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  1. Just goes to show you that "pounded out" sites often produce surprisingly good finds.
  2. Always nice to find a George V silver. Looks to be in nice shape. Well done!
  3. It's nice to know there are still companies out there that are staffed with knowledgeble folks who give old-fashioned customer service!
  4. Its been 40 years since I swung a detector. The last 3 months have been a blast. Met lots of nice people, hunted a couple of un-touched sites, and hauled a few nice coins out of the ground. Nothing terribly old. This area off northern Alberta was mostly settled in the 1930's. Some highlights include an 1899 English penny (an odd find for this area), 1922 nickel, 1935 cent, two 1943 tombac nickels, a few George V silvers, a 1954 dime (a bit of a key date), and a bunch of pre 1960 silver. The 1948 bronze chauffeur's badge was a nice artifact. Winter's here. Time to pack up the Nox 600, catalog some coins, and start gathering permissions for next Spring. There are a couple of circa 1910 sites that look promising... Cheers!
  5. That.s a really nice find! Congratulations on your persistence and timing.
  6. It's a treat to find a coin amongst the iron, especially in a heavily hunted area. And such a key date and mint mark! Well done!
  7. Greetings from the Great White North!
  8. Thanks for posting. Modern metal detectors are new to me. I last hunted in the early 1980s. Seems like all brands require the operator to learn their detector's "voice". In my situation, my Nox 600 reads gold at 13-15, which is where pull tabs live. Canadian nickels sound almost exactly like certain bottle caps when operating in full mode, and only really shine at 4kHz. I'm learning to hear the subtle differences in signals. The light iron "grunts" of some bottle caps, and the narrow chirpy "waaah" of a coin on edge. Cheers, and good hunting....
  9. Probably the best condition coin I ever found. 1958 dime. My birth year. UNC condition. Not bad for 64 years in the ground...
  10. Great story! I think an old Boy Scout camp/picnic site would be a worthy site to hunt.
  11. I've been hunting an old park lately. An old-timer told me where the folks used to have their summer get-togethers, so I decided to hunt the area. Pretty promising so far. All this, plus dozens of old cents. 3 quarters in one hole.
  12. Took the Nox to a local 1937 community hall (with permission). Hit it Friday after work, and most of the day today. Ran it mostly on multi-frequency. The 10x5 worked well in the trashy conditions. So many bottle caps! Met the 80 year old 2nd generation pioneer that played ball there when he was a kid. He was a wealth of information. Nice guy. Their baseball team was called "The Pirogies" (They were Ukrainian!) Had a great day. The scenery and weather were fantastic. 47 ML nickel, 43, 47 (x2), 53, 55, 57 dimes, and a 1935 1 cent: There was a lot of action around the old concession window. I thanked the caretaker by trimming around the building. Happy hunting!
  13. Great finds. Sounds like you've really dialled-in your detector.
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