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  1. There is pretty much no difference in shape between the Snake and the stock supplied coil.
  2. Yes that is correct. Remove the screw then a light tap on the back of the control box will release it from the mounting bracket. It is usually a nice snug press fit onto the bracket. Just make sure you support the control box with the other hand so it doesn't fall.
  3. There's weight, then there's balance, then there's how sturdy the arm cuff is, the angle of the handle, the position of the coil ears etc etc......all combined determine how "nice" it is to swing a detector for extended periods. All those elements combined I refer to as Swing Dynamics. In no particular order here's the units with the best Swing Dynamics for me CTX3030 Anfibio Impact with 9x5 coil Vanquish 440 Racer (particularly with any of the smaller coils) X-Terra would be No.1 if the middle shaft was slightly shorter and hand grip was a little so
  4. I used to like the Minelab World Adventurer booklet, and the Tesoro booklet where it was finds from around the world, plus a whole lot more: tech tips, new products, technology discussions, stories, etc etc.
  5. Just not sure on the demand for non-waterproof machines would be, as there are so many waterproof options these days. But there would definitely be demand for a waterproof version of the Racer platform, i.e. some of the weight under the armrest. I'm thinking lighter weight CTX3030, or waterproof Impact with some grams shaved off. But waterproof means great for beach use, so would team up nicely with Multi Frequency, or even PI. But in saying that, the chunkier shaft of the Anfibio feels nicer in the hand than the Kruzers even though it is a little heavier. It is real nice to swing with s
  6. Sounds like the Racer 2 with 7" Concentric coil 😉
  7. Well I am the opposite. All metal modes for me have always been for finding small targets in bad ground. The Gen modes on Impact, Kruzer and Anfibio all excel at this, with much smoother operation in mineralised soils. In my view it's not about depth, but about practicality. What I mean is that in Gen, I will hear a nice repeatable tone change which will pull me up and I will investigate. When checking the same response in say DI2, the signal is often stronger, but when detecting in DI2 over the ground I will get many false signals, so it's just not practical to hunt like that. Investigating e
  8. Actually a few things to know about Quest (as far as I am aware): - They were the first manufacturer to put pulse induction into a hand held pin-pointer - They were the first manufacturer to have a USB rechargeable pin-pointer - They were the first manufacturer to put Li-Ion batteries internally into a detector - They were the first manufacturer to make dedicated wireless systems for detector users I may be wrong but the name change came about for three reasons: 1. People struggled to pronounce Deteknix properly 2. It sounded similar to Teknetics 3. Bu
  9. Kac - "In the manual says I need a wireless module to connect the headphones to the Gold Kruzer. Problem is the case I have doesn't have a port on the side to plug a wireless module" No, the wireless in the Gold Kruzer is built in. You can just pair the headphones straight up. Earlier machines had the plug in wireless hole, but only a blank was in there. When you bought wireless headphones, you'd get a wireless dongle that you can insert into the side of the control box. Later machines started to incorporate the wireless into the control box so a dongle wasn't required, and the hole
  10. Lots of good points. I actually liked the Goldmaster V/sat better than the GMT. A few guys I trust said the Goldmaster 3 was even better.
  11. Only one can be active - you are either in FE or FE2
  12. To put it simply, FE02 is a lot more aggressive at blanking a mixed iron signal, so undoubtedly some masking can occur given the right target cluster.
  13. Something that I wrote and posted somewhere?? The full ID scale on all Nokta Makro machines is 00-99, but they have used different ferrous/iron ID scales (or ranges) on their different detectors, i.e. 00-10, or 00-40. So what is the difference? A wider ferrous range is good for relic hunters so they can accurately set what level of iron they wish to ignore. This as a result compresses the non-ferrous ID scale, so you get more stable ID's, but can group certain targets close together. A very wide ferrous range is also used on detectors intended for gold prospecting, because ther
  14. Then you'll have 8 million prospectors swarming the gold fields and every last speck will be sucked up in 4 months. 😁
  15. Yes exactly. 250-300g less weight at the end of the stick on each swing quickly adds up. (I know from swinging the 12x8" Evo compared to the 15" Evo). It would also improve balance by shifting the balance point further back. Also no raised bar along the front half of the coil would be welcome, so I don't have to twist my wrist 90 deg when I'm using a scoop.
  16. All wired headphones I have tried on the Simplex have been super loud! Recon-ST's (same drivers as Sunray Pro Golds) Yoga earbuds Sony MDRv55 headphones Technics dj headphones Anything half decent quality around 32 Ohms should be giving you plenty of volume
  17. Worked with Des for many years while we were both at Minelab, and worked together (even through it was remotely) on many new detector projects. Was happy we got to meet in person a couple of times, and kept in touch quite regularly. A good friend gone. RIP Des
  18. If it meets the following criteria, it should be a success here in Oz. 1. Must be able to handle highly mineralised soils. If it can totally blank out hot rocks like most modern Minelab's do, that will go a long way in becoming a success 2. Long run time, preferably 10 hrs plus 3. At least as sensitive as the SDC 4. Good EMI immunity 5. A good range of coils - three different sizes at launch is a good target 6. Light but also robust. I.e. don't shave too much weight and we're left with a very flimsy toy. 7. A manual analog frequency tune pot. 8. An ad
  19. The Minelab clip on knuckle protector has been an addition on new SDC's for a while now, maybe several months?? They are really nice fitting, and have a very nice finish to them - unlike many of the 3D printed versions around.
  20. F1A4, F3 and F3C were all landmine detectors, so MF5 certainly seems to be leaning in that direction.
  21. The 7x4" Gold racer coil on the AU gold is deadly. The little 5" isn't too shabby either, and gets a touch more depth in my testing. Got this little tiddler in a pounded patch first time out with the AU gold.
  22. I like having the choice, and even though I mostly use the GPX in Fixed, there are times I use tracking. I find Slow Tracking is very unlikely to track out a genuine target, especially if you use wide sweeps across the suspected target area, getting the coil across lots of ground as well. At the end of the day, if something's pulled you up, you should have a dig at it. I know a spot where I used to take small groups out for training, where the surface of the ground looks pretty uniform, but the soil underneath is very variable, red clay, to white clay to pink/schisty type stuff all withi
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