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    Minelab Equinox Finds Ancient UK Gold

    Well done Steve, I had a lot of fun going there, was a great time for sure, would surely like to go again but just not strong enuff anymore, had a small stroke 2 years ago and just can't walk far anymore , my numb feet just won't cooperate... Glad you went again there's a lot of stuff still lurking in the ground. Think the 800 is a real killer for that terrain ... Geo
  2. The old coinshooter has been gone now for many years (1993) but I remember him very well..he used a CM 3 then, which he just wore out, it was replaced with a brand new Coinmaster 4...I got to hunt with him a few times and it was a pleasure to watch him slowly shuffle along he would stop scan back and forth and either dig or move on, I knew he was listening carefully.. We were hunting together in an old park, lots of targets old steel BCS mostly and other junk.. He called over to me and said what do you think about that? He used one of those old diggers that looked like it was made from conduit with a long narrow point, perfectly stuck on the end was a nice little gold ring..... This person had a ring collection that would choke you, in fact one ring he told me about that he had found was a gents gold piece with a large precious stone, he had taken it to a jeweler that cleaned it for him and I think later he sold it to the jeweler for enough to buy himself a new Ranchero...I tried to hunt with him as much as I could but we lived quite a distance apart and I was just starting to work on preliminary Trans Alaska pipe projects... By the time I could spend time with him he could no longer swing that heavy Whites unit but he liked tagging along with me.. The gold rings he had found were sold but the other pieces he had tied together on a string and there were many.. I haven't looked in the big canvas bank bag he gave me years ago that was almost full of dimes, quarters, halves and a few silver dollars he had found at the old Fairgrounds, parks and old closed country school yards.I .learned a lot by watching how carefully this person hunted, slowly, listening and moving around..He did his homework, a little research and talking to the old timers that stopped by watching him...Who was this person? This Old Coinshooter, I knew him very well, He was my Dad....
  3. alaskaseeker

    Hurricane Unearths 1800s Shipwrecks

    Rough emeralds from Columbia have been found after hurricanes on a certain Fla beach. Years ago I was looking thru one of Mel Fishers museums there and during a conversation with one of the employees he told me this story about a lady beachcomber that had brought one there trying to find out what the green stone was she had found... Guess it was a slug.
  4. Use the 3 stage box, and on the side boxes use a good carpet all the way, this will trap the fine gold that is redirected that way...A good book on dredging will discuss the use of undercurrents, etc you want to use every trick to recover the fine gold which will be most of the gold that you will suck up...
  5. alaskaseeker

    Where Do I Begin As A Gold Prospector?

    Ron was a great guy, yes, and gone too soon for sure.....
  6. alaskaseeker

    Steve's 2018 UK Adventure

    The patient and observing always score... Great finds Steve..
  7. alaskaseeker

    Steve's 2018 UK Adventure

    Well done Steve, a great hunt for sure, excellent finds, lol and I know the weather had to be better this time...Great story too by the way....Geo
  8. alaskaseeker

    Home Coming For Steve H.

    I know!!!
  9. alaskaseeker


    Well done...
  10. alaskaseeker

    Minelab GPZ 19 First Gold Plus Gold Monster Tidbits

    Great report Steve the new VLF sounds like a great keeper, hope I can get out a little this summer, not sure right now if I can.....
  11. VLFs are provided for folks that might not be able to spend a lot of money, hence the bells and whistles...Steve and I both have banged in our share of gold with high and low freq VLFs. Would not trade my pulse for any of them.... Geo