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  1. Glad your not dead Doc, we need you around for a long time. Merry Christmas to you also.
  2. Steve, I have # 3,4,7.9 and 10 plus a couple of other not on this list. Don't know why, can only use one at a time.
  3. Good write-up Steve. I am very happy with my 6000, I never thought, no, I know you well enough that you were not promoting one over the other. Good luck to all no matter which detector you chose.
  4. Just canceled my prospecting trip to meet up with my buddy in AZ. due to the price of diesel fuel at $5.35 per ( 1200 mile round trip ) and still expected to go up more. Been planning this trip for months. I bet there will be lots of folks that will change travel plans this year.
  5. I have a large pick and use a large earth magnet ( 2'' X 1'' X 1/4'' ). I wrap my magnet in electrical tape as it makes it easier to remove black sands. I just stick the magnet to the wide side of the pic and just let the magnet hold itself on.
  6. That is a large gold bar, I have never seen one that big, or one worth that much. COOL.
  7. As mentioned previously, a 4500 or 5000 could be a great option, the price for a used one or even new 5000 is a less expensive investment and many more coil options than any of the other detectors. It is heaver than the 6 but less than the 7. Good luck with which ever detector you choose.
  8. Good questions phrunt, thanks for asking the questions we all want to know.
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