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  1. Don't know what to say Gazza, but pretty disappointing! There is not a lot of feedback in Australia good or bad, I can't work it out, there has to be plenty out and about by now? Haven't seen Gone Bush on here for a long time. He did plenty of testing and good reports and was very helpful. Hope you get it sorted out soon, but these things can take a long time.
  2. I meant to say I did hear there was another in the same area with same compliant. But wasn't talking to them myself. I was full of confidence and then got very disappointed. Will have another go next year with a 6000. I know they have had there problems too. But better now, should be even more problems ironed out by next year. Cheers
  3. Still not knocking the Axiom, disappointed it didn't work for me in our ground in Australia. At start of season took it out for a week, was eager to try it on a little spot I had gone over and over with the Z7000, concentrating heavily around where I had picked up before, but no gold, thought well ok and moved on to other parts of the property. Put in good hours for the week, for no gold except for the normal boot tacks, shotty pellets and bits of rusty tin. Went home disappointed, but confident the Axiom would find gold, I just didn't walk over it? The Axiom was good to use tuned well and excellent battery life. Found the Axiom very over whelming on hot rocks (two types) and ground noise. Yes, I know about the hot rock window and used it. I have used the 6000 it gets hot rocks and ground noise too, but not like the Axiom does in our ground. Three weeks later went back out for another week, three days into the week and nothing, teamed up with a friend with a 6000 and went out to compare, the 6000 picked up the first target, friend called me over to check the undug target, I couldn't hear it!! 2" down it was a bit of gold! "What the - - - -". A bit further on another target, a bit of steel on the surface I couldn't hear it, well that blew my confidence out the window, I wasn't going to push it around any longer. I still don't know what happened that day, the Axiom can pick up my 0.065gr test piece as good maybe slightly better than the 7000 in an air test, the 6000 is better again. The next day I was going to use the 7000 until a friend on the property turned up with his 6000 for me to use for the rest of my stay (never used a 6000) but had seen them in use. Well you guessed it took it to my 7000 hammered spot and got two bits straight up, one about 3' from an old find and another tiny bit about 6' from an old find. The rest of the time on the property went to different spots for 4 days while I had the 6000 making the most of it and found small bits every day. I now had my confidence back. I don't think there was anything wrong with my Axiom. Just don't think it's suited to our ground and have since sold it, at a considerable loss and put that down to experience. A bit long winded, but that's our it was. Cheers, peterinaust.
  4. I thought the cover on the 11" mono seemed a bit loose, so taped it before I went out. I have since sold the Axiom.
  5. Thanks Steve, I will be going out again tomorrow for the week. Yeah it's not a real big issue. Maybe there could be a fix one in an update?
  6. I use the WR-1 with ear buds. Sometimes the sound will drop out, due to my body parts getting the way. Does anyone know were in the Axiom the transmitter is situated? Underneath the arm cuff or in the head unit? maybe Steve can answer this? Just so I can get the WR-1 in it's best position. have tried in my pocket (on the same side as detector) on my belt, have even thought of mounting it on my upper arm where it would maybe stay more in line. But it's not a huge problem.
  7. Gone Bush had his machine replaced, and was happy with the replacement. Hasn't been on here since!
  8. Thanks Steve, I did try the 13" DD coil but found it a bit heavy, I'll have to make up a bungy cord for it, not ready to buy a smaller DD yet. Got to learn the machine more yet. I did play with settings a fair bit, the 7000 doesn't play up at all same area. but yes, different machines. I was pretty disappointed, but I'll get it. Will be out again about 4 weeks. And yes, there were two different rocks don't know what you would call them but two different rocks if you could call one of them a rock more like clumps ant bed and maybe been through a fire? this one the 7000 will get sometimes. Otherwise, happy.
  9. Used the Axiom for the first-time last week, in Georgetown area North Queensland Australia. Happy with machine, but no gold! I was frustrated with the amount of hot rocks and ground noise, this was when using tracking off. The ground balance values were staying pretty constant, no big changes when moving along. So tried auto tracking slow, med, and fast all helped but I was worried I could track a target out. Started out with sensitivity of three and slowly worked up to 4 and 5 machine ran quit smooth at these settings. Normal mode seemed a bit smoother again. So what I am trying to say is how better to deal with hot rocks and ground noise? I do like the Axiom but not trusting it yet. Any clues please. PS meant to so was mainly in Fine mode and trying Normal but mainly in Fine.
  10. It's odd there have been no replies to this! I have seen how the 6000 can work, and pretty good. I have the Axiom but haven't been out yet so can't say, hopefully by the end of next week I'll be able to report back.
  11. I like, but would it be better to have the detector main body feet sticking through the cover?
  12. mmm that's no good, be nice to know what Garrett find. Haven't seen Gone Bush on here for awhile. Hope his is still going ok and that he's ok.
  13. quite normal high EMI in the back yard, I can only run sens. 2 in the back yard and very stable at that. Re the nox did you try noise cancelling / tune him out. I haven't been to the gold fields yet or around other detectors running.
  14. I'll take note, haven't been out yet only testing around the house.
  15. Not sure if the wireless earbuds will work, I haven't any to try. I 'm using the WR-1 with wired, liking the set up but haven't been out on the gold yet for a hunt.
  16. Looks a good unit, but what cost for subscription a month Australia. Can you do a subscription for 6 months? of the year.
  17. Just a thought did you try a noise cancel with the other detectors close by? What settings did you try? Sounds like interference. I would like to know, I haven't been out yet, just trying at home with lots of EMI but can still get the machine quiet, but only on sens. 2 can still pick up a very small target 0.056gr. Any higher sens. and machine becomes unstable due to the high EMI. This is with the Mono coil. I went down the road away from the houses to a skate park to give the machine a try. Well! I could not quieten the machine down at all, not a chance on my small test bit, the coil didn't like the ground at all no matter what I did. Then I had a look around, there was some sort of tower up on the hill, streetlights with underground power and cameras! So went 200meters down the road, the nearest houses about 200meters away. And machine ran beautifully on sens. up to 5/6. And I thought that there was something wrong with the machine at the other spot. Re the headphones I did find if I looked over my right shoulder they would drop out for some reason? Not sure where the transmitter is in the Axiom or wear the receiver is in the headphones, so got to have another look at that.
  18. Thanks fella's, I think I've just got cabin fever.
  19. What's happened? the talk on the Axiom I mean, it's gone quiet on here and in oz. I know it's off season but there must be a few out there now. I have had a little play with one and like it. And about to buy. But I suppose if the Axiom was giving any trouble it would soon be out there, wouldn't it? Cheers all.
  20. Again a good report GB. I was thinking of ordering a WR-1 myself from the states, you have saved me the trouble. I haven't got an Axiom but will have, tried one intown yesterday on some small test bits of gold, I'm happy now to go ahead and order the Axiom. I know what you mean by sweaty ears and headphones we get the same thing in FNQ. Cheers Peter
  21. Good report GB, I'm liking the Axiom more and more, I have seen what the 6000 can do, so one week I'm getting the 6000 and the next week I'm back on the Axiom. All the reading I have done both machines seem to be on a par with each other, I like the extra function on the Axiom. I don't get out a lot, hopefully more this year. I don't think anyone can go wrong with either machine going by what I have read. Thank you once again for the excellent reporting. You had better get out now and find some of the yellow stuff. Cheers.
  22. Hi GB, when you get Axiom back from Bo, will you be able to post his thoughts on Axiom? Was hoping to have a look at an Axiom today but dealer had no stock, so will have to wait. Cheers
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