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  1. Check out what gold has been found with a Minelab GPX 4500 compared to a Garrett ATX you may change your mind very quickly to a Minelab GPX. Happy Hunting!
  2. Wow Wow !!!!!!! I really like this new coil for the "Makro Gold Racer" it hits really hard on coins for a (7.5"x4") coil, I think it is as good or if not better than the OOR coil for the Nokta Fores Core well done Makro a great little coil, I must say. I think it will be staying on my Makro Gold Racer as my number one coil, it sure puts a smile on your face which I like.
  3. Interesting how white's is responding to this problem with the software and are not willing to do a "TOTAL RECALL" of this MXS Metal Detector, as this will affect the resale of the machine if they don't do a TOTAL RECALL who would want to buy a second hand MXS Metal Detector not knowing whether they had one that was fixed or not, certainly not me that's for sure. If a car company only fixed a few of their faulty cars that the owners wanted fixed instead of a "TOTAL RECALL" to fix the problem so to back up their BUSINESS NAME in quality built cars, a "TOTAL RECALL" would be the only solution to amend this problem to any problems a rising in the future.
  4. Video of a harness set up to make it easier to swing your detector.
  5. This is some thing I did to my Makro Gold Racer to give it better balance and less strain on my fore arm for swinging it comfortable for many hours, like the well balanced Nokta Fors Core metal detector with the standard coil mounted on it. I mounted a water bottle under the battery box to balance the metal detector better and can easily remove it or empty for less weight and it keeps the speaker off the ground when I put it down etc.
  6. Good videos "Nenad" keep them coming information on settings etc and tips for coin hunting and gold nugget hunting are most welcome for anyone who has a Makro Gold Racer.
  7. Fredmason, Here are a few photos taken on a trip to the Western Australia gold fields. 1/ The Great Australian Bight on the Nullarbor Plains. 2/ The Great Australian Bight on the Nullarbor Plains. 3/ London Bridge near the town of Sandstone. 4/ London Bridge. 5/ The top of London Bridge. 6/ Looking back to the town of Leonora.
  8. I think you will find the weather still a bit hot around Clermont in Queensland the middle of April, the middle of May to the middle of August is more comfortable, I'm sure you will enjoy your trip to OZ and good luck finding the yellow.
  9. Re: Norm Tyers big nuggett ozgold 041 on Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:39 am mark garrett wrote:if you new Norm he was and still is a good man My two boys and me visited him just weeks before he pasted away im so glad he let me talk about his find and video it for his family . this video is a a bit long but it is history . Nancy has a dvd I gave them . Here is a video of great interest for those looking for large gold nuggets! (Dingo Qld)
  10. Hi Everyone, I don't know why the link is not working in your country but it works in Australia. http://www.dailytele...-In-the-Outback http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/video/id-picXQ3eTrh5i8ZgmKQiwEEtz-cim98Dk/Lost-In- the-Outback Video | dailytelegraph.com.au - The Daily Telegraph Amateur Treasure Hunter Theo is searching for gold in the vast Australian Outback. On his first vacation since life saving heart surgery, he takes a wrong turn, sending him into no mans land. Lost in the wilderness, he walks further and further away from safety, and the searchers who are desperate to find him before the dingoes make their move. In temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, without food, water or his vital medication, Theo faces the biggest battle of his life, a battle to stay alive.
  11. Here is a video every gold prospector should watch and take note of what not to do! http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/video/id-picXQ3eTrh5i8ZgmKQiwEEtz-cim98Dk/Lost-In-the-Outback
  12. "MERRY CHRISTMAS to you Steve, and your family" THANKS for your wealth of information you have provided to all of us on this prospecting forum of yours very much appreciated. CHEERS!
  13. Well I have to say that Dilek at "NOKTA DETECTORS" has the best customer service I have come across in my life time, never have I doubted them for a second, they will make things right for you with out any fuss, so anyone thinking of buying a metal detector from overseas would certainly have piece of mine knowing they will stand behind their product and give you the best experience in customer service.
  14. Hi Steve, I thought it strange that Makro has only re-enforced the smaller coil ears on the NEW "MAKRO GOLD RACER" but not on the larger coil 15"x13.5"DD which not everyone would have bought and used, I have seen that some owners of the first makro racer coin detector were on their forth coil replacement for coil ears being broken and I would only think that coil ear re-enforcement would be the best way to ensure coil ears do not break and customers not to rely on better plastics to fix the problem with coil ears breaking. From the photo of the 15"x13.5"DD coil for the "MAKRO GOLD RACER" coil you posted the ears still look thin to me, this is why I'm asking the question about the coil ear strength for this coil. I had coil ears break on my smaller 10"x 5.5 DD coil for my Nokta Fors Core coil as the ears were too thin. I have great respect for Nokta / Makro company and hope there is no further problems with ears breaking on their coils.
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