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  1. My 6000 has been very productive on hard hit claims. There are a lot of sub-gram “Goldilocks nuggets” at a few inches that both the 7000 and GM (and GB2) miss. I still have my 7000 but it is getting heavier every year. However, in less hit areas known for large nuggets the 7000 can not be beat.
  2. A gold magnet that uses quantum entanglement to detect nuggets up to three feet away.
  3. I have been in denial, but with temperatures hitting over 100 degrees on a daily basis I finally have to admit the winter detecting season in the Southern California and Arizona deserts is over. It has been a fun year, and I have met a lot of good people through the clubs I belong to, Bill Southern's YouTube patreon group and just randomly in the middle of nowhere. I have detected mostly with the GPX 6000 and GM 1000. I just love getting out into nature. The thrill of being in a beautiful area with the sense of adventure and the chance to find stuff is exhilarating. My best gold finds were a patch of eight small nuggets in the Cargo Muchacho Mountains, a 4.1 gram nugget with two small nuggets (.2 and .3 grams) each nestled less than six inches away near Yuma, a 17 gram complete chondrite meteorite with regmaglypts and contraction cracks from Coyote Dry Lake, a "perfect" old tin can with solder seam and applied top, a mule shoe found at the top of a high hill in the middle of the Vulture Mountains in Arizona and a bird band in Gold Basin that I reported. I got a bunch of other small nuggets but the artifacts and animals really help me get through those days when I get skunked. I will be making trips to Northern Nevada and the Yuba this summer. See you there!
  4. Bill and Tammy are wonderful people, and their Patreon trips are fun adventures.
  5. Well done Chris. That’s a fantastic collection of nuggets. You are on a roll.
  6. Well done Reese. That’s a nice range of nuggets. I am glad to see the 6000 can find large gold.
  7. Great write-up on a fun and successful trip. Good to see you on Bill’s trip and I like the two nuggets you found on the first day. I found seven small nuggets (only .9 grams total) a week ago in the Cargo Muchacho mountains. That 6000 is amazing. Let’s link up on your next trip. Happy New Year!
  8. Absolutely incredible Lunk. You and the 6000 make an amazing team. Congrats on a stellar haul.
  9. I feel your pain. I often set my detector to "Square Nails" by mistake also.
  10. When detecting bedrock I still prefer my GB2 over my other machines. It is stable with very few false signals. The analog ground balance and threshold make it a joy to use.
  11. I am always amazed that countries that did not even exist lay claim to treasure found that had been abandoned centuries ago.
  12. A few years ago Steve H submitted a post addressing this problem by recommending a battery charging/booster. I bought his recommendation and have had no problem charging my detectors for several days with power to spare. Link below: NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 4000 Amp 12V Lithium Jump Starter
  13. Hunting gold takes me to beautiful places I would not otherwise visit. I love the history, the geology, the adventure, the solitude and thrill of finding gold. I also enjoy the friends I make and the knowledge we share.
  14. What a beautiful twinned crystalline nugget! I am still hoping to find a chevron nugget near Rye Patch, Nevada here is the US.
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