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  1. Tomorrow is the day I order my new detector! Im pretty sure it will be the Nokta Legend! But My question is the deus2 Really that much ahead of both the others? I have an option of trading in my Garrett I bought and instead of getting the legend I could put the 900$ in and get the Deus2! But If I am going to be able to do just as well or close to with the macro legend why spend the extra money? And also if I get the legend I can keep the Garrett Max and compare the 2 detectors or have an extra one for a friend or if 1 breaks I have spare until I get the other fixed! Sorry for such a confusing and long question lol! I value your guys advice and thank you for your time!! 

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  2. Hello i am Al Montano(poco is nick name) I am a 57 year old Male that was disabled when a drunk diver hit us head on! I have been  dreaming for some time to be able to go back out and treasure hunting 🙂 I appreciate all the advice I can get! Thank you! I posted about what Detector to buy in the advice forums! Again thank you fellow Detectors 🙂 

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  3. Hello! Like an idiot I went and bought The Garret AT Max! I had to the pro some time ago but an accident happened and I had to sell it! At the time Garret AT (pro gold and Max) were some the best I could afford The Deus was out of my price range and still is! But after watching all the new videos on the new technology multi frequency Im planning on getting a new one! It seems the Nokta legend is almost as good or better(build quality from what I hear any ways)) So what one would you suggest and why? I thank you all for your advice and help! I plan on hitting it hard this summer at some ghost towns and other areas!

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