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  1. Lets hope Minelab can sort all these 6000 problems out. I would like to get one, but! don't want to go through all the problem you are going through. And now another one in Australia!
  2. And there's probably a lot out there that we don't here about? I know Minelab are good with warranty returns but that's not the point, it's happening far to often for me. Haven't Minelab ever acknowledged that there is a problem with this and that? And what they are doing about it. I hope that they have it sorted by next year when I would like to get one. (or an Axiom) wait and see. I know they are good when working, have worked beside 4 machines and was very impressed.
  3. I saw this on PA, I was thinking of buying one next year, surely Minelab must know about these problems? yet there is know comment from them! the amount of money we pay in oz it's not good enough Minelab. I'm holding off until next year and hopefully these problems will be sorted out.
  4. I don't get it! Why do this to a nugget finder coil?
  5. Good to see you came back GM. Really look forward to this read every day . 🙂
  6. Sorry about the negative response from PA forum you were met with GM. Sadly that's the way PA Australia is.
  7. Poor Whiskey Jack. I have gotten so much into read, am in shock myself poor old fellow.
  8. Please don't stop posting GM. Really appreciate the effort you are putting into it. I can't get enough of this read, and I'm sure every one else the same. One thing on my mind, the men that were taken away. I wander what happened to them? in those days.
  9. Thanks for sharing JP. Not offended keep it up. Cheers Peter
  10. This is great JP, thank you for putting in the time and effort. I have been meaning to get back down to Clermont for another go I did a lesson with you a few years back on the Z. After that went on to Western Creek and got a nice 15g bit. Anyhow thanks again for putting this thread up. Cheers for now Peter.
  11. Hi from OZ, have used Lunk's settings found gold, did a lesson with JP, used JP's conservative settings found gold. Last season run almost silent threshold max sense finding gold. Next up coming season going to switch from semi auto ground balance and try manual ground balance. Amazing machine, also going to try the SP01. Cheers
  12. Yes it has happened a few times, good strong signal and steady ID and then gone! still don't know what to make of it. But I don't know the Nox real well yet either.
  13. I have never done that either! I'm with Andyy, and set to manual when setting the detector down. Lean't that in training with JP. Thanks JP Cheers Peter
  14. A few tips there, thanks Giddiup. I see you are in QLD as well. Cheers
  15. Thanks Qld Sandy, even though an old post you have just helped me to pay more attention to what the ZED is telling me. I have just recently come back from a few days out at Western Creek, I had plenty of these single squeaks but just put it down to a blade of grass as it was gone on the return sweep of the coil, next time will take more care and investigate further, maybe I was walking away from gold!? bugger. Have normally run threshold 27 something made me select 25 next time will try 26, but that wont be until the cooler months now. Thanks for posting. Cheers Peter
  16. Hello all, Peter in Australia, I have just joined the forum, so my first post. A bit of an old post, I just came across Lunk's Zed audio settings posted, 01 April 2015. And WOW the 0.065 gram test piece I have was instantly noticeable the way it jumped out at me. http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/830-lunks-zed-settings/ I would never have thought of trying this way. Thank you Lunk. Any more up dates on these settings? Any thoughts from others using these settings? Can't wait to get out into the field and try them out. Cheers Peter.
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