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  1. Yikes, that sounds like a garbage can lid, lol, nice find...
  2. A nice RAKE is your friend, arrange, the tailings to suit your detecting.....Another thing, when you start seeing sharp blocky chunks in dredge tailings, you know that is bedrock that has been dug, this is what excites me......Remember low and slow, move stuff around...
  3. Its very sad about the fires, no one is spared, its like that too in Ak many to remote to contain.
  4. Fires are very tragic and in places impossible to contain...
  5. I can always tell its winter time, when conversations tend to morph to double entendres. Lol
  6. Actually they are a nice little unit, its beep dig anyway you did ok...
  7. Happens a lot in Hawaii, right after i found this ring i was chatting with a newly wed couple i watched her sliding her nice PT band up and down her finger, i cautioned her to be very careful as that is what i was doing looking for lost rings...
  8. The last time Steve H and i hunted together in Hawaii, i banged in this beauty and he banged in Two.. Always fun to hunt with Steve, he's a real detectorist.....
  9. No this family was not related to Purdy, Alice, Bob and Dick Roberts are the chhildren mentioned in Tisha.. Alices parents had a Roadhouse at the mouth of Franklin Cr about 1915...I spent a few days bumming around there in thhe 80's with Bob.. He had a home in Tok.. I hunted around the old site at the mouth of Franklin a little then, there was a family rumor that the Gramma had hidden some gold coins somewhere in the area...I worked at the truck shop in Copper Center for Hiward Bayless, ..Alices husband.. Mike worked for Howard B and Bob Ditman when they mined ground that They leased from the owners ... Ive forgotten a lot but in Copper Center the Grandson Jerry Cronk has a shop.. He also as a teenager in the 80s worked for Howard and Bob mining in Chicken... The old lode mine is basically an area that was mined on top of a slope its a red dirt area that was cleaned out its right alongside one of the trails...
  10. Heres a photo of my one piece of Hardware, I coveted a nice watch like this for many years, after my mate passed away i picked this up for myself, wore it for a while but it resides mainly in my safe box lol i just don't wear watches much anymore...
  11. Im back home again, heres a few nuggets ive banged in from various places in Ak
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