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  1. I was in the area of Sawtooth, I hadn't seen a Rattler in this area ever, I do own 2 sets of Snake Chaps but never wear them. One early morning I was detecting, stepped over a bush and heard a hiss, I turned around to see a 2-21/2 ft. Rattler looking to strike, just dumb luck I hadn't been bitten. I will wear Snake Chaps from now on. As mentioned previously, they really are not a hinder to wear. If bitten, it will be unimaginable pain and expense.
  2. Camels and horses were also native to North America around the same time. Both migrated to other places from here.
  3. It is a shame, I have and use a White's detector at times, wish they could have found a way to keep going.
  4. I have used Doc's kit for several years, works great !!!
  5. Thanks Gerry, great post and thanks for the encouragement to keep going.
  6. I have to agree, it is not a meteorite, I have found several. There are a few sites that you can access to research meteorites or leverites. I believe this is a leverite.
  7. Welcome Gypsy, we all welcome new folks and hope to see you often on the forums.
  8. Sounds like that is the only size for now. Can't see me buying one as it is too close to the stock 7K coil.
  9. 4 gram is still a very good find, your right, I would faint if I came across a 2.6 KG.
  10. Be heading there when it cools down some, I'll report back if I find something.
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