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  1. The Nokta Legend certainly ranks up there with "changed the game after it hit the market." Since the Legends inception , Nokta has addressed 34 changes. 34 changes, 4 firmware versions, plus a tool to help owners keep up to date, with the updates. All this since its inception , a short time ago. Legendary!
  2. Im getting a headphone head ache! I find it mentally exhausting to improve a audio product, that is not even released yet. I have a feeling that the Minelab audio techs know what they are doing, and they will be great! I plan on hunting gold and silver, not listening to Beethoven!
  3. I do not expect the Manticore to be able to 100% positively identify a pull tab from a gold or silver ring. I believe the increase in the ID numbers (0 to 99), will be a tremendous asset, compared to the already great Equinox. I also believe the 2D screen will give a rough idea as to the shape of the target. Those 2 features alone, should be enough information to differentiate a pull tab from a ring or coin SOME of the time. But I do not expect it to magically make digging a bad target obsolete. I suppose its all about realistic expectations with the information that the 2D screen provides. If the 2D screen provides useful information as to the shape of an target, I believe we will have another great product from Minelab!
  4. Take your time Minelab! I would prefer a great product right out of the gate!
  5. I ended up with a Minelab 6" coil, and its been doing great. Thanks for everyones advice.
  6. Gerry, you mention a new Minelab "8" x 5/5" semi ellip" coil from Minelab...Is this 8" x 5.5" ? Any details on that? Looking forward to a small Minelab coil! Thanks in advance!
  7. I really dont care what they call it ! Manticore is fine with me. And as long as its truely waterproof, seperates just as well, and detects a few centimeters deeper than the Equinox, you can count me in!
  8. You guys are being harsh on Minelab. I clearly see a scoop and backpack in the background of photo! Not only that, look how wet his pant legs are.
  9. I ended up going with a 6" Minelab. Its great for trashy areas. I prefer it over the 11", for parks. Despite only 6", its a deep seeker. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  10. Snow? How about a HURICANE in Florida, just days before their arrival.... They dont call it the "BEAST" for nothing!
  11. The BEAST World Tour Continues! Here are 4 more chances to see it in person! Denton’s Civil War and Relic Hunt October 1st & 2nd 2022 Rockingham, NC Central Florida Sunshine and Silver Hunt October 8th-9th 2022 Debary, FL Treasure Fest V October 15th-16th 2022 Murfreesboro, AR DIGSTOCK IV October 28th-30th 2022 Chazy, NY https://www.facebook.com/groups/1439960826505437
  12. I believe we can expect 2 more interest rate hikes, before the year 2022 ends. Who knows how that will effect the price of gold? We may not see a bottom for a few more months???
  13. This post is about 90 days old. So I pulled up a 90 day price chart of gold. Its gone from roughly $1850 down to aprox. $1650 over the past 90 days. Seems odd to me, as everything else keeps going up, up, and up some more.
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