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  1. Good on you Rob, continued success. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all out there.
  2. I would like to see myself in 2020 being as successful finding gold as I have in 2017 and part of 18. I have tried several out of the way, new places this year and have not found anything. I have to say though, some of the places I have been to were pretty cool, just no gold.
  3. Very knowledgeable responsible mining now-a-days, I wish the West coast politicians would reconsider their viewpoint how mining has changed to to the sophisticated mentality adapted by modern Prospectors. The past is the past.
  4. I still love my GPX 5000, finally feels like I know it so well, just picked up a 17 X 12 x-coil, can't wait to try it out in February in AZ.
  5. I'll wait for the more adventurous folks to test the new coils before purchasing one, thanks to those that are willing to be pathfinders.
  6. To many folks are misinformed, not thinking for themselves, not just about detecting but many things in life, too bad, an open mind is what everyone needs to strive for. metal
  7. Thanks mn90403, cool history, always one of my favorite subjects.
  8. WOW, I should be so lucky, not luck in your case.
  9. Doc, thanks for your continual pursuit of making our detecting experience more comfortable.
  10. Thanks all for your input, my friend, after reading all of the input from you all, will just test them while detecting when we go to AZ in February. He has been put at east with the answers you have provided.
  11. That is unusual, I have collected rocks, minerals, meteorites for a long time, I have no idea, almost a geode like formation.
  12. I think due to financial considerations and already having purchased his hearing aids, they are not top of the market, didn't really think about how they would work with his detector, the are a lower end hearing aid.
  13. Congratulations Steve. I have been on the fence about purchasing an 800, this story may have made my decision easier.
  14. One of my good metal detecting friends now needs hearing aids but doesn't know if they will interfere with the electronics of the GPX 5000 or if it will interfere with with his hearing aids, any one have expedience with this? We will not be able to test this out until late February, any help will be appreciated.
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