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  1. Congratulations Steve! You deserve the great finds because of all the help you've so freely given to so many
  2. “I want this or something similar” Sure do and thank you sir!
  3. I'm very happy with my 2011 awd GMC Savanna van. I made a simple plywood platform tall enough for totes to store under it. On top of that I use foam pads and a memory foam mattress topper. I tried a cot in the van but the platform makes storage much easier. Works for me and plenty of room for gear. Even better would be a Sprinter Van one could stand up in. Hope this helps. Paul
  4. Interesting pick in the first picture. Is it a currently available pick or is it a pick you modified?
  5. Steve in Idaho you gotta go there to find one! Rye Patch Nugget Shoot coming up soon. Plenty of time to get back for the local outing. Give that monster a workout! Paul
  6. Hard Pack, I too would love a hands on training session such as you mentioned here. Nothing beats first hand information with hands on experience. In the mean time though, I suggest you also read FISTS FULL OF GOLD by Chris Ralph and DETECTING FOR GOLD by Trinityau/Ray Mills. Both are excellent books. If all goes as expected I'm going to finally do some serious detecting prospecting starting early next year. This would be a great way to get a better start. I've also just joined a couple of clubs with claims in Nevada, California, and Arizona. Happy Prospecting, Paul
  7. Another great thing about the hobby is the friends we meet and spend time with.
  8. I won one of your wireless headsets. I bought one earlier too for my Garrett waterproof machines. Haven't used it a lot yet but will soon. The one I won has the quarter inch plug on it so can't use it just yet but plan to get another detector soon with that plug arrangement. THANKS DETEKNIX!
  9. Anton will be on here soon I think. I sure enjoyed detecting with him even though no gold found. He won a detector and I won a wireless headset at the outing. Enjoyed meeting you out there Idaho Peg. Didn't see you at the outing. Did you make it? Heard you did OK in the gold field. I even got a high five from Sourdough Scott at the outing! Had a great time. Nice people down that way.
  10. Thank you EZMoney Bob. Glad it's near the camping area. Paul
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