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  1. Medium targets at mid depth can sound odd. Not quite the GPZ wobble, but more a flippy type signal with a digital glitch thrown in somewhere as the tones change. This is the only time the audio doesn't sound analog to me.
  2. I have used the sP01 enhancer with the 6000. Been using it for years with my own headphones on various detectors, so I'm used to that sound. The Audio on the 6000 is different to the 7000 and 5000, but adding the sP01 and headphones brings back a little of the character that I'm used to. Also gives you some flexibility to audio levels and allows you to find the sweet spot. To connect to the 6000, I have been using the Equinox headphone adaptor to give me a 1/4" socket to plug into. But I've also taken the supplied 6000 headphone cable, snipped off the 1/8" plug and soldered on a 1/4" plu
  3. The transmitter is already built into the 6000, so what you'd want is a bluetooth receiver. This one may be suitable, but no idea on quality, performance, pairing issues etc. But specs seem to suggest it should work. Just bear in mind it is a 1/8" input. Brand TROND Model Name BT-DUO S
  4. I have some very comfy hiking boots, but the top rings are metal, and every time I wear them with a PI detector, I get reminded of why I should wear my totally composite tradesman's boots. The hiking boots are good for coin detecting, or if I'm ever using the Gold Kruzer. Happy to hear you're enjoying the videos.
  5. Did this video in very bad ground. Probably not the worst local ground I can go to, but I'd rate it an 8/10. Lots of hot rocks, mineralised conglomerates, clay, charcoal patches, the works. In the past, the smooth timings did well here, and each machine got more and more gold as they came out, 4000, 4500, 5000....and there was even a few for the Zed, but I didn't do much with the Zed in this spot as EMI generally sucks, and I was getting good results further afield. The SDC also did well on the shallower bits, and A LOT of lead shot recovered. So pretty much the perfect spot to run the 6000, a
  6. Wow, they are both super clean. I have the same two in the collection, but mines a 2100e. Nice carbon shafts!
  7. If it wasn't for the guy in the video, the 6000 wouldn't be released, and would probably be someone's imagination only. If it was Russell Coight, the coil would be backwards, the display would be smashed, and he would have driven over the control box 🤣
  8. All packed, ready to drop off in the morning mate. A couple lucky locals already got there's.
  9. Some shipping this week, possibly in stores early next week, with regular batches (maybe) in the following weeks. But at least that means the wheels are in motion and users will start to get their hands on them soon.
  10. GPZ with 14, I do use a bungy. I can detect without one, but I can feel things after a while GPZ with 12" NF coil, I haven't used a bungy yet, but haven't done longer than a 3hr stint GPX4500/5000 with 12" Evo or smaller - no bungy. I will use one with 15" coils or bigger 6000 with 11" Coil - no bungy. Balance is indeed excellent.
  11. The 12x8" Nugget Finder Evo coil running in Fine Gold will get you closest to the sensitivity of the Gold Monster, but will punch deeper and handle the ground a lot better.
  12. They definitely can, but I find nothing compared to what some are pulling out.
  13. I still love my 4500, but I'll be the first to admit that the GPZ7000 gets the most swing time these days. However, nearly every time I pull out the 4500, it rewards me.
  14. They were the best super cheap hiking boots I ever bought, until they fell apart 😆
  15. Yep, it's amazing how things change in a short time. Here in Australia about 5-6 years ago, there was quite a few dealers starting to stock Teknetics machines. Today, Fisher and Teknetics are pretty much dead here. I think Minelab's lower priced offerings and Nokta Makro's expanding presence squashed them. There is only one official shop selling Fisher here, but there are 4 or 5 stocking Quest gear. I think the worrying thing is if you go to: http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/ the copyright at the bottom of the page is dated 2009, and the NEW item is the 2016 Interactive Catalo
  16. Possibly the switch is just faulty. When you push forward it will say Ground Balance on the display with the ground balance number underneath.
  17. Does it go to pin-point mode when squeezing the trigger? When you push the switch forward, does Ground Balance come up on the screen?
  18. Would really depend on the trash density at the site. If it's fairly clean, I'd definitely recommend Field mode. If there is quite a bit of trash, then Park 1 will be the go. If it's super clean, but highly mineralised, then All-Metal, but you need to sweep very slow and listen for the faint (but repeatable) threshold variations. Field is actually the recommended mode for relics, so is usually the best option.
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