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  1. My favorite coil size for the GPX series detectors has always been the 9x13 mono coils. That was what I used almost exclusively. Hope they make one for the 6000!
  2. Didn't you telling a similar story several years ago with the same ending? Maybe it was somebody else or you are telling it again. Either way, nice gold nugget.
  3. Hope you are right Gerry! I would sure like to get my hands on mine sooner than later for some high country hunts.
  4. I was one of the first to put my money down with a dealer but he won't tell me where I stand in line when he gets them in. I have a feeling he will take care of his regular customers before me since I have only made one purchase from him in the past. If that ends up being the case it will be my last purchase from him or I will get my deposit back and purchase elsewhere.
  5. Thanks to all who have served! Picture of me and my EQ800 ready to hunt. Memorial Day 2021.
  6. Looks good. I always keep a Dewalt mini blower in my truck when traveling on dirt roads. When I get to my cabin and blow the truck off. Since all my tools are Dewalt I have many batteries. Not as compact as the blower you posted but has a lot of power.
  7. I just like finding gold nuggets with a metal detector and can find them with just about any detector. Don't give a rip about all the bs and look forward to banging out a few with a new GPX 6000 if they ever get here.
  8. Your finds are always a lot of fun to read about. Hope they keep on coming out of the ground for you!
  9. Really cool post Peg! That's a lot of shark teeth! How many trips did it take you to find them? What a great way to spend the winter months. My wife and daughter want to look at Florida to escape California...
  10. Probably the best book I have ever read besides the Diary of a 49er.
  11. Glad to know that david billy was involved with the design. Never heard of him, but ok...
  12. Most of the wealthiest people on earth became rich because of real estate. The best investment you can make is purchasing your first home. Buy the worst house in the best neighborhood you can afford. Sweat equity and paying off debt as quickly as possible can change your life. Once you can live debt free you can...(insert dream here)...the possibilities are endless... Set high goals for success, beat those goals, have fun doing it.
  13. Training trips and Sessions are not obsolete! I have found gold with every detector I have ever purchased. Gold doesn't always have to be yellow...finding great people to share a common passion with can be worth more than the value of gold.
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