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  1. Yes, shorter in length. XP is supposedly coming out with one that was reviewed several months ago, but it has been silent about it ever since. I have not been diving with a metal detector yet, but now that this new xp is out and waterproof I plan on diving it. Probably just a 1 piece shorter shaft.
  2. I took the tour and it was awesome to see. Too bad you didn't get inside while there...
  3. Reading the journal entries was definitely entertaining and very well written! Thanks!
  4. It would be nice if you could make a deus shaft for underwater diving also.
  5. If a magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds was owned prior to January 1st, 2000 you can legally own it and possess it in California. In 2019 Federal Judge Benitez ruled against the ban and for 1 week (until the 9th Circuit Court overturned the ruling) Californians were able to purchase magazines that can hold over 10 rounds. It was also ruled by the 9th circuit court that anybody that purchased magazines during that "freedom week" did it legally and can legally possess them. Crossing state lines into California with a magazine that can hold greater than 10 rounds is illegal. I am not a lawyer, but this is how I understand the law. Do your own research and follow the law.
  6. I hit Black Rock two weeks ago during Spring Break, on New Year's, last Thanksgiving and last summer! It's actually called Black Rock and it sees thousands of people a week. It also sees metal detectors on the beach and underwater almost every day and night. I have never been there when there is not another person or persons detecting. There are finds, but you have to be in the right spot at the right time. I like the early morning at sun up before the tourists get there and the beach gets crowded. We were snorkeling there two weeks ago and my friend saw something sinking right after a girl jumped off the cliff. It was her apple watch and my friend dove down and got it for her. There were a couple guys at new years working the shoreline with snorkels in about 7 feet of water with custom shafts that were really long. I waited for them to get out of the water and tried talking to them but they wouldn't even say hello. Right as they were leaving a guy showed up with scuba tanks and his detector. He was nice and we talked quite a bit. Said he goes out there about once a week.
  7. I'm buying a copy of the book. This is a journal I can read many times and it never get old. I would read the entire thread again if it was just the journal entries and not additional posts.
  8. ICMJ is the only magazine I get and just signed up a 3 year renewal last week.
  9. Most counties don't have the staff to operate something like this. Maybe a good venture to purchase several and contract them out and keep all the goods? Make money off the business and also get the loot.
  10. You are living a life I could only dream about. Thanks for sharing the details of the experience. I don' think I could drop everything and live out of a tent full time. What a shame about being confronted with a guy pointing a gun at you. Good choice going with the Taurus.
  11. I'm in! I would only be able to spend a few days at a time, but I'm not too far from you.
  12. "The Diary of a 49er" and "Bacon and Beans From a Gold Pan" are both really good books. Bacon and Beans is a depression era book and written based on the true story of a couple last lost their jobs and moved to the hills to mine for gold. Part of the book takes place in the Northern Motherload region near Downieville. It's a very entertaining read. The Diary of a 49er takes place outside the town of Nevada City and is probably very similar to your journal. Some have suggested that it was not an actual journal and written later. The Diary was supposedly found in a miners cabin.
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