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  1. Here is day 3 and 4 of my recent gold prospecting trip to Wanlockhead, Scotland between Christmas and New Year 2016. Days 1 & 2 recovered a couple of pickers so I continue to prospect for gold in the same area on day 3, I don`t record much of day 3 however as it didn`t really I`ve up much gold to film so I finish up and decide to test a completely new area on day 4 which I`ve not visited before.

    Day 4 I carry on gold prospecting but in a new area, the new area has a lot of fine crushed material from old mine workings, there is a lot of crushed lead and quartz, having not tested the area before I thought I would give it a go to see if I could recover any gold from the area to offer additional area`s to prospect at for future trips, I`m sure this new area will hold some nice bits of gold but on my test day I only recover a single spec, which isn`t really enticing me to revisit this new area again, but thats the whole point of prospecting for gold, to visit new area`s and see how prospective they look


  2. Well I must be crazy but figured I`d go back up to Scotland to revisit a hole I worked and found nice pickers in from November, however when I got there, I released someone had already worked the hole, I guess thats one of the prices I pay for making my videos to share with fellow prospectors, it still gave me a chance to test some new spots on the following days though so not all was lost


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  3. This sluice design has been tested to death by the admins who make it as they have been making it for about 20 years now, improving the design when improvements have been identified, this will run in slow water with a higher degree of angle or faster water when lying more flat and so far its recovered everything from pickers to fly-poop sized specs.  Its similar to the Le Trap sluice and cleans out in seconds.  It`s been my sluice of choice, even when  friend bought a folding Keane sluice he didn`t like having to unscrew everything and clean the mats out so he then bought one of these too lol... I`ve since made my own sluice made to measure using a mixture of mats from hi-low, vortex and goldhog mats which I ran on day 3 and 4

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  4. Thanks, I always fill my holes in as not doing so would only being unwanted attention to the hobby and get environmentalists involved etc...

    Tvanwho, going off the current exchange rate, this sluice would cost about $90ish+postage, the admins at UKGPA.com make them to order so if you wanted more info on the sluice, feel free to sign up over there and ask the admins (Goldpanner/WarrenB)

  5. Yes I love the sluicing, take your time and enjoy the day while processing material, I fill my bucket like a madman then relax when sluicing it all.  The gold shows up VERY well in this sluice, no matting or anything in the sluice, its a straight fibreglass drop riffle sluice and most bits of a decent size usually get caught up in the flare and it can be spotted very easily, have a look at this video if you want as it shows me plucking pickers out the sluice flare from a previous trip and you can see how the gold shows up so easily.  They are made to order by the admins from a UK prospecting forum (UKGPA.com) and usually cost about £70 (not sure where you`re based so can`t do a currency conversion).  I also made my own sluice using different mats in a frame I had specifically made to my dimensions which I used on day 3 and 4 which also caught a lot of gold, days 3 & 4 were a lot more productive compared to days 1 & 2 in the video above.


    Anyway, if you want to see pickers showing up in this sluice for reference, heres a video from a previous trip where pickers were showing up throughout the day:


  6. I`ve not actually posted parts 2 & 3 of this trip yet, you must have viewed videos of previous trips to Wanlockhead, further south than Tyndrum in this video (Tyndrum is far more prospective and holds Scotlands only working gold mine but you wouldn`t think so from this trip lol).  I do usually scrape off and break up moss if I see some in a nice looking place, I`ve just never been 100% sure if this is actually a permitted part of prospecting over here as there are very few rules or regulations regarding prospecting, and it`s frowned upon by a lot of local authorities (who don`t have the power to stop it) so although I do go through quite a bit of moss from where I work, I usually don`t film it as I wouldn`t want to be seen encouraging others to do the same over here if its frowned upon in general.  Usually it`s the last thing I do before moving area`s or leaving 

  7. After making the video and seeing some of the crevices I didn't get my pump into, I'm thinking of going back and doing just that, sniping for gold is allowed as is any physical material removal (only from the water, bank digging is banned), anything powered is banned hence no dredges or highbankers etc.  I have a full face snorkel mask I bought  (rather than the usual eyes/nose mask) and a used (and untested) drysuit but I'd want someone else there with me if I was going to do anything like that, certainly wouldn't want to shift something and a rock fall on your head or trap you without some help on hand and it's a very remote area, I saw just 4 people the entire time I was working the area over 3 days

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