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  1. All of them are helpful in some ways. I don't have a fav at this time. What I have done is ignored youtubers who have 8 inches of sponsorship links, sell junk, have patreon or whatever that middleman service is with scrolling screens about sponsor me with big fat thumbs up icons either full time or every other minute, including stopping and giving a commercial 3 minutes in. If I want to watch 3 minute commercial's I don't need youtube to do it. I get that people like to make money and stuff and monetize their channels, and more power to them but that's why youtube does it, because youtube gets the majority share of income.

    I try to watch those, but it gets to be too much for me. Everybody else's mileage will differ. I wish these people well, I'm positive little ol me not sponsoring them isn't going to break their channel.

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  2. First detector in 1973? A Goldmaster TR. Beat that enamel off that shoebox size wonder for years. It paid for itself by the second year in finds. Many times over in rewards for returning lost items for which I never took. I know it still works, but in two home moves I still can't find the coil. It's here somewhere. I think I'll put up a pic of that TR when I have time. It may be 50 years old this month. Those were the days when you can sling around 10 pounds and not feel it. Today I get sore lifting three beers.

    2nd detector is a Fisher Aquanaut 80 large coil circa 1985?. Fantastic as well, simple. Still the workhorse. Made like a safe.

    Now my newest toy is the Macro Legend. Delivered a month ago and been out only two times. Got a lot to learn and I'll be heading over to the legend thread and hopefully read everything first then ask stupid questions later. Well, not really, but I'll try not to. May be going out tomorrow if I can get up. Weird not using AA's, but it is waterproof to 10 feet. Which is fine for beaches up to your neck. But I always wanted a multi freq and this one came out at the right budget. I couldn't touch minelabs.

    Well, thought I'd just give a run down on my machines used and experience with them may help someone out.

    Stay safe everyone, hope to be a productive member on this forum.

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