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  1. Do you have any recommendations for the missing rod? Is it usable without a rod, or should I be looking for a new one?
  2. There are some favorable reviews and unfavorable reviews there, and those reviews are taking the original price of $800 into account. So would you say it's worth it for $120, with a missing part?
  3. I'm completely new to this hobby so I'm looking for used metal detectors to get started. I found a used White's Beach Hunter ID Metal Detector, but it's missing the rod to hold the coil with. I want to use this while snorkeling in the ocean. I have several questions: - Is this a good price for this metal detector? - Is it safe to use in saltwater? If so, how deep can you submerge it? - Is it okay that it is missing a rod? Would it still be easy to use for snorkeling? - What should I do to check it still works when I buy it?
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