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  1. It's too bad so many don't follow this advice or seem to forget it when the gold is good...
  2. Fantastic finds! Thanks for sharing! The big gold nugget is an epic find!
  3. I have a lightly used Keene RC-1 rock crusher that has been sitting in my garage for quite a few years without use so it's time to get rid of it. I purchased it from the original owner that only used it a couple times and I only used it a couple times. I'll get some pictures of it up later today or tomorrow. New cost on Keene's website is $1,265. I am looking to get $350 and my price is firm.
  4. Things like this happen all the time. It hurts, but try to remember that it's only a hobby. At least for most of us. People have different values. You find those values out pretty quickly. I once took a prospector (he is an active member of this forum) to a spot that was "open" ground, but this spot was new to him and he had never been shown the ropes or been there before. I showed him some places (exact spots) that I had found nuggets before and let him hunt that area. We hunted all day. I spent my time hunting a nearby area and found several nuggets. Showed him my finds and the holes th
  5. At least you can get out and hunt! Hope the next one is the real deal.
  6. My magic lamp isn't working right now...The longer that our economy is kept shut down, stimulus money is handed out, our deficit grows at an incredible rate then most likely the value of the dollar will follow suit. Fortunately for the USA, this is a global event and is affecting most economies and not just ours. It also could be that paper gold/ silver are catching up with physical prices since they have been decoupled for some time. Gold prices are not "always" inversely related to the dollar. Most of the time it is true, but these are weird times we are living in...
  7. Record high today in gold. Silver on a tear! How high might it go?
  8. That 21k ring is a beauty! The color looks fantastic.
  9. Yes. Steve Wandt aka El Dorado on this forum has done quite a bit of custom jewelry for me using my own gold found prospecting.
  10. There is a place in Oregon that will do small batches of 2 ounces or more. I spoke to them several years ago. I think it's called AAA Precious Metals. I just checked their website and yes AAA is them. It was going to be expensive for a small batch smelted with only your gold. The more you send the less per ounce it costs. I ended up purchasing one of the small 2 nozzle furnaces at a gold show with some smelting flux and had really good luck smelting my own. A jewelry friend used my home smelted gold to make several custom pieces for me.
  11. Too bad you can't tow it with a quad or side-by-side
  12. Very nice! I sure thought you were going to hit it with your pick head. I've been there before and after digging down that far it's hard to want to widen out the hole to get a bit more of a swing with the pick. Glad you got it out without damage!
  13. Thanks for posting this video Joe. Best thing I have watched in quite some time.
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