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  1. Good post tboykin, I sure appreciate Minelabe but I wish the USA folks would pick it up.
  2. Ridge Runner, I agree, should be free if no price is displayed.
  3. Fake, Fake, but a good show for the folks that don't know any better.
  4. WOW!! Klunker, I concur completely, I did just as you suggested, found lots of gold. Extinct no!!
  5. Lucky, thanks, viewed all of the videos ML provided, is there anywhere in NV or AZ that we would want to use the double D? I have not made it to California yet.
  6. Thanks for posting that PhaseTech, even though I have a 7000, I still like to being out the 5000 sometimes.
  7. Got an E-mail from Doc today. I ordered a pair of boots from him that he could not deliver due to a shipping problem from the manufacturing outfit. Sounds like he is OK.
  8. I like to use a pin pointer to verify if what I detected is gold or trash, I have saved valuable time proving one way or the other what is what. I can usually determine in seconds or a short period of time if what I detected is trash, then move on. I have gotten very good at it. A pin pointer can be a very valuable tool along with my detector. We all have our own way of looking for gold, my way may not be the best for anyone else. Good luck to everyone.
  9. Like jasong mentioned, mine will false almost every time I use it. I have to turn it to less sensitive or off then on to make it work properly. When using my 5000 with the 35, it will make the 5000 go crazy even when placing it several feet away. I have to turn off the 35 to settle the detector. I have retired the 35 and purchased a Carrot to use now days. Not a huge deal but hate to waist money like that. I am very happy with all other Minelab products I have.
  10. I bought the Pro Find also under the proclamation by Mine Lab that when off it would not interfere with the 7000. It looks like no one from ML tried it out before making that statement. Worse yet, it's not even a good pin pointer.
  11. Gerry, It looks like I was wrong about the price per gram of my Gold Basin find. I looked just once at a comparison price on the Aerolite site Gold Basin find and did not do any further research after that. It is a very nice specimen but due to so many being found a GB, the price is much lower than I first thought.
  12. Always good to review and remember the basics, never a waist of time.
  13. Lunk, I found this meteorite several years ago, just after the Meteorite Men show went off the air so you could very well be right. This one does have a very good fusion crust, the best I have found, that does give it some value.
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