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  1. I wouldn't worry about not getting anything from Minelab. I bet White's would hook you up with a nice gift if you wrote up a story about the find and sent it to them. In my book you already won with that nugget!
  2. Testing a new lightweight Minelab super detector? Lol. Let the rumors begin!
  3. The gold is a bonus to spending time with your son, both enjoying your favorite hobby!
  4. Doc sells a compete carbon fiber shaft kit which is pretty nice and not terribly expensive. It includes 2 lower rods with the upper for $99.
  5. SDMiner-Thanks for the link to the knuckle protector! I just ordered one. Been needing something for a while now. Now I just need to find more time to get out and prospect!
  6. Great pictures and great gold finds! What a beautiful place to live.
  7. Hard work = nice gold! Sounds like a great place to spend time. Congrats on the gold.
  8. It would be noce to see what a days work would produce? Maybe since it's so remote you could stash the drywasher there so you don't have to haul it in and out? Very nice gold for an hour and a half!
  9. It would be interesting to hear the details of the find. I "assumed" that this specimen was found in a trash infested area where the discrimination of iron cancelling could be put to use. I used to hunt an area with large specimen gold, but the discrimination on my "half decent detectors" did not cancel out the signal from iron like these new detectors can do. Some really good patches couldn't be hunted because there was just too much iron to deal with. It would have taken months to clear out a small area. My eq800 arrived yesterday so I have not had a chance to use it yet, but the Gold Monster can hear good targets among the bad while in discrimination mode. We have found quite a few pieces of gold using this iron canceling discrimination. My White's GMT could not do that and it's considered a half decent detector. My GPX5000 wouldn't be able to be used in some highly trashy areas at all because of the amount of targets would just overload the machine on every swing but there was gold there. It is neat that this new detector did find a nice large specimen. My comment was directed towards the assumption it was found among iron trash using discrimination. Next time, I won't assume...
  10. I would think that the Gold Monster using discrimination could have found that specimen also.
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