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  1. If you use Doc's guide arm, it will fit any size shaft.
  2. Some very good suggestions above. I had plantar fasciitis some years ago, I went to a foot doctor that took foot imprints to make shoe/ boot inserts for around $200, I wore them for a few months and I was very pleased that the condition went away. I still have the inserts just in case. Good luck Joe D, hope you get better.
  3. They look to be pretty thick on some of the Aussie Gold Hunter programs also.
  4. Klunker, you have amazing powers of perception, or is that conception, detection, reflection, well, something anyway.
  5. Thanks Steve and JP for more information on the 6000.
  6. I prefer Crown but Jim Beam is a good fall back drink, nice gold, have one on me.
  7. Thanks for your service Bryan, welcome to the site, cool pics.
  8. Wow, very neat and compact. With a hard shell case little chance of the detector getting damaged.
  9. Not bad for a quick home made cover, better than I could do.
  10. JP, I have had tennis elbow a couple of times in the past, I purchased an elbow "sleeve" I guess you would call it. It took some time but eventually ( within months ) it healed and have not had problem's for a long time. The tightness and heat to the elbow it provided is what helped me. Hope you get better.
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