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  1. Thank you Mitchel, This is an amazing article. I had no idea how advanced state of the art prospecting had become or the size of the effort.
  2. Rhodium is bright, shiny, beautiful and very rare. It has jewelry and industrial uses. Only in the last few years has it taken off in price. It did not become a monetary metal as it was not known as a separate metal in antiquity being mixed with the other platnum group metals. As a store of wealth rhodium is not a bad choice but gold still wins for historic reasons. Central bank, especially China and Russia, are again stock piling gold. The US dollar will eventually lose its unique reserve currency status and slowly have to share the honor with other currencies or be part of a basket of currencies as the World Bank has discussed.
  3. My son and I collected mineral specimens in Cerro Gordo about 10 years ago in the mine dumps. Many of the abandon mines were still open and you could poke around the entrances. Many of the old mining buildings and structures were still in place slowly decaying. I can believe there is still a lot of ore to be found but the old-timers certainly got the easy stuff.
  4. Mine lab will have a competitive response either with their own product or through one of the current coopetition companies (Coiltech, Nugget Finder). MineLab will also take action to protect their IP if needed.
  5. There seems to be a lot going on inside the GB2 coil. Could this be part of its magic? I love that detector.
  6. Great start to the season Davsgold. Are you working a Green claim, a Purple pending claim or unclaimed land?
  7. A few years ago I had a major software download problem issue with my GPZ. Phil Beck handled the situation quickly and efficiently with thoughtfulness and concern for the customer experience. He is a pro and a good guy.
  8. Jim was an honorary member of our gold club, the Valley Prospectors of San Bernardino. It was always special when he attended meetings. He loved to share general knowledge and had great stories. A few years ago the club even named a claim after him. I wish I knew him better. His legacy lives through his pioneering books on nugget detecting.
  9. Mitchel, that nugget’s big brother is waiting for you!
  10. The 7000 is an amazing machine especially in difficult soil conditions. BTW: My wife has named your find the Lobster Nugget.
  11. Gold and mineral dealers like Tony Fraser in Bendigo, Brian Lees in Colorado, Wayne Leicht of Kristalle in California and others who attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show on a regular basis know the market well. If I found a big nugget I would ask them but would also consider an auction. In the US, Heritage Auction would be a good starting point.
  12. As a good friend of mine says, ”Some days the nuggets just don’t want to come out and play”.
  13. Congratulations Simon on your 1 grammer! You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world.
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