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  1. Thank you Gerry, and I also need to thank you for getting me started. About five years ago I bumped into you at Rye Patch as you were about to start a class. You let me join. You, Lunk, Spencer and the team got me up to speed on how to use my GPZ giving me a great understanding of the settings and how to swing and listen. The detectors response to different types of nuggets was amazing. Each team member gave me different insights that have paid off. At that time the GM 1000 was just coming out, and I ordered one from you. This is the detector that found my nuggets in Salome, AZ. 😃
  2. Nice gold Phrunt and best wishes to you and JW for quick and full recoveries. We need you guys to keep us charged up and dreaming about getting out and getting gold.
  3. Lunk, wonderful write up. Congrats on the Nevada patch last spring. That photo of your Mercury dime surrounded by beautiful gold nuggets is worthy of framing. The 19-inch coil is a beast, but you swing it like a precision instrument with remarkable results. Those tiny nuggets are fabulous finds with the “Big Rig”. I just got home from a day detecting north of Tom Wells. No nuggets today. New areas next week. There is a patch out there somewhere waiting for me. keep up the good work!
  4. Merrell's and Keen's have worked well for me. You can get either low-cut or high-cut versions.
  5. The Harquahala Mountains near Salome, Arizona provided a beautiful location for Bill Southern's three-day Patreon outing for those who back his YouTube channel, Nugget Shooter Journals. This was his second Patreon outing of the year. Including Bill and Tammy about a dozen gold hunters attended. The long weekend started on Thursday night with Bill giving an engaging talk at the Gold Fever Radio club just south of Salome on Hwy 60. The next few days most people set up their RV's and campers a short drive from the private claims we had access to. I really enjoyed the group, learned a lot and
  6. I go gold detecting, dry washing, sluicing and panning because I get to go to areas that are beautiful and off the beaten path. I get to do research on gold areas and learn the history. I get to learn about amazing technologies used in detectors. Best of all I get to meet great people and have fun. An occasional nugget is fantastic but just icing on the cake.
  7. Lunk, way to go!!! Totally awesome haul. It is amazing how the proper weather conditions and your skill can combine to yield such great results. You give encouragement to us all.
  8. Simon, I really enjoy your adventures and learning from your experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. Great tip on balancing a GPZ with a hot rock and ferrite ring. I tried in in Arizona yesterday and it worked well.
  9. My real frustration with limited pinpointer range is not finding the gold but finding the 25 small fragments of lead and birdshot that I dig before getting a small nugget.
  10. Just a guess but the question may be referring to the Fisher Gold Bug introduced in 1986 that used VLF technology and was specifically designed for detecting gold.
  11. This past weekend I participated in my first outing with the Southwestern Prospectors & Miners Association (SPMA) club. We met at a gas station off I-8 and headed to one of their large claims in the Cargo Muchacho Mountains west of Yuma on the California side of the Colorado River. It took just under an hour on desert dirt roads to get there but the drive was not bad. There were six other guys and we all bonded well. After discussing the area we split up with half trying their hand at dry washing and the other half metal detecting. I suited up with my GPZ and tool belt and headed out. The
  12. Kac, Yes you have an interesting stone for your garden. Iron is not uncommon in New England. Bog iron is common in many areas. “Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site is a National Historic Site about 10 miles northeast of Downtown Boston in Saugus, Massachusetts. It is the site of the first integrated ironworks in North America, founded by John Winthrop the Younger and in operation between 1646 and approximately 1670.” J( Wikipedia)
  13. If you breathe on it and it smells "earthy" and "musty" than it is limestone. But it looks volcanic.
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