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  1. Very nice! I sure thought you were going to hit it with your pick head. I've been there before and after digging down that far it's hard to want to widen out the hole to get a bit more of a swing with the pick. Glad you got it out without damage!
  2. Thanks for posting this video Joe. Best thing I have watched in quite some time.
  3. I am on the list also. I think Rick is busy and it sounds like he only gets 1 or 2 a week so number 20 on the list could be 5 weeks out. Could be less? I agree that knowing where you stand with updates for shipping dates and such would be nice. Communication is always a good thing!
  4. Thanks for the report and hope you can get some rest for your appointment tomorrow. From the looks of the beach, you might have to hunt really early or late to get some ground!
  5. They showed pictures of the treasure on my local news this morning. A gold colored chest with what looked like a really nice gold nugget on top of a bunch of gold coins.
  6. A weekend you will never forget!!! I still vividly remember when I had days such as that.
  7. Very exciting news! I hope I can get my hands on one and get out to Hawaii and Tahoe with it. If I do get one Steve I would love to meet up with you at Tahoe for some detecting if possible. I have access to a couple private beaches.
  8. I'm a definite buyer as soon as it comes out. I plan on spending a lot of time in Hawaii and currently have an Equinox for beach hunting. I like trying new technology and if the discrimination works well, it will sure be fun!
  9. Cabelas gift cards can usually be purchased at a nice discount from some of the gift card outlet sites like raise. I buy them for restaurants all the time. Right now Raise has $100 cards for $91.50 so a discount of 8.5%. That takes an extra $50 or so off the price. Edit: Just saw that cabelas is selling gift cards June 5-7 for $10 off $100 limit of 5 per household. It's in their Summer Savings advertisement catalogue on the bottom of page 13. Depending on sales tax that is a round $60 off that sales price. https://www.cabelas.com/custserv/custserv.jsp?pageName=RetailStoreFlyers
  10. Good luck! I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Will you be able to post in this forum during the 4 months? I know I would like to hear about it during your stay.
  11. This forum has better content than any other I visit. Plenty of tips and helping. Great posts for finds from all over the world. Lots of updates and reviews on new and old machines. AND NO POLITICS!!!
  12. Gerry, Having not used the Nox 800 for gold prospecting yet, what setting do you prefer to use? I know there is a factory preset mode for prospecting, but how do you set your machine up? I recently purchased a 6" coil from a fellow forum member and my 12 year old is using the Goldmonster with the small coil and he finds "flakes" with it. It would be nice to compare them in the field. Also interesting is how many speci nuggets you guys are finding. Do you think the PI's were missing them? The gold sandwich speci is bad ass! Matt
  13. That IS a great day! Congrats and thanks for sharing your finds.
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