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  1. Anyone have pictures of rocks that mimic different things. Would love to see them. I have a couple gold pieces that mimic.
  2. thank you and well for the small little gold i have found, 2 pieces look like stuff. Didn't know if there was special section for neat finds like metals that look like other things?
  3. Thank you. Haha I wish. I've found gold with the gold monster 1000 before. Just figuring out how to use the Nokta Makro Invenio, now to find treasures and gold with that. Trying to find some people who know the Invenio.
  4. Curious if anyone has the standard or the pro? I have the standard. Just figured out how to use it after practicing a lot with it.
  5. Hello, I just found out about this site from Gerry's detectors. I bought the gpz 7000 and got a free class to learn how to operate it this last weekend from him and his team & yesterday found my 1st piece of gold with that detector. I'm from Iowa but migrated to California, but I'm in the mountains so its a lot better. Anyway, I'm Daniel. Looking forward to getting to know you, as long as I have internet. Slowly going off the grid. Thank you for your time.
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