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  1. Watching it snow this morning, sipping coffee, happy im safe here.....Stay safe everyone.....
  2. Interesting gravels and i would bet that red earth is hot for sure, pulse type units unlocked these areas as VLFs would surely struggle there
  3. I love Ak, but i spent too many winters there working lol, lots of warm places to be so thats where ill be.....
  4. Well done, very nice gold....Low and slow.......
  5. These detectors are powerful units and in experienced hands will bang in plenty of gold.. All of us assume the latest bells and whistles will improve output, thats marketing and human nature...My first PI was a Minelab 3000, assembled it, took it to a nearrby bench and in Two sweeps had a nice piece of gold.. Knowing where to look and putting in the time will fill your poke......
  6. Strong baggy, tied around coil cable and good coil cover to hold it in place, suspend control box around your neck, dont stumble in the surf. ...
  7. That detector he's using makes sounds like a Rhino farting..
  8. Your sense of hearing plays a big part in what your detector is telling you. Sometimes it is a very obvious signal, but sometimes a signal is a hesitation only. You have to really be paying attention to interpret these noises. Deep targets are tough, and listening carefully pays off, dont let your mind wander when scanning....
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