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  1. I'm looking forward to getting one. Hoping to find a dealer that can fill my order before I leave for Hawaii after Christmas. I would sure like to try diving with it!
  2. The marketing video shows the mInelab logo vertically and it also looks just like a z.
  3. I'm not in the market for a new gold prospecting detector and will probably sell the gpx6000 I purchased since I haven't even turned it on since purchasing it, but what I noticed in the ad they had the Minelab logo vertically positioned and it looks like a Z. Not to mention all the 2's look like z's. I really don't care what they release I just want a detector that I can use underwater without worry of it leaking. I bought the deus ii, but really would rather stay with a platform that I already know.
  4. North Yuba is awesome, but mostly claimed up. Did you find a public area to snipe?
  5. Shipping doubles if you order 2 books from your site from $5 flat rate to $10. I would consider purchasing but shipping for 2 books should stay at $5 flat rate.
  6. The email I received was directly from Blu3 and it said 30% off and free shipping. It didn't state if it was US only. I would give it a try!
  7. I have both the Nemo and Nomad. Unfortunately I have to send the Nomad back for the recall. Both are awesome. They are having a Black Friday sale of 30% off. That is a great deal! I might just buy a second Nemo for the kids to use with me.
  8. Doesn't help if a USPS employee opens the package and steals your detector...
  9. Did you send it Priority mail with or without insurance? I swore never to end anything of value through USPS again since having my package of gold and platinum stolen by a USPS employee and they didn't cover my loss even with insurance...
  10. Congrats! Great finds in my opinion.
  11. I think it's more about digging down and not retrieving the target. Then leaving with that little thought about "what if?"
  12. That's awesome! What the deal with drinking corona bottles? I thought Aussie's only drank Fosters oil cans?
  13. You are correct! I guess Tom doesn't remember I told him my family settled his area in the mid 1800's and we own several ranches in the location of an early Spanish/ Mexican settlement that was later land granted to my great, great, great grandfather. It's been a couple years since Tom and I discussed the location I'm referring to. One of the others ranches could be the site of an old stage stop and saloon. Either way, great finds for both of you. Congrats!
  14. Nice finds! Hope to get down that way to hunt with you one of these days Tom. When I have time we can meet up and walk around my family ranches to look for the signs of that old spanish settlement from the 1700's. I know one of them is right in the close proximity if not directly on it.
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