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  1. Will be going to Quartzite in a couple of months, if the virus decline's some what's. I like the area.
  2. This has been talked about already, look at the wasted "up-grade" of the Gold Bug 2. A lost chance.
  3. Going to miss the Gold show this year but good luck on sales, the book is well worth the price.
  4. Been my worst year for finding gold. The few times ( because of you know what} I have been able to get out ( I'm 69 ) only 3 times. Once with the 5000 and just 8 hours with the 6000. Will get out more this year, I hope.
  5. I have owned the 5000 for 6 years, when working ( I am retired now, 2 years) I could only get out 2 weeks a year, so it took me a long time before I really figured it out. I own the 6 and 7 now but I really liked the 5 after figuring it out, found most of my gold with it so how can I really complain about it. I will keep it forever but will now use just the 6 and 7 from now on on all of my gold hunting expeditions. Will use the 5 just in case something happens to the 6 or 7. Will be looking to purchase a 800 some time soon. Thanks all for your post.
  6. klunker, I've never seen you but now I think I'm afraid to. I do have the mask your looking for, but I need it more than you do. Good luck on you hunt for good.
  7. I have detected many drywash piles at GB, some of the clever folks that drywashed buried soda cans in their piles, why?
  8. Thanks all for sharing all of this info.
  9. Thankfully my 6000 has not had any issues. Good luck to those that have had problems.
  10. Incredible finds as well as incredible archaeological information. There have been many recent finds around the world that shows there is still much to learn about the past.
  11. ks152, when I bought my 5000 most of the information in the manual went zipping over my head. Only after using it for some time, I went back to reading the manual again an found that I understood quite a bit more, same with the 7000 after some use. I still go back from time to time to pick up on anything I may have overlooked or misunderstood. Always a good idea to go back to the manual if you do not understand everything about the detector.
  12. Nice collection of finds George Kinsey, looks like you have the touch.
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