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  1. Thank you for your answers! I'll wait with ishore staff, need some more knowledge first. Sorry for lame question: how do you detect how much gold there are in equipment or on the electronic board? When I look at the scrap, I'm really not sure which parts can be used for refining.
  2. Hi Steve, You are semi-right My job is related to online marketing, but not for ishor. In this case I really found access to some scrap and want some gold from it, and looking if this worth or not to invest in to it. Reno, Sourdough and others who reply - thank you!
  3. Hi,guys! I want to receive an expert advice. I’ve got some old electronic equipment (of Cold War times, came from USSR) and want to remove gold from the contacts. What can you say about this equipment http://www.ishor.com/refining-and-recovery/refining-systems-processes Is it worth the money? What kind of equipment you can recomend?
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