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  1. I pre-ordered (and put down a deposit) with Gerry February 7th. I purchased from him just for the "training" even though I probably don't need training especially with the 6000 being a turn-on-and-go type of detector. My prior purchases were with Rob or Chris G., but found it impossible to get down to AZ for "training" while Nevada is only 4 hours away. For me, it's more about the camaraderie of meeting others and an excuse to take a short trip. Now if Minelab would just ship some detectors to USA!
  2. Your finds are always a lot of fun to read about. Hope they keep on coming out of the ground for you!
  3. Just get a GPX5000. I think one of the main changes to the GPX platform was to get rid of the cords.
  4. I did use discrimination on my GP3000 and also used dd coils, but that was my first PI detector and I had been using a white's gmt prior to the 3000. I never once used the discrimination feature on my GPX 4000, 4500, and 5000 and never even used a dd coil on any of those machines. I used my ears as the discrimination, but most of the time just dug every target.
  5. Really cool post Peg! That's a lot of shark teeth! How many trips did it take you to find them? What a great way to spend the winter months. My wife and daughter want to look at Florida to escape California...
  6. Probably the best book I have ever read besides the Diary of a 49er.
  7. Glad to know that david billy was involved with the design. Never heard of him, but ok...
  8. Most of the wealthiest people on earth became rich because of real estate. The best investment you can make is purchasing your first home. Buy the worst house in the best neighborhood you can afford. Sweat equity and paying off debt as quickly as possible can change your life. Once you can live debt free you can...(insert dream here)...the possibilities are endless... Set high goals for success, beat those goals, have fun doing it.
  9. Training trips and Sessions are not obsolete! I have found gold with every detector I have ever purchased. Gold doesn't always have to be yellow...finding great people to share a common passion with can be worth more than the value of gold.
  10. Since that's not your only specimen find, I would crush it, refine it, and pour it into a mold. I like having a nice multi-ounce gold bar.
  11. Damn I look forward to you new posts!!! I used to have permission to hunt an 1850's and prior era site but didn't care about relics only gold nuggets. It was right in the middle of the gold rush area of California. Now, I wish I would have focused on the old stone homestead houses more! There were a bunch of them and there were a couple nobody knew were even there.
  12. Nice chunk of gold. I think I would put that one on the list to send to the refiner!
  13. Our discussions the other day must have motivated you to get out there! Nice finds. I'll let you know when I heading that way and we can get together. Been meaning to email you but the past few days have been really busy.
  14. I wonder if somebody spread cremated remains and the gold tooth was in it or if it would melt in the process?
  15. Will do. I live in Sacramento, but need to start going down that way more to deal with family business. That would be great to get together some time. Most likely my Mom would know Gary. I guarantee he would have known my family. The old homestead farm is actually on Blanco Road. Also have a ranch on West side of Cooper Road (Blanco area) and then out in Alisal at Old Stage Road. My family were big lettuce farmers. Sorry to hijack your thread CVISChris!
  16. Tom-Thanks for the response. I'll ask my Mom and Uncle what they remember/ know about things, especially "El Tucho." They spent a lot of time out on the farms with my Grandfather. Some of the growers might have some clues as well. You never know what they see when they are plowing the fields. Now I just have to get some time to go down there and look around a bit. My Uncle was there yesterday. You are correct about the farm equipment and trash. Where the old homestead was located is now storage for farm equipment. If I can find out anything I'll let you know. Sure would be fun to find som
  17. Those are some great finds CVISChris! Congrats! Not to change the dialog, but Tom my family settled the Salinas Valley in 1854. We tore down my great grandfather's house built in the 1880's after the Salinas River flooded in the late 90's. I've been thinking about going out to the old spots my Mom told me about where they used to picnic. Have you ever had any luck detecting the old farmlands between Salinas and Marina? It's all private property, but I know a few people out that way!
  18. That's an exciting adventure. Hope you find a pile of gold!
  19. Interesting how he said a couple times he was able to discriminate/discern with 100% accuracy the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous items, including bobby pins and at depth. I didn't get the same opinion from the testers who post here
  20. Funny that you ask since my wife asked me also since I'm clearing out a bunch of stuff to get a new one. My answer to her was just a couple. Same answer I give her when she asks how many guns I have. In reality 12 total in a bit over 20 years of detecting. Now the last 7 years I rarely get the time to go out because of kids and work. 3 whites and 9 minelabs. Whites DFX and GMT and original TDI. Minelab SD2100 v2, gp3000, gpx4000, gpx4500, gpx5000, SDC2300, GM1000, EQ600, EQ800.
  21. I don't think the Goldmonster is a piece of junk and actually feel the opposite. My 10 year old (now 13) has been able to use it on his own and find gold. Maybe it's not for you, but it gets me out in the goldfields with my son and we have a great time using it. In trash infested areas he can use the discrimination and kick out gold. The SDC was way to heavy for him. I really enjoy using it the beat the skunk when we go out! It will find gold!
  22. Since I don't do facebook, hope you can give us an update about the AQ if he talks about it.
  23. Agree with it or not, at least Minelab produces new detectors. Not too many other companies can say that.
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