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  1. Thanks Steve, I have found some amazingly small gold with the 7000 stock coil. Conditions must have been just right because they were sure dinks. The lighter weight will be nice to swing for a bit. Found gold the first time out with the NF 12" ... so I broke it in right I guess. 👍 Be Safe ...
  2. Is there or has there been any comparison testing done in the field on depth with the 6000 vs the 7000 using the NF 12" Z-search coil. Thanks . . .
  3. Is there or has there been any comparison testing done in the field on depth with the 6000 vs the 7000 using the NF 12" Z-search coil. Thanks . . .
  4. Did you ever pick a GM 1000 for the wife? I was wondering how she likes it. Thinking of doing the same here for the boss. Thanks 🙂
  5. Nice find. . . sure beats the heck out of another zink or A-ball.
  6. Nice find!!! If I were you I'd be checking where I put my butt more often. Congrats and thanx for sharing...
  7. I do not post a whole lot on the forum here, but use it rather quite a bit for the knowledge it contains. I appreciate it and the way it is ran and the accouantibility of valid posts with no BS. (Thank you Steve) Much to what everyone else is saying... But to assume that an 'Off Topic' forum would be a rant-fest and all out forum for hate and discontent is not accurate. IMHO I happened to read the post before it was deleted and thought nothing of it but a simple question. I didn't lose sleep and it caused no heart burn either. An 'Off Topic' forum could create some value and if it were to get into something that I'm not interested in I wouldn't read it ( . ) There have been a few trolling people that their only purpose is to cause heartburn and they feed off replys, in-which sometimes they get quite a few. If you don't feed the fire....it burns out and goes away. I would say - go with it - and if it fills up with trolls ... DON"T FEED EM and they'll go away, leaving all the value we might use somewhere in our adventures. Respectfully, NvAuMiner - Doug
  8. Well that blows . . We always enjoyed attending the ICMJ mining summits. Appreciate the info Steve.
  9. My first was a Garret TR MoneyHunter back in the Mid 70's I believe. At that time my dad had the Garret BFO
  10. Geeezzz, , , , some beginners have all the luck.... kudos to him.... that's fantastic My story is kinda different as well.. Started out metal detecting at 13 with a Garrett Money Hunter TR, my dad had a Garrett BFO and we did ok at parks and volleyball courts. Gave it up until about 10yrs ago and bought a Tesoro LST, I did ok with it as well, mainly the lake shore of Tahoe, parks and beaches. A few years ago I bought a used 3500 and could not put the coil over gold. I carried that BIG-ole skunk for a couple years. Learning as I go finding relics and what not, but no gold. Well last summer I hit an old dump I drove by a lot and finally stopped to check it out. Within 10min I had my first piece of natural gold and it weighed under a half oz.@(10.2grams) I was stoked. . . 10min later and 5' away I found my second piece weighting just over a half oz @(18.5grams) I was on cloud 9 for sure. Nothing like the pile of coins stated above, but for a first find with a metal detector for me personally. . . it was awesome!!! I continued to work that pile all summer and pulled just over 2ozs out of it.
  11. Thanks guys... I doubt I will create my own web site to sell nuggets. But your info gives me the ballpark that I was looking for. I know several people that have sites and stores that do buy nuggets for re-sale. Now I have to decide what is the fair price for them, in-which keeps us happy, while leaving them room to make a profit as well. The gentleman that helped me with the final clean up will get first dibs, but I believe it is worth more than what was offered because it is unique. I might just have to buy her split of the nugget as I too believe the most value is in the personal collection. I have been told that all the specimens I have are really gold in color and unique. I got lucky as most of them were encased in rock and if not, they didn't travel far. Thanks again...
  12. Hello everyone, Last summer while out hunting old mine dumps, we (wife & I) took one of her friends and son out on a hunt with us a few times and I made the agreement with them that anything I find find we would split down the middle. I was beepin -n- they were diggin. We were too close together for them to use a GB2 we had with us. Well after a couple trips I bought her son 10x loop and gave him a couple little nice pieces in quartz and a little nugget to check out. All the other pieces went into a Tupperware tub until there was enough to do something with. Well low-n-behold, I got out one of the rocks that sounded off and did show a little gold on the outside and started to work the rock off it. I had no idea it contained such a nice nugget and it was a real 'nice surprise' when I discovered it ...a second time!!!! So.... greenhorn question here...... How much does the value of a specimen like this go up vs a hammered nugget that has been found in a creek bed? Spot +1/4.. Spot +1/2.. Spot +3/4... 2x Spot ????? I realize that it all depends on what some one will give you for it of course and I'm just looking for a fair ballpark. As of now, we have not decided to sell any so I am just looking to gain some knowledge. Thanks - NvAuMiner - Doug
  13. Nice job Condor! I just bought a new GB2 with a 6" coil. Now I have to wait till the snow melts ... :mellow:
  14. Steve, I appreciate you taking the time to construct this forum. Another place to gain knowledge and experiences through anothers eyes and opinion, is always a good tool to have. NvAuMiner - Doug
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