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  1. Thanks. I moved a while ago to a historic gold area and have taken a keen interest. Looking on the hardware side detectors don’t seem to have taken on the recent improvements from other industries such as astronomy and photography. Interesting and fruitful ground so to speak!
  2. Hi, I am looking for a way to get a digitised data feed of a metal detector so I can write my own metal detecting system. Any experience with this? A recording of numbers that I can feed in to a programming tool on my laptop is where I would like to be. I assume developers of commercial systems have tools for such. can I buy or make simple powerful diy detector with some coils, amplifiers and a digitiser? There are some diy guides that mention multimeters. Perhaps I could find a usb connected multimeter or a Bluetooth multimeter that connects to a streaming api on the laptop? would these diy multimeters be comparable to commercial systems? Is what makes commercial systems good their special software sauce or are there hardware differences that can’t be acquired by normal people?
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