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  1. Yep, there's a lot more to making a good gold machine than simply a higher frequency.
  2. The update is worth it even just for the adjustable threshold for the All-Metal mode. The new dual range volume adjust now means I can use a variety of different wired headphones. Also the extended time-out when adjusting settings is very welcome. Just gives the whole unit a much more "complete" feel.
  3. I find it interesting how many detectors have now taken inspiration from the original Quest Pro design concept - retractable shaft with smartphone style control box on the handle. This Mars unit looks like a Simplex/Equinox hybrid, but audio sounds very X-Terra to my ears. Would like to know more about the tech stuff, like does it have a threshold based true all-metal mode. Also solid coils would be preferred for chasing small nugglets.
  4. Yes, definitely has an eerie feel when the sun is going down, but I love it out there.
  5. I tried a few different pin-pointers to see how close I could get them to the Simplex. Pro-Find 25 - needed to be over 1m away from Simplex coil Xpointer - 55cm Xpointer Pro - 50cm Pro-Find 35 - 25cm Nokta PulseDive - using the PulseDives frequency shift, I could get it as close as 30cm! The only Garrett I have here is a dead carrot, so can't try it.
  6. Thanks Lunk. I have dug other cornflake nuggets over the years, even one not too far away with the 5000 and old 18" mono, but with the GPZ they are very common up there. A few have also fallen victim to the 14x9" Evo in more recent years - something about the flat wound elliptical that really sniffs out flat thin pieces.
  7. I have two or three scoops in the gear bag, but as I usually just put it in the cargo pants leg pocket, I don't bother with lanyards or string with a clip - but it still falls on me to remember to slip it in the pocket in the first place! The thing I always do forget is my mini tripod!! But I very rarely go out with the intention of filming, so have to make do with what's available. I have a couple times managed to successfully tape my camera (i.e. phone) to a conveniently hanging branch which works great as long as it isn't windy!
  8. In South Australia we are really limited to public accessible fossicking areas. We have two areas open to the public at Echunga: Chapel Hill & Jupiter Creek Diggings, and another area which is the old Gumeracha Goldfields. The area available to the public is now a pine plantation, so access is via a permit available from ForestrySA. So when 90% of the old diggings has had pines planted on top of it, unfortunately a lot of the old gold workings such as shallow diggings, test pits, shafts, wash piles etc are simply no longer visible, so it does present a challenge of knowing where to l
  9. Hey Steve, the Gold Kruzer is doing pretty well down under. In the last 6 months, it is my biggest selling VLF gold beeper by far. In second place would be an equal split between the AU Gold Finder, Gold Monster and Gold Racer. Everyone who has bought one has been impressed with it. And warranty claims are virtually non-existent. I've put a gold middle shaft on mine, off the AU Gold, I think it looks better šŸ˜‰ First time out with the gold shaft on, I pinged a 0.06 gram in amongst a bunch of partially filled detector holes, so it's staying on. I got off the phone to a customer just before
  10. The Sovereigns have very good volume, so not sure you'll need that headphone amp, unless using very weak headphones. The Sovs are still one of the most powerful discriminating beach machines imho.
  11. If the Vanquish was waterproof.........it'd be more expensive šŸ˜‰
  12. Yeah I'd think like the 12x8" Evo, the 9" Elite may be too much for a GP machine, they are just too sensitive! Be dynamite in very mild soils though... My remote GB switch was literally a relocation of the control panel switch. I removed the switch and put a DC plug in it's place, so didn't have to drill the control panel. Then with a bit of boring on the handle, mounted the switch up there. It was forward for tracking, back for fixed. Worked great.
  13. Agree and agree. I find the handle excellent, and I like that there is the extra bit of "meat" under the control box to accommodate larger hands. I quite like holding it here in a sort of pistol grip. I find it very comfortable. For a unit designed for beginners, it is making a lot of experienced hunters quite happy as well.
  14. Yes, that was my thought when Nokta first advised about this unit. Even at 14 kHz though, with the 5" or 7" elliptical I bet it would still be pretty hot on small gold, same as the Kruzers and Anfibio. Most Nokta Makro machines have a pretty raw/unfiltered audio in the all-metal modes, which gives them very good sensitivity. I know I tested the Impact in 20 kHz with the 10x5" coil, vs the Gold Kruzer with 7x4" coil, and the Impact was only slightly behind down to quite small gold. Also the Fors Gold+ with the 5" coil behaved a lot more like a 30-40 kHz machine than what you'd expect from a 19
  15. Uploaded a new (well sort of old) video I did, talking about my experiences of this software update. Semi Auto was the big thing for me, and when you find gold you kinda stick to what works....
  16. Sorry for being the typo police, but I think you meant Sensitive Smooth, not Sensitive Extra.
  17. Hey Ash, Glad to hear that. 12" round or 12x7" in the advantage? Yes the level adjust was always a tricky one. I used to use Fixed in milder soils, and in variable ground when using Tracking, I found the Level Adjust on about 10 o'clock worked well. Later when I installed a tracking switch on the handle, I never (very rarely) used Tracking, as it was so much easier to control the machine. In very mild ground, running mono coils on Normal/DD position was deadly. One thing I could never really work out. On my GP extreme when using a Coiltek 14" Pro DD, it seemed to run be
  18. Hmmm interesting. Well I'm on 2 and 3 on the list. I have or had a findmall account. Since they did the change my old password doesn't work. I hardly ever posted there so not too bothered... I have a look at Dankowski forum every now again but find the format very difficult to read.
  19. Nice to hear a few old beepers are still out there kicking the occasional goal!
  20. Something else I've pondered recently relating to early PI's is that during the SD & GP series days there was good development in DD coils. Coiltek had the terracotta series and then PRO series. Minelab went from super goldsearch to the black GPextreme coils and then to GP series, and Nugget Finder had their Fiberglass DD's. The 16" DD was a ripper on the GP series machines. As soon as the GPX4000 came out and the birth of the Smooth timings (later adding Enhance and Fine Gold to the mix) development on DD coils sort of died. I may be wrong but the only new DD coils to hit the market were
  21. Just curious, how many prospectors are still swinging around a Minelab SD series, GP or even GPX4000?? These models hardly get a mention these days. For those that are swinging these older models, here's a few additional questions do get a bit of chatter happening....maybe Have you tried any of the new flat/spiral wound coils? Have you tried modern boosters, or aftermarket battery options? On a personal note, I still have a SD2100e and a GP3500 but they don't get any serious use. The 2100 is very sentimental model to me as it was the detector I found my first nugget
  22. With EMI, depends on the mode and the frequency. In my area 19 kHz is worse than 14 kHz, but once away from suburbia a bit, 14 kHz runs fine. 3-tone is a lot quieter than 2-tone, which is a bit quieter than 4-tone. But 4-tone is my choice for areas where I can dig deep holes, as it is a lot deeper than 3-tone, even with the Gain down in the 60's. For shallow coin picking, 3 tone with Gain under 90 is lightning quick and will sift through all the surface junk no problem. 2-tone being VCO will allow you to determine target depth, either shallow or deep, which is great when you are chasing target
  23. Be nice for a hike up a creek/river, with a mini sluice, small pan and Gold Kruzer with 7" elliptical inside. I'm still using the old SD series camo backpack for this. Looking pretty ratty but zipper still works like new!
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