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  1. But how many buy at a Bass Pro shop, and then haven't got a clue where to go, how to use it, and don't have the right tools to recover targets. Machine goes in the cupboard. Mom and pop sell 20 a year, but those people are successful, buy other accessories, a second detector, and become long term customers. Also, are people buying from the big chain stores because it is convenient or they have a flash sale... people that normally would have bought from the mom and pop store?? I don't know, but something to think about
  2. First of all, the sP01 for the GPZ is already wireless, you just plug it into the WM12 😉 Volume Limit is very simple, it's as others have stated already, just clips the loud part of the signal. The lower the Volume Limit setting, the earlier the clipping takes place. Faint signals are not affected until you start to get as low and 4 or 3, but it's been a while since I've gone that low. I would actually love if it functioned like a compressor/limiter as used in music production studios! Volume is a confusing one, as I have always believed it is just a carry over of the Target Volume
  3. And here's a few quick tips I wrote back in May 2015. After many more years swinging the GPZ, I still stand by each one. 1. Use a very slow sweep speed - but you don't have to overlap as much as when using a mono 2. Keep the coil just off the ground, light occasional skimming is fine 3. Sensitivity is critical, but often less is more 4. Go easy on your target Volume. 10 is plenty if using headphones. 5. Spend the time to set the optimum Tone to suit your hearing 6. Mellow, repeatable broad signals are usually NOT ground noise 7. Learn to trust the Tracking, i
  4. I cover a few different combos of Audio Smoothing and Threshold in this video. Volume Limit I pretty much leave on 8 and never touch it. If I'm in a thick trash area and getting consistent loud blasts, I turn my enhancer down a touch and drop the Volume Limit to 7. If Minelab ever did another software update to the GPZ, then my No. 1 wish would be to just bring back the Stabilizer 1-20, and add threshold 26.5, but then I'm just one of those guys who loves analogue pots. The immediacy and fine tuning ability of them.
  5. Yes, dry sand, no problem, pretty good depth too! Wet sand, have to manually GB towards zero, then works well. Disc 1 is the go. If you want to submerge the coil under water, the small GR19 7" elliptical is the best. Personally I wouldn't take it anywhere near the water due to the control box not being waterproof.
  6. Our ocean waters are really warm right now, perfect for some water hunting 😉
  7. The Q60 is waterproof, as is the Q30. These are the latest offerings. The original line up was Q20, Q40 and Quest Pro, but only the Quest Pro was waterproof. The Quest 20 and Q40 were very low price, but very nice quality, and had very sturdy collapsible shafts. I think this set the bar high for the Simplex wishlist. The Q20 an Q40 have sort of been replaced by the X series units, X5 and X10, but I prefer the shaft set-up on the Q40. I think too many different models becomes a nightmare for inventory and customer selection, so I am currently only stocking the X5 and Q30 as I
  8. Looks like an Anfibio Equinox hybrid. Would love to have a play with one.
  9. All the high end Minelabs for gold, as well as CTX3030, Equinox 800, Impact, Anfibio, Gold Kruzer, and even a little playing with the Quest30.
  10. Just out of interest, how much does a Vanquish 440 cost in the US?
  11. So nearly 4 years on, what's everyone's thoughts? If you look at what "normal" aftermarket Mono's are left on the market, I think there lies the answer. Coiltek 22" Goldstalker NuggetFinder 8x6" Sadie Detech 15x10" (they have a couple others you can order but this is the biggest seller) All the rest are Elite, Evolution and Detech Ultra/Super Deep. I think there is an element of panic buying, or buying what's new or cool, or the training guy uses that brand and he finds gold so I'll buy the same etc etc. but long term what sells is what works, and that is what
  12. Some great reminders there JP. The only part that confuses me is where you talk about noise floor. The way I visualise it, when Stabilizer is lowered, you are lowering the Noise Floor (not raising it). This is why it is much harder for very faint signals to burst through the threshold or point of audible target signal. When you increase the Stabilizer (higher numbers) you are raising the Noise Floor. So with Smoothing OFF (or stabilizer 20) the noise floor is actually higher than the threshold level, and it's raising the noise floor so high that it actually creates its own threshold. Thi
  13. That's a good point. I actually wonder how many detectors you can fit into a container? I can't be bothered doing the maths. So, maybe a really really big container 😁
  14. Well it's 2021 and your challenge is still open. I see you were willing to revise it, and have upped the price to sub $3000. Well that might be more achievable, and companies may be more willing to make the investment. Here in Australia, the SDC2300 is now $4499 retail. When the Whites SPP came out they sold really well as they were under $2000. The popularity of Gold Detecting seems stronger than ever, and I think a well balanced PI machine at around $3200 would be a hot seller, but it would have to be a good performer. The three most likely to come out with a unit that may fit t
  15. Yes, that was a good thread. Lots of good points made.
  16. How do others compete? If you mean other brands, well I'm still waiting for any other company to beat even a GP extreme for depth in mineralised ground. Ah, maybe make it a bit easier. How about the tired old SD2100. That should be an easier challenge. 5 gram nugget in mineralised ground, 14 or 15" round mono coil on the SD2100. Can any other non-Minelab detector match it?? Surely another company has been able to match a machine that came out in 1996!?? I highly doubt it.... but there's the challenge. Could be a very interesting experiment.
  17. Gold Monster and SDC2300 have both seen price increases here in Australia. No word on Equinox at the moment, but it wouldn't surprise me if it did go up in the near future.
  18. The open sections of the spoked version is very minimal, and with the curved edges of the coil, getting sticks etc snagged up is hardly an issue. I had a spoked, then went with a solid, then went back to a spoked. My current spoked came from a customer who traded it on a 19" evo as he wanted more depth. After testing it I kept it for myself. Just mated up to the old 4500 perfectly.
  19. Simultaneous Multi Freq just isn't as effective in bad ground as Pulse Induction is. I have used the Equinox in a few bad ground spots where other single frequency gold units struggle to work, and in all cases the Nox in multi was very impressive on the test targets, but start moving around and it is a different story. In most cases the Equinox ran better in 40 kHz and even more so in 20 kHz. But no harm having the Multi option there, because there would be many places it would (does) work very well. So yes, a Multi Monster would be awesome. Or should it be called the Equinox Gold?? I ac
  20. The Anfibio comes with the 11" round, whereas the Impact Pro comes with the 11x7" and 7"x4". So if you are going to be working tight areas, or super thick trash, the smaller coils with the Impact will give you better results. But if you are going to work more open areas, the extra depth of the 11" round will be appreciated. If you ever do night hunts, the back lit buttons of the Anfibio are awesome.
  21. TDI audio and ability to use GPX coils, with ATX sensitivity would be a start of a half decent PI gold machine.
  22. The standard Minelab GPZ14" coil is $1195 AUD The Minelab GPZ19" coil is $1495 AUD So for an aftermarket coil being built in Bendigo, I think $1295 is very reasonable.
  23. SD2100 for me. Why? It found my very first nugget, so thank you SD2100 my old mate
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