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  1. Lol Hi Jim, i still have my home in Ak will be there on the 30th, when i get my business done will be going to Tn.. Just havent spent much time at either place the last few years, would be good to see you again...Coffee right now, halfway around the world
  2. Nice work and that's the way to test for sure, What settings did you like on the 800....
  3. Sluice is a big improvement for sure....I'm partial to trommels myself but this looks good. If you want to improve recovery you have to classify your material and have to have enough water in the stream to really run the sluice......Also your water in your buckets should be pretty clean, fine gold will float in muddy water... Just some thoughts.......
  4. Very nice helpful folks at AMDS, not very often you get to do stuff with the owners of a great company, I have been blessed for sure...
  5. I have a nice spare bedroom Steve at my Tn place, if you can come sometime let me know it's a gated community I'll give you the code for the gate...
  6. That would be outstanding Steve, like your forum, it's well mannered. Lol
  7. I have a small copper point and a spear point, native copper nuggets can be found in Ak and they were worked into tools, interesting finds but can only be found in a couple of areas...
  8. Anyone hunting near Bristol this August?
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