous enclave, a small republic, separated from the rest of Italy, near the beautiful Urbino, but here I conduct my research mainly in the mountains between Emilia, Tuscany, Marche and sometimes I climb up to the trenches of the First World War, in Veneto where you can search directly into the trenches of the Great War, of course with limitations to follow. Answering your second question is hard, the laws in Italy and San Marino are very strict (other than UK, unfortunately), and everything of historical importance must be returned (free of charge) to the State, then that often they let you keep things is another matter, however using metal in Italy, Greece, Spain, France and other Mediterranean countries is a real pain, but you do it for passion so you accept compromises and respect the laws. Anyway you can find a bit of everything, I am very focused on WW2 and WW1 finds. In the past, on the other hand, treasure hunters were much freer, and only God knows what they find, there was a freer coexistence with the authorities. Today, in the places where they went hunting in the past there is a total ban, but if you ever pass here in Italy, going towards Rome, in the mountains that surround it there are many beautiful and remote villages, in bars and restaurant you can often see on the wall the old slides of the 70's, 80's and 90's, with groups of detectorists showing their "conquests", often you can see things that only in museums a normal person can admire, beauties more unique than rare. Unfortunately, it is precisely because of this sort of 'gold rush' that nowadays anything you find that is even a little over a hundred years old, you have to hand over to the authorities. That's why I do military stuff, less truble, more fun and less external pressure, in the end it's a hobby not a punishment, if anything that's the wife!😂
  13. Thanks for the tip on Tersacci, absolutely never heard of it before. Absolutely, the Iron Bias needs to become adjustable, for me he is the "guilty" especially in a mineralised environment, he misses too many deep signals. Anyway, this machine reminds a lot the Xp of the early days 😅, with the Deus I, an update almost every 2 months, but just so, nothing is born perfect, then for what I paid for it, it's all right. Great Clint 💪, I learned English by watching his films when I was a kid, unfortunately actors like that aren't born anymore.
  14. First of all let me tell you that you are the first Texan with whom I have ever exchanged opinions, beautiful land, yours, one day I will come to the USA and I absolutely want to see Texas, I was born with the old westerns of Sergio Leone so you will understand how fascinated I am ... I admit that before this tool I worked with other machines, and it will be for the still limited customization of the Legend, but I see that there are still improvements to be made, all of them seem to be in the next update (1.08? ) so maybe it will fill the gap that is noticeable on difficult terrain such as the Italian Apennines, full of iron, hematite and super conductive limestone marl, plus let's add that people have been passing through here for a good 3000 years, so the ferrous waste is practically everywhere, from the pegs of the Roman caligae to the buckshot of the first wars between the German Empire and the Papal States. And above all, it's all under several centimetres of earth, since these mountains tend to slide constantly from the summit to the valley (due to deforestation there are considerable landslides all along the mountain line). Honestly though, I'll take your tip into consideration, see if I can get a few more answers in my tests and try to report them here. I've often read about the Tarsacci here in the forum (in Europe I don't think I've ever seen or heard of it), but exactly what strengths does it have?
  15. I have tons of photos, as soon as I can I'll post some I promise!
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