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  1. Nice gold Lunk. It will be Spring before I get back there to see what I can find.
  2. WOW!! some of those are better than my bottle collection ( except for my modern Crown bottle collection ) Ha-Ha. Good going!
  3. Gerry, I appreciate seeing finds. It encourages me to keep going knowing there are still finds to be had. Keep it up and thanks!!!!
  4. Good finds for a day trip, I agree, Ribeye's are the best!!
  5. Nice Rob,couldn't happen to a better guy!!!
  6. I bought a long wooden handle that I am going to use to make a longer handle for one of my Hodan's, probably 36 or 38 inches. The metal portion of the pick is fairly light, the handle will not add very much but add some stability when I climb steep hills/ mountain sides while detecting, when balance is crucial.
  7. No cameras, the attendant didn't even seem to want to hear about what I was talking about, kind of a glassy look in his eyes. I knew really that there was no sense in even bringing the problem to the establishment. Still, it really was my fault in trusting that things would be OK. It really can have an effect on a persons trust and perspective on how you view others, too bad, I hate to think that way.
  8. Drove from Salt Lake City to Wickenburg leaving early one morning looking for a road to some claims to a club I belong to, missed the road and drove 20-25 miles to the East before I realized I had driven too far. Turned around and found the road but it was dark by that time to attempt to drive several more miles to the claims. Decided to stay at a motel in Wickenburg, parked under a parking lamp in the parking lot and took my detectors into my room. Came out the next morning to find much of my equipment had been stolen, tent, bag containing pick, backpack, snake guards, tool box, gas cans, ect
  9. I have 2 Hodan picks, bought one for my detecting partner, we both like them. I only have to file the pick ends every couple of years to keep them sharp.
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