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  1. I like it for the fact of climbing through manzanita and dense motherload brush without any wires tangling up from the power cord and headphones. Also, having a speaker while detecting in the heavy brush crawling on my stomach so I can hear the surrounding area for rattlesnakes, mountain lions, bears and tweakers.
  2. I was hoping that the new Fisher AQ Gold would be out soon to create some competition. Unlikely that it would really be comparable, but having another choice would be nice.
  3. Thanks for posting that picture Steve. I just ordered waterproof headphones for my Equinox and will also get a mesh bag. Picked up some weight (4 pounds which was not enough to stay down diving without a wetsuit) and used the Nemo system for checking out the underwater creatures at a local dive spot. Thinking about using the Nemo system for detecting next trip also. When beach hunting at Thanksgiving, I hit a beach with no surf that's less than 4 feet deep for quite a ways out and lots of family activity. Just off the water line I detected and used my sand scoop and glad I did because mos
  4. I like the video. Being a beginner beach hunter it gives me a good idea of how to hunt in the shallow surf with my equinox. Anybody have a favorite finds bag for this type of detecting?
  5. Now if only the price point were similar compared to the Equinox and started at $3,000 US...It would sell like the Equinox.
  6. I am in support of the forum you have built and welcome reading posts from anybody that has knowledge and can describe and teach things on a level that most likely I wouldn't understand. There's too many people to name all that contribute to this forum that provide the such content. I purchased every nugget shooting video JP ever made and learned enormously from them. I continue learning every day from many of the people on this forum. I don't get out very often these days, but when the time comes I will be out again. Right now I am learning beach detecting and will be back nugget shooting in
  7. Fantastic! Congrats and hope you find more!
  8. Great find! Especially for taking a break from relic hunting.
  9. What a fantastic find! Congrats to the finder. I might have missed the weight of it? Brings back memories of my find. Not quite as big I don't think, but still over an ounce (just under 2 ounces actually!) of folded up leaf gold. I found several ounces of smaller pieces over the years. This find was actually on the cover of the ICMJ around 10 years ago (July 2011 issue). It was very deep as well. As soon as I hit a layer of undisturbed cobble, I figured I was onto a nugget. I'm pretty sure it was around 20" deep. The overload of the coil had me thinking it was a multi pounder as many had
  10. I hope you are correct. If so, I'll buy one. If not I'll keep the GPX5000 until I can find more time to get out and prospect.
  11. Jason-If things open up I owe my daughter a trip to Disneyland so we could meet up out in a gold field between LA and AZ to make a deal and hunt for a day. Maybe it will be a couple more months but that would be fun.
  12. Sorry, I don't have the time to deal with draining all the fluids and shipping. It's in Sacramento. Matt
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